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  • Helps parents discover potentially dangerous situations before they occur and aids in preventing cyberbullying
  • View text messages, web history, calls and Instagram posts all in one place.
  • Monitor multiple children under onesubscription
  • Offers complete security. Only legal guardians can access their child’s data.
  • Fully supported by Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), no “jailbreaking” involved.


  • No access to Snapchat.
  • Android app tends to crash.
  • Lack of access to photos and videos.
  • Parents can see comments and text, but no images

The spy applications that are available on the market a few years ago, many of its users are parents. The spy app is also called as the spy software. This spyware is being used by the parents for a more parental control. This is also used for data back-upping and for monitoring the activities of your employees with their phones. In accordance with the law, installing a spy app with your partner’s or children’s mobile phone is legal. But, if you are going to install it with your employees, you need to have a written permission.

If you are one of those individuals who are wondering if you can install a spy app on your target phone remotely, then you should keep on reading this post up to the end.

TeenSafe Review –Things that You Should Know

It is possible for you to install your preferred spy applications remotely. We cannot deny the fact that it is hard for us to determine the things happening on your partner’s or kid’s phone. Thus, spy apps were created. These spy applications will help you to figure out the activities performed by your kids, partner, or other family members without knowing them.

Before you purchase your own spy app, the first thing that you should do is to determine the one you want to monitor on. If you are one of the parents out there, you always want to know the sites or even the phone calls they receive while giving them their correct privacy. On the other hand, if you are an employer who wants to ensure the productivity of your employees, you might consider using a spy app.

There are lots of benefits that you can get from using a spying or monitoring app. Read on to know more about it.

Advantages of Using Spy Apps

We cannot deny the fact that most of us own a mobile phone. These mobile phones are ranging from Android phones and iPhones. But, did you know that there is a device that can help you to spy on someone with their iPhones or Android devices? Of course, you are! It is because spy apps are now on-trend.

There are different brands and models of spy applications that you can purchase on the market. But, take note that high-quality spy applications can be purchased from reliable online stores, such as Amazon.

Continue reading this post to know more about the benefits that you can get from utilizing a spy app. Aside from that, we are going to provide you with the important details about our two best spy applications. These are the TeenSafe spy app and the mSpy.

teensafe app

The mobile phone spy applications are considered to be the latest software generation that will help you to record the entire outgoing and incoming calls, received and set text messages along with the other activities that the phone’s owner performs. Aside from that, you can keep an eye about the sites your target phone is visiting. These apps include WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook. On top of that, you can also track the real-time GPS location of your user.

Most of the spy software that is available on the market are undetectable. It only means that you can ensure that the app can be installed hidden.

It cannot also be denied that most of your special someone, such as your family members and kids, are addicted to the online world. But, in spite of their addictiveness, their behavior can bother you. So, if you want to track the things performing by your kids and partner, you might consider installing a monitoring app to their phones.


What Are the Reasons Why You Should Use A Spy App?

  • To Monitor Your Spouse

Well, it cannot also be denied that monitoring the activities performed by your partner can ruin the trust you build, as well as your marriage. In most of the situations, they might think that they are not trustworthy.

By installing a monitoring application on your spouse’s mobile phone will enable you to track their texts, calls, and activities. As a result, you can keep an eye to them. Aside from that, by installing one, you will now know the main reason why there is a rift between you and your partner and the things you need to do to solve it.

  • To Monitor Your Employees

If you are an employer or an owner of a business company, one of the things that you want to get from your laborers is their high-quality productivity. You want to ensure that their excellent customer service level is being maintained. It is considered to be the only method that you can incorporate to stand out among your competitors.

That is one of the reasons why you are required to use a tracking software to their mobile devices. Through this, you can track their performance during office hours. Aside from that, you can also monitor if your employees are sharing your tactics with your competitors secretly.

On top of that, you will know how they use their working hours in the office. You can make sure that they are performing their best to maximize their work performance while building a good reputation for your brand.

  • To Monitor Your Kids

As a parent, we cannot deny the fact that we want to make sure that our children are safe from browsing the harmful sites and talking with suspicious persons. We all know that social media will provide your kids with both disadvantages and advantages. One of the drawbacks of browsing different social media platforms is cyberbullying. But there is nothing for you to worry anymore when you have the spy applications.

As a parent, you are required to control and secure your kids from illegal actions, whether it is physically or through social media. It is essential to keep in mind that these unlawful acts might affect your kids and, worse, change the life of your children.


