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The New Pixie Baggage Claim Tracker

If you are a clumsy person and often forget where you keep your stuff, you must check out The Pixie Tracker application. Pixie finds your lost valuables right from your phone.

The new Pixie Baggage Claim App has added benefits for those who already use the Pixie tracker

Pixie Key tracker

The Pixie Tracker uses Location-Of-Things Technology, which uses Bluetooth tracker; it also uses the signaling concept, which allows the Pixie points to communicate with each other. The Pixie pointers communicate with each other, which helps them in finding accurate directions towards the lost directions. The search range is between 30 – 50 ft. Indoors and up to 100 ft. Outdoors. Pixie Bluetooth tracker shows on a map where your items last were. For people who have a hard time staying in the same place, this is a great starting point for when you wander too far out of range.

The Pixie Tracker uses Pixie to communicate with each other an Augmented reality tracker to locate the items. The Pixie tracker uses smart tags that are teardrop in shape. One tag must be attached to your iPhone or iPad, and the other must be attached to the object you would like to search for. The Pixie Bluetooth tracker tags use signaling to maintain communication with each other. This increases the accuracy, and you will not be required to rely upon the smartphone.

There is a 3-step process required by which Pixie finds your lost valuables right from your phone.    

  • Firstly, you are required to perform a panoramic scan of your surrounding areas, within a 30 to 50 feet indoor area, or up to 150 feet outside the area for Pixie Points. For getting better results, it is advised for you to stand as still as possible and turn Pixie dust up to 360 degrees while holding up your mobile device. When the desired item has been found, Pixie Augmented reality tracker makes the “pixie ” appears on-screen; the hunt is on from that point.
  • The first step sometimes tends to be time-consuming since Pixie can’t remember the previously scanned rooms and a bit repetitive after the first few times. The app switches to pointer mode, as you move in the direction of the item, a real-time compass that steers you to the correct path towards the lost item.
  • The Pixie Bluetooth tracker app changes to “metal detector” mode, once you’re within five feet, the Pixie Bluetooth tracker provides loud audible beeps that become more energetic in volume as you approach in on the lost item. This is how Pixie finds your lost valuables right from your phone.

If you can’t find your keys? Pixie is your ultimate solution.  

Pixie is the best app for finding lost stuff. This is the most valuable investment that one can make without burning a hole in your pockets. There are numerous Bluetooth trackers that you can purchase online and other platforms. The Pixie tracker will benefit you in tracking lost keys, your lost files, documents, and so on instantly. The Pixie application is not less than a blessing for humanity, and we are saying this only after trying and testing the product at several locations for several items. Our customer-centric invention aims to make your life easier. You can now sleep five minutes extra before leaving for office, and you will still not get late looking for your keys!

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How does the Pixie Bluetooth tracker draw a map to your lost car keys?

Pixie finds your lost valuables right from your phone. You will not be required to be dependent on any person for help. If you often tend to forget where you keep your stuff, then Pixie’s Bluetooth tracker is the ultimate solution. This how this app draws a map that will lead you to the lost item.

You will have 2 tags. One tag will be attached to your mobile phone, and the other will be attached to the lost item. Your phone will then display a step-by-step guide where it will help you locate the item. Your mobile screen will display the distance in the measurements of feet and inches. First, hold your phone up to scan the entire room until your phone detects the item. Imagine a scenario where your car keys are under a pile of books. The Pixie scanner app will scan through the entire collection of books without having to pick them up. Pixie is the best app for finding lost stuff. We suggest you to Choose the best tracker from here.

Pixie key tracker finds your lost items with affordable Bluetooth trackers in the augmented reality.  

The Pixie tracker is the most pocket-friendly items undoubtedly. In today’s world, technology has become an essential part of our daily lives. We cannot imagine a single day without using our smartphones, music stations, laptops, and so on.

This innovative idea produced by Pixie is designed in such a way that it has helped everyone in saving both money and time.

The Pixie Bluetooth tracker is available at affordable rates online. At the time of purchase, check the prevailing discounts and offers at the time. You will be required to buy the item from a verified seller and add it to your card before making the payment and then confirm your order. It will take approximately 2 minutes to confirm the order and for the transaction to be successful. You will get the product as per the delivery, and it is a promise that they will deliver the product on time. If you have any queries, then you can contact the helpline number as they are extremely friendly and trustworthy.

How can the Pixie dust help find your lost item? 

Just designing your product and releasing it in the market is not enough to make your product a success. Thus, it is essential to test if that app works correctly or not, its authenticity, and for smooth functioning. Even if you are confident that the app will work, it is necessary to make a note of its accuracy and consistency. You will find a set of Lithium batteries available in the box. All you are required is to attach one cell to the phone and the other to your item. We have compared the Pixie dust tracker to other Bluetooth trackers available online. By careful analysis and comparative study, it was found that Pixie has beaten its competitors by a considerable margin.

Comparison with other Bluetooth trackers:

  1. The Tile Tracker versus the Pixie Tracker 

  • The battery life of the Pixie tracker is approximately 12 months coming with a warranty of one year. This means that the tracker will be safe from any damage for at least a year. Whereas, The Tile Tracker does not provide any such warranty.
  • The Tile Tracker only provides you with audio services. Whereas, the Bluetooth tracker offers both video and audio services. You will be provided with dual assistance to track all your items. To find all your items, you can use the Pixie map that will be available on your phone.
  •  The tile tracker will start ringing only if your phone moves away from the device after 5-10 minutes. Imagine a scenario where your phone is stolen, and you are not able to trace it back. Within those 5-10 minutes, the thief can travel quite a distance. On the other hand, instant results are shown using the Pixie app.

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  1. The Samsung SmartThings versus the Pixie tracker app

  • It is said that the Samsung SmartThings hub was a disappointment as it has several drawbacks. Firstly, there are no special monitoring services that make security not so great.
  • In case there is an intruder, he/she can easily disconnect the connection, and the user will not be provided with any alerts. The Pixie tracker app will help you locate your lost keys. You cannot disconnect the devices in any manner as they are Bluetooth enabled. There is a complete guarantee that the sensors will work, so you need not worry about losing your stuff.
  • Both of the trackers have the same aim of providing you security, though they are fundamentally different.
  1.  TrackR Pixel vs. Pixie 

  • When comparing both the Bluetooth trackers, Pixie is then undoubtedly the winner.
  • The biggest drawback of the TrackR app is that it only provides a range of up to 100 feet.
  • Even if we overlook this flaw, this Bluetooth tracker has a partnership with Alexa, which is highly restricted.
  • This means that iPhone users cannot take advantage of this app.
  • The siren provided by this app is also known to be very irritating by other users.

Thus, the Pixie is the best app for finding lost stuff. You can purchase it at extremely affordable rates. You can order it online; it provides you with 12-month battery life. No other tracker is close to this innovative device.