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Top 8 Bluetooth Trackers

Wallet trackers or also known as key finders and Bluetooth trackers are precious accessories, most notably for those who are likely to misplace items in their office or household. Like for instance, a lot of people overlook where they store the keys of their car last night after the party; likewise, there are also other small things misplace anywhere in the house. In that case, you can rely on a wallet or key finders.

Top 8 Bluetooth Trackers Available: Makes Finding Lost Object Easier

Popularly known as wallet finders, these units are able to find those lost and misplaced keys, wallets, or any stuff and send notifications on a mobile device. You need to download an app to make the device work.

What Is Exactly A Wallet or Key Finder?

Bluetooth or wallet tracker is a thin and small device that can be attached to your wallet, keys, or any vital belongings and enables you to monitor their exact location once you misplaced them. You will peace of mind knowing that you can find it without trouble or any issue. In case you lost it in a restaurant or on a bench at the theme park, the possibilities of locating it are higher if you have Bluetooth tracker attached.

What is the price of Wallet Finder?

A lot of Bluetooth available on the market today is relatively expensive; that is great once you end up loving them and wanting to attach them to the whole thing. The Bluetooth trackers listed below range in cost from $20 to $50, which makes it very reasonable to order two to three units, if you are so inclined.

Pixie Bluetooth tracker

How does Bluetooth Tracker Works?

Bluetooth trackers work in a very easy manner. All you need to do is to pair it with your mobile device, affix or fasten it to an object you usually lost or misplace, and download the app. The app is used in finding the lost item. Once you press the “find” button, the Bluetooth tracker will give off a high-pitched sound, which serves as your guide in finding that object.

The most vital factor to keep in mind is that this device isn’t a GPS tracker, so you will not see its location live on a map. It is a short-range unit with a limited range that is up to 61m. The newest modes claim up to 300ft range. However, that is in ideal conditions, meaning no hindrances, now walls, or the tracker is locked inside the car outside your home.

What is more, you cannot hear a key finder ringing 300ft away except it is totally silent around you as well as no obstacles. A Bluetooth tracker is useful mostly for things you are likely to lose in your home, as well as the office. A lot of devices provide a crown sourcing technology to boost range, so you are able to look for misplaced objects almost anywhere, even if, in practice, you tend to find something left behind or dropped in a crowded/busy city.

That is simply because this state of the art system depends on another use of a similar app to locate the location of other trackers each time they are within range. Therefore, once you drop your key at a train station and it has a Bluetooth tracker, another tracker user passing in the station may get close enough, so the app senses the tracker and anonymously reports its exact location.

If you mark your Bluetooth tracker as lost, then you wait for notice that it has been found by another user. Apparently, when many people run the app, there is a good chance that the system will function. We recommend you to choose the Best tracker , mynt es key finder

What are the Top 8 Bluetooth Trackers?

There are many types of Bluetooth trackers available, but we will just review the top 8. These top 8 were chosen due to features, price, and reliability. So, let’s get started.

  1.  Tile Mate: Most Sought After

One of the best and most sought after Bluetooth trackers available today is the Tile Mate. Once you lose your mobile device, one biggest obstacle to locating is if it is in a silent mode. There is no way for you to call or ring the phone and follow the tune or the sounds. State of the art Tile Mate can make your mobile device ring, although it is in a silent mode. This makes it easier for you to locate the exact location of your device. What is more, it is also integrated with state of the art features that make this device a winner. It is integrated with a replaceable battery, which is assured to last for many months of use. You can buy a new battery once the original one runs out of power.

Tile Mate is indeed one of the most used trackers at this point by many people out there due to its small as well as works rightly and remarkably. It is also popular due to the massive network of users associated with it. This device enables you to tap into the community in case you need assistance in locating the misplaced or lost object, and due to the fact that it is a very popular item, this gives you a large group of help once needed. We advice you to read more about cubitag

Tile Mate: Most Sought After

If you always lost or misplacing objects like keys and wallets and you travel most often, then Tile Mate is the best way to go. It has a massive community of users that are able to assist you in locating the lost and misplace stuff. It is lightweight, easy to use, and very affordable. This is a good investment.