With the use of a monitoring application, it will enable you to track their received and sent texts and calls, and most notably, monitor their real-time GPS location. By keeping an eye to the things, they perform, you can protect them from the different cybercrimes and predators.

As we mentioned a while ago, we are going to suggest you the two best spy applications, which are the TeenSpy and the mSpy. In connection to that, we are going to give you a thorough and reliable review of these two mentioned monitoring apps. So, if you want to know more about these two items, then keep on reading and enjoy! please review our guides for Best Spy App for iPhones , Tile Slim , Spyzie & Flexispy

TeenSafe – a Thorough and Reliable Review

When we talk about TeenSafe, we are talking about a service that will offer you with the monitoring capabilities. This item is beneficial for parents, employers, and married couples. The TeenSafe is specifically designed for those users of mobile phones.

But, before we dive into our teensafe reviews, let us first define what monitoring is. Well, for those novices, they define monitoring as a method of exploring, analyzing, and gathering information in tracking somebody or someone until you get your desired data.

Monitoring for the activities performing by your kids is very important for every parent out there. That is the main reason why TeenSafe was established. The TeenSafe is one of the best mobile monitoring software that will help you in monitoring someone’s activities with their phone. We all know that mobile phones are one of the great devices in this world. But, as we mentioned a while ago, it is hard to determine the online activities of your children and spouse.

We always want the best for our kids. One of the ways that you can do to ensure that your kids and spouse are safe is to install a high-quality spy app. One of the quality-made monitoring software is teensafe.

teensafe app

Main Features

  • App Blocking
  • Multimedia files monitoring
  • Keyvloggers
  • Wi-Fi History recording
  • Monitoring of the well-known social media applications, such as Line, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and many others
  • Geofencing and tracking of real-time GPS location
  • Monitoring of the SMS text messages
  • Viewing of call history

teensafe app

Pros and Cons


  • The teensafe app can monitor the deleted, received, and even sent iMessage and SMS
  • It can track the outgoing and incoming call logs. These will contain valuable details, including the call duration, date, number, and contact name.
  • You can determine the deleted applications of your spouse or kids. This is an additional feature of TeenSafe that includes the monitoring of Instagram and Facebook activities.
  • You can also know the browsing and web search history of your target device
  • You can determine the real-time GPS location of your target phone and its location history
  • You can monitor a wide range of mobile phones
  • You are not required to perform the jailbreaking process for iOS devices. In addition to that, you don’t need to root someone’s Android phones.
  • You are allowed to block the unwanted applications that you think are inappropriate at your child’s age
  • You will have a full control to your target device. If you want to have a bonding time with your kids and partner, you can turn off their devices remotely.


  • Users who install the TeenSafe app to the iOS devices encounter some technical issues
  • You might have a hard time in using the app, most notably on setting it up
  • Their customer support does not provide 24/7 work
  • The videos, as well as the images that are being delivered through text, cannot be seen on the phone’s screen
  • There are some users stated that they have a hard time monitoring the phone’s activities on Facebook


As we mentioned a while ago, the TeenSafe can be used in tracking the activities of your kids with their phones – even if it is an iOS or Android device.

The TeenSafe is an application that will not require you to perform the jailbreak process and even the rooting process. It only means that it would be easier for you to install it on your target phone.

Price Rate

The TeenSafe application will provide you with seven days of the free trial. If you think that this spy software meets your needs and requirements, you can now purchase it for about 14.95 US Dollars within a month of usage.

Requirements to Install the TeenSafe

As we mentioned earlier, if you are going to install the spy application on the iOS devices, you don’t need to perform the process of jailbreaking. This is also true if you will install it on Android mobile phones. You don’t need to perform the rotting process on Android. It only means that you can install it on both iPhone and Android devices without worrying about jailbreaking or rooting. We suggest you to review about XnspyQustudio, & TheTruthspy

What Do the Customers Say?

From He4nry S: “Before, I didn’t believe that the different spy applications will help me in spying my kid’s phone. It is because I’ve used many apps, and nothing works effectively and efficiently. But, this TeenSafe is an exemption. It proves itself that it is worth my money and time. It helps me in tracking the phone activities of my kids. Aside from that, it works as effectively and efficiently as it is being advertised. I truly recommend TeenSafe to those who are still looking for the best spy applications for your teen’s mobile phones.”

