Tile Slim Review

Tile Slim Review

Tile is one of the leading producers of best-selling Bluetooth trackers today. These Bluetooth trackers allow the user to find essential belongings, through smart location support from the Time community of tracker users. Anyone with Tile can assist in finding the missing object anonymously. One of the best-selling Bluetooth trackers the company offers is the Tile Slim. Read this Tile Slime review to know if this product is ideal for you or not.

Tile Slim Review – The Slim Proves that Tile is the Undisputed Tracking Champ

Key Specifications

  • Waterproof
  • 200ft range
  • Three-year battery life
  • Bluetooth LE tracking
  • Work on iOS and Android device

What is Tile Slim Bluetooth Tracker?

As the name suggests, Tile Slim is the smallest and thinnest Bluetooth tracker available on the market today. The shape and size of an ID or credit card, Tile Slim discreetly as well as neatly sits among st the other cards in your wallet. This works like other trackers out there, signaling the location of the lost or misplaced objects with a ring that is set off by an app. However, what makes this Bluetooth tracker apart from the rest is that it is waterproof.

  • Design and Fantastic Features

The design and style of this Bluetooth tracker are genuinely exceptional. Resembling the shape and size of the conventional credit card, this tracker has an all-black appearance with a tiny logo located at the lower part, which also serves as the key for stopping tones.

State of the art Tile Slim once called a Tile Wallet, since it was developed for which sole purpose. The company marketed this product as a tracker that can be attached to any smartphones like laptops and tablets for monitoring purposes.

The concept of utilizing this tracker further than the wallet is totally out of the sphere of possibility. However, it seems like a lot of people will purchase this device for distinct use conditions. If you have a plan of attaching it, like, for instance, inside your room, then you have to buy a high quality adhesive to attach to the object you choose securely.

With this tracker, you will not experience any problem in getting it into the purse, as it has the shape and size of the conventional credit card. However, technology might restrict how to think this tracker can go at present, or might just be an option by the company, a thinnest and slimmer Slim would surely be a remarkable development.

This Bluetooth tracker is easy to use. All you have to do is to connect the device to the app on your smartphone using Bluetooth, and that’s it. You can use your device to make the tracker emit a sound/ring if you are experiencing an issue in locating it. The Tile app will show the last known location once you have lost it further afield.

Tile Slim Review

  • Tile App

The tile app is easy to use. You don’t have to know about sophisticated technology just to work it out. Bluetooth tracker has mass-market appeal, and therefore, the app has to be accessible by almost everyone. The app allows you to connect two or more trackers. The screen will show their status in an easy to comprehend manner. The map page is notable. The app will display the location of the trackers, and it doesn’t matter if it is the last known location or in range. The map page is a convenient and easy way of catching up on the status of your Tiles. The subscription model is also available if you want more functionality.

Another remarkable feature is the Smart Alerts, where you are allowed to set many locations in the Tile app. Then you need to dole out Tiles the chosen locations. Therefore, when you go out without the Tile attached to your wallet, the app will alert you.

This is an extremely smart feature. But it also needs some improvement. Upon setting up this feature, Tile will inform you once you leave a place without the monitored object. But you are not able to set notifications for a specific time. So, when the trace stuck to your laptop, and leave it in the office or home, then you will also get a notification.

Time Premium provides other amazing and cleaver features. Once you have a Tile that comes with a replaceable battery, then the manufacturer will provide a new one once it runs out. The battery also comes with a 3-years warranty, one month of location history as well as unlimited shared with members of the family and friends alike. This allows them to put in the Tile to their app and assist with monitoring it.

  • Battery Life

State of the art Tile Slim Bluetooth tracker is a tiny plastic square that has rounded edges, which has a dimension of 2.1 X 2.1 X 0.1 inches and only weighs 0.3oz. It is slimmer than the Tile Mate. Tile Slim is considered the easiest to fit into your wallet and other thin accessories.

At the center of the device, there is a small logo that also serves as a button. The surface has a bit raised texture. At the back, you will see a tiny pinhole that serves as the speaker. It produced 82 decibels of sound, and you can pick the ringtones you want. Not like Tile Mater, there’s no loop or a hole wherein you attach a key ring. IP5 water resistance and this can withstand splashes and rain, however, avoid taking the device in a swimming or store it in your pocket when doing a washing.

The integrated non-detachable battery could last for three years. You will get a notification once the battery runs out of power after about 35 months of use. If that happens, you can buy a new for a fraction of cast. An extra battery is available for only $30. If you buy 4 or 8 batteries, you can save a considerable amount of money.

Is Tile Slim Worth Buying?

Well, if you are looking for a slimmest, lightest, and reliable Bluetooth tracker, then you must definitely purchase this product. On the other hand, if you have a plan of using it for other purposes, then you better think twice. While it is one of the lightest and slimmest trackers available so far for tracking a laptop or a tablet, some tools already integrated with tracking features like for instance the Apple’s Find My application.

You also need to keep in mind that this Bluetooth tracker does not integrate with a way to fasten to your key. For tracking the location of those gadgets, you have to consider getting the Tile Pro or the Tile Mate. Tile Mate is more reasonable than Tile Slim. Therefore, a good option is you have a limited budget.

Tile Slim Review

Tile Slim vs. Tile Mate

Tile Mate and Tile Slim are two of the most popular Bluetooth tracker offered by Tile Company. But there is a huge difference between these two. Tile Slim is a bit thinner compared to the Tile Mate. So, you can easily put it in your purse or wallet. However, it doesn’t have a keyring hole, which is evident on Mate. This makes it perfect for tracking keys. Slim sound is not louder as the Slim Mate, but it is tougher and durable and can be immersed in water and work as ease, not like the Slim Mate. State of the art Tile Slim comes with a 3-year non-replaceable battery, which is longer compared to Mate that has an only one-year replaceable battery.


  • Tile Slim offers many benefits, such as:
  • Loud siren
  • Perfect for wallets
  • Slimmest Bluetooth tracker available


  • In spite of the many benefits, it also comes with some flaws such as:
  • Amazing features are available for Premium


Q: How does this Bluetooth tracker from Tile works?

The tile app will inform you where the device is in 200 feet range. But, once it is out of frequency, anyone that has a tile app can sense your Tile if they are in 100 feet range. Even if they are not aware, you can be informed of the location of your Tile with the use of their GPS. On the other hand, there is no need to worry as Community Find is anonymous and automatic. The one with the Tile app will have no idea that they are assisting you.

Q: How long the battery last?

Tile Slim is integrated with a non-replaceable battery, and it will last for 3-years.

Q: Can I Use it in my wallet?

Absolutely, Yes. This only measures 86mm x 54mm x 2.4mm, which makes it ideal for your wallet. But, if you have a plan of using it on your device, you need to go for another Tile tracker available.


There is no doubt that Tile Slim is the best Bluetooth tracker for keeping monitoring of accessories such as a wallet. However, it doesn’t have a key ring. The Slim Mate is designed for passports, ID badges, wallets, as well as other objects wherein a thin profile, is essential. The Tile Slim is easy to clip and use. That is why it is the preferred Bluetooth tracker by many people out there.