  • Small with a size of more than 1 square inch
  • Make mobile device ring, even if on silent
  • Massive lost and found a community


  • Limited range
  1. Tile Slim 

Another remarkable product from Tile that makes it to the top 8 is the Tile Slim. As the name suggests, it is slimmest, thinnest Bluetooth tracker available on the market today. The shape and size of an ID or credit card, Tile Slim discreetly as well as neatly sits amongst the other cards in your wallet. This works like other trackers out there, signaling the location of the lost or misplaced objects with a ring that is set off by an app. However, what makes this Bluetooth tracker apart from the rest is that it is waterproof.

The design and style of this Bluetooth tracker are genuinely exceptional. Resembling the shape and size of the conventional credit card, this tracker has an all-black appearance with a tiny logo located at the lower part, which also serves as the key for stopping tones.

State of the art Tile Slim once called a Tile Wallet, since it was developed for which sole purpose. The company marketed this product as a tracker that can be attached to any smartphones like laptops and tablets for monitoring purposes.

Tile Slim


  • Produce loud sound
  • Ideal for wallets and key and other objects
  • Slimmest Bluetooth tracker available


  • Amazing features are only available for Premium
  • Some clients encountered in communicating the manufacturer for some concerns and questions.
  1. Cube

This Bluetooth tracker has gone further than its main role of finding a lost object as it helps a lot in taking images from your mobile device. This tracker can also be used as a shutter button. Once you lost or misplace your device, you are able to utilize it to find it with a vibration, ring as well a flash even if the Cube app isn’t functioning.

This state of the art Bluetooth tracker is integrated with an extra battery that can be replaced every 12 months, so there is no need to replace the whole unit yearly.

Cube Bluetooth tracker


  • Take pictures from your mobile device
  • Work as a shutter
  • Find the lost item using vibration, flash, and ringing


  • Expensive
  1. SpotyPal

As the name suggests, SpotyPal is indeed the perfect companion when finding small lost things. Simply attach it to the keys or cellphone or put it in your wallet, and you will never leave anything behind. This device has an app that enables you to ring it, in case you misplaced the item tagged with it. You can use this locator to find your mobile device.

What makes it apart from the rest is that it rings your mobile device even if it’s in a silent mode. Another remarkable feature is that it allows you to see the last place of the object attached to the locator. Simply launch the app and begin seeing the location, which makes it simple to get it back. Also, it has a 2-way separation alarm that goes off once the phone and the tracker disconnect due to range. What is more, you can pick between two colors.

SpotyPal Bluetooth tracker


  • The battery lasts for 12 months
  • Low powered
  • Super lightweight can attach it to almost anything
  • It comes with a powerful app


  • Bluetooth connection only
  1. TrackR

This is a very powerful Bluetooth tracker that works efficiently and reliably in detecting lost or misplaced objects even when they are 100ft away. This super lightweight and small Bluetooth tracker can be attached easily to almost anything. Next, use the app to ring the mobile device.

This fantastic tracker helps with flashing LED lights, so you are able to find lost or misplaced things in the dark. Once the battery is drained, you are able to replace the battery and not the whole unit.



  • It sticks to almost anything
  • Waterproof
  • Battery life


  • Noisy

This state of the art Bluetooth finder provides a real-time notification as well as monitors and tracks the misplaced or lost objects. This is considered one of the most excellent products available. It is lightweight and small, so you can easily put it in your pocket, purse as well as the wallet.

BCKAKQA Bluetooth tracker


  • Easy to use
  • Attach to almost anything


  • Expensive
  1. InnWay

This is a slim Bluetooth tracker with superb looks. This is rechargeable with a wide, even if it is only a slim card. Once the battery is a drain, just use the cable integrated into the box. When full charge, it could last for three to five months.

InnWay Bluetooth tracker


  • Very convenient
  • Effective and reliable


  • Not popular
  1. Luxsure

This is an effective and reliable Bluetooth tracker that can be fastened to a child’s cloth, thus allows you to stay close to her or him. This amazing key finder speedily finds valuable belongings such as wallet, phone, key, and many others.



  • Reliable and effective
  • All around tracker


  • Expensive


Bluetooth trackers are indeed a very useful device that can help us in finding valuable stuff like wallets and keys. With so many choices available, ensure to get the best one to maximize your money.