From Amy Q: “TeenSafe app is worth reviewing. Upon installing it on the mobile phones of my children, I immediately notice its real work. Aside from that, its monthly price rate is not that high compared with the other spy software with the same caliber. On top of that, I had installed it on my kid’s iPhone easily because it does not require jailbreaking.”

mSpy – Excellent Spy App of All Times

For more than a decade or two, the parents of the preteens and the teenagers out there are continuously battling the issue of keeping their kids secure. In this time, the mSpy considered to be the provider of the solutions for these issues. The mSpy will ensure that your kids are still enjoying their phone activities, while you have a peace of mind. As a parent, your kids will not always be at your sight. But, with the help of mSpy, you will know their activities and ensure their safety even if they are out of your sight.

Aside from the parents, employers are also the common users of mSpy. The spy software is also constructed for usage inside the working area. This will help the employers to monitor the activities of their employees inside and outside the office. These days, employees are more on mobile devices, and usually perform their work while traveling or inside their house. As a result, managers have a hard time tracking the activities of their employees. This is the time when mSpy and other spy applications will come in.

We all know that mSpy application is a mobile monitoring software that can be installed on tablets and mobile phones. Upon the installation process, it will allow you to monitor not just the text messages or calls sent or received by your target users, but also the entire activities he or she performs with their mobiles. The said spy app can be installed with a wide number of devices, such as iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, and phones up to Blackberry and iOS 7.

Main Features

  • Wi-Fi points monitoring
  • Keyvlogger
  • Blocking of both internet and website
  • Blocking of the suspicious applications on your kid’s or partner’s phone
  • Blocking of calls and numbers
  • Tracking social media activities and the use of messenger applications
  • Geofencing

Pros and Cons


  • It can be used in monitoring numerous mobile devices
  • It comes up with a function of geofencing
  • It will provide you with an activity tracker that will enable you to track the screen time
  • The mSpy application can be installed to your target phone without worrying about being detected by the user
  • It is considered to be the number one spy software that can work with the iOS devices
  • You can purchase it with a more competitive price rate


  • The mSpy does not come up with more advanced functions. But you can still ensure that you will be satisfied with its efficient and effective work
  • It comes up with inefficient technical support when compared with the other spy software with the same caliber.


The mSpy application can be installed with all versions of iOS devices. When it comes to the Android ones, you should ensure that it is running with 4 versions and up.


The mSpy monitoring software will provide you with both non-jailbreak and jailbreak versions. It only means that its monitoring functions are quite limited.

If you are going to pick the advanced versions of the said software, the mSpy team will give you a helping hand to perform the jailbreak process on your target mobile. Aside from that, they will also help you in ensuring that the app will be configured and installed properly.

On the other hand, if you are going to install the app on the Android devices, you will be presented with both non-root and root versions. But, if you prefer the non-root versions, expect that you cannot use the more advanced features of the said app. So, we recommend you to opt with its root version.

When it comes to Android phones, you can use the mSpy without performing the rooting process. But it would be great if you are going to root the device to use its more advanced functions.

What Do the Customers Say?

From Josh – 26181: “For the past few years, I have been living with pain and agony. It is because I decided to have a date with my college campus mate, Michael. I know that he had slept with many girls before and until I said yes to him. He usually beat me, as if he thinks that I was his punching bag. At that time, I feel tired and made up my mind to get him out of my life. But I don’t have enough reasons for leaving him. I know that I don’t deserve him, and he doesn’t deserve my faithfulness. So, my friend, Clara, recommends me to use mSpy. The app is quite affordable, so I tried it. In just a day, my doubts with Michael are proven. I knew that he had slept with 8 girls. At that time, I decided to leave him and cut the ties between us. Thanks to mSpy and my friend.”

From Hamberg: “Since we are living in a world that comes up with a modernized use of technology, parents like me are worried about the activities of my kids. So, I decided to use mSpy. I installed the app on my kid’s phone secretly and keep an eye to them. Thankfully, my kids do not browse suspicious sites that might harm them.”

TeenSafe Vs. mSpy – Which One is the Best?

As we mentioned a while ago, we consider TeenSafe and mSpy applications as the best and excellent spyware that you can see on the market today. But, does TeenSafe or mSpy worth your money and time?

Well, TeenSafe comes up with the features that you might love. On the other hand, mSpy will provide you with the more advanced features that will help you to get information from your target user. These mSpy features will give you a peace of mind while your kids or spouse is not around.

Aside from that, jailbreaking or rooting process is important to be performed before the installation of the app on your target device. When it comes to TeenSafe, you don’t need to perform the process of jailbreaking or rooting. Although it would make the installation process much easier and faster, you will not also be given the chance to use the TeenSafe advanced features (if ever).

On the one hand, the mSpy will provide you with both jailbreak and non-jailbreak versions. If you are installing the app with the iOS device, you are required to perform jailbreaking. Same with the Android phones, you also need to root the device. One of the advantages of performing the process of jailbreaking and rooting is that you can utilize the app’s more advanced functions.

In terms of their price rate, even though the TeenSafe can be purchased at a lower price compared with the mSpy, you can ensure that mSpy is worth buying. It is because mSpy is packed with high-quality functions. So, if you are planning to purchase a monitoring application, we recommend you to opt for mSpy.

teensafe reviews

mSpy (Our Favorite) Offers the Following:

  • Best Balance of Features

The mSpy comes up with high-quality functions that you will surely love. It contains the perfect balance of features that will give you a helping hand in monitoring the phone activities of your kids, spouse, or family members. Since it can be purchased at a competitive price, you can install it on numerous mobile phones and track all of them remotely. One of the best features that we love that offers by mSpy is its capability in monitoring multiple mobile devices. It only means that you can monitor your spouse’s or kid’s phone activities at the same time.

  • Easy Installation

Even though the mSpy will require you to perform the jailbreaking process on iOS devices and rooting process on Android ones, you can make sure that its installation process can be done quickly and easily. Aside from that, there is nothing for you to worry about installing it because it is packed with an understandable and easy to follow manual.

  • Excellent Customer Support

If you are going the customer support of the mSpy application with the other spy software that is available on the market, you might notice that mSpy’s customer support is much better. There are lots of spy applications on the market that will provide you with advanced functions. But the problem is that they do not offer high-quality customer support.

If you are planning to purchase your own spy application, one of the things that you should consider is its customer support. With the best customer support of mSpy, you can make sure that you will not experience any difficulties while using the product. It is because they have the ready-to-help team, which will answer your queries about the product.

  • Non-Jailbreak and Jailbreak Versions

We all know the jailbreaking process is an additional thing that you should perform when you want to install the spy application on an iOS device. But there is nothing for you to worry about this condition when you consider buying the mSpy app. The said app will provide you with both jailbreak and non-jailbreak versions. It only means that you can install the app on iOS devices, as well as on Android devices. The Choose The Best Tracker is ideal for those parents who have a very hectic working schedule.

How to Purchase the Best Monitoring Software?

There are lots of things that you should consider when purchasing a monitoring software. These factors include the price rate, its compatibility, requirements needed, as well as its key features. It is also essential for you to determine if your preferred spy application offers jailbreak and non-jailbreak versions. That is the main reason why we recommend you to consider using mSpy.

Another thing that you should think before you purchase your own monitoring app is the additional shipping fees. But, in terms of the shipping charges of mSpy, you will be charged for about 8 US Dollars. This shipping fee is not that high compared to the shipping fees charged by the other monitoring software companies.


As we mentioned in the upper section of our review, we stated that TeenSafe could be a good choice. But, if you want to utilize more advanced features of a spy application, then we recommend you to purchase the mSpy rather than the TeenSafe.

In terms of the price rate of the two spy apps, the TeenSafe, and the mSpy, the latter is quite expensive compared with the first one. But, even though mSpy is quite expensive, it is worth the price. It is because it offers both jailbreak and non-jailbreak versions. It only means that you can use its more advanced features easily and more conveniently.

If you are one of those individuals who are worried about the security of their family members, kids, and spouse. If yes, then there is a higher chance that you need to utilize a mobile tracking application. If you still don’t know which one is the best, we recommend you to choose TeenSafe. But, if you want to experience the best, you should purchase, and it is a must for you to purchase mSpy.

Upon the installation process of mSpy, you can easily hide it on your target phone. One of the benefits that you can get from using mSpy is that you can detect your target phone’s activities remotely. Both the TeenSafe and mSpy will give you a helping hand in monitoring location history, social media activities, and phone calls. The only difference between TeenSafe and mSpy is that the latter will provide you with more advanced features.

As we mentioned a while ago, the mSpy can work with both iOS and Android mobile phones. TeenSafe is considered to be one of the most inexpensive monitoring devices that you can purchase on the market. But think of the possibilities that you might experience when you opt to mSpy, which can be purchased for a quite high price rate. Aside from providing you with the additional more advanced features, the mSpy will also provide you with a high-quality technical support.

So, if you want to ensure the safety of your kids and the phone activities of your spouse, then we recommend you to purchase the mSpy rather than TeenSafe, although TeenSafe is also a good choice.