Top Luggage Trackers

Top Luggage Trackers Review

Air travel comes with lots of possible downsides. There is an instance of missing the flight or end up with the party split up in terms of the selection of seats, experience turbulent flight, or, worse lose the baggage.

Though these are some of the worst-case situations, and almost certainly quite improbable to take place, it is worthwhile making sure against any problems before they happen. Even if you cannot do anything about a turbulent flight, but you can something on other concerns mentioned above.

Perhaps lost luggage is one of the most upsetting and worrying things concerning traveling by air. Once your luggage is lost in transit, yes, you’ll get it back, but the question is, how soon? It can be 3 hours, a couple of days, and while you are waiting to retrieve your baggage, you’re without your stuff, and maybe even some of your particular belongings.

There are some ways to address this concern, and one effective and successful one is to use a luggage tracker. Below are the most sought after luggage trackers available on the market today.

What Is Exactly a Luggage Tracker?

There are kinds of luggage tags available: the smart one and the manual type. The manual tag is a kind on which you put in your contact number, address, and name and loop it onto the suitcase. A smart tracker is more advance. It is a bit more high-tech. Various luggage tags function in many ways. However, all mechanically store the crucial details and generally connected to an app in tracking the luggage without difficulty.

Here are the top luggage trackers available today:


Lugloc is one of the best tracker and most serious contenders in the world of luggage tracker. It provides a GSM/Mobile luggage tracker which can assist you keep monitor of your baggage and provide peace of mind. It has a mobile app and GSM tracker that you have to download. It works both on iPhone and Android devices. After downloading, you have to log-in or register in order to maximize its features and benefits.

Combines with Bluetooth technology, this tracker can provide accurate location of your luggage. This is not a bad idea, most notably since GSM tracking isn’t as precise as Global Positioning System. It is also integrated with automatic switch on and off feature to keep the phone FCC/TSA/FAA compliant. This is due to the fact that it utilized cell phone technology so that you can be running while on board.

Top Luggage Trackers

One issue regarding this tracker is that you often have to subscribe to their service as it makes use of cell or mobile networks. The service provider offers one month warranty.


  • Utilizes mobile technology so can be used in locations where global positioning system is blocked
  • Bluetooth tracker back up to assist in finding the luggage when you’re close to it
  • Many choices of subscription
  • It comes with rechargeable batteries which last fifteen days
  • TSA, FAA as well as FCC Compliant


  • There is an issue in the accuracy of the tracking
  • Bluetooth tracker needs to log in, so the internet is required


Trakdot is a GPS luggage tracker that can sit inside the luggage and serve as a small monitoring tool, providing peace of mind that you can look for your suitcase, regardless of the location.

It is easy to use. All you need to do is to connect the device to your mobile phone through free luggage app, and then you will get a notification in the form of text or email once you land to notify you that your suitcase is in a similar area as you. Also, it assists you in locating the exact location of the suitcase, should it be somewhere else. This is also lightweight and small and surely will not add any weight to the packed luggage or bag. It is user-friendly as well.

Top Luggage Trackers


  • Utilized mobile/GSM technology so can be utilized in a location where GPS is blocked
  • An annual or lifetime rate that is beneficial for frequent flyers
  • Sends email or messages if the device lands and is found
  • It is integrated with a flight mode thus saves you battery


  • Monitoring accuracy isn’t perfect- perfect for knowing if the suitcase has arrived and not locating the exact location.
  • Low battery life but must run for long trip m

Tile Mate

If you are searching for a handy and compact luggage tracker that included a user-friendly app, look no further than Tile Mate. The main objective of this Bluetooth tracker is to assist you to look for things that you don’t want to lose in seconds, including phone, keys, as well as luggage. It has an extensive location range, and lour alarm as well as a vast community network, thus allows you to locate your suitcase fast and at no time at all. Not like expensive global positioning trackers, Bluetooth tracking devices just work within a specific range.

On the other hand, what makes it apart from the rest is that there are high monthly service charges. If the unit does fall out of your range, then you are able to utilize the community network that allows other users to connect to the phone to assist you in finding your items. If you’re searching for your loved ones who love to travel, then this might be the best choice.

Some of the best features include making the lost phone ring even when it is in a silent mode. It is safe and extremely durable in spite of its fragile and small size. It produces loud sound, which allows you to hear in crowded and noisy places.

Top Luggage Trackers


  • even the smallest objects


  • The battery can’t be replaced

iTug Nut Cell Phone, Luggage Tracker

If you are looking for a slim luggage tracker, then consider the iTug. It is available in four different hues, or you can pick to buy a pack of four to put in each suitcase you’re carrying. This is perfect for people who are traveling with friends or family or those who have lots of suitcases.

This small tracker connects to your suitcase finder app, and once it gets out the range, you’ll receive a message. So, meaning if your suitcase has been stolen, you’ll know right away. Then you have to go to the mobile app, and you’ll be provided a map that shows the exact location of your suitcase. You can also speak out that your suitcase is lost in the Nut App, and then those who have this app within the area will help you find your bag by scanning the whole thing around them. This gives you a high possibility of locating your suitcase. Why do you need to buy this tracker? Well, it is accessible in a pack of four that makes it perfect for traveling with families and friends.


  • Available in various colors
  • Available in a pack of four
  • Broad Nut App community making it easier to locate the lost suitcase
  • Slim and lightweight
  • It is easy to use as well


  • Very expensive
  • There is also an issue in the tune or sound

What to Look for in a Luggage Tracker?

Brand: Today, there are many fantastic monitoring tools available, but with regards to picking one which will make sure the safety of your suitcase, it is advisable to stick to popular brands with a good reputation.

Quality: The luggage trackers mentioned above have been chosen because of their remarkable features. The features make them exceptional. When making a choice, make sure that the makers provide a superior and high-quality customer service during as well as after-sales.

Tough: The main objective of the luggage tracker is to assure that the locations of the suitcase are known all the time, and when a locator can’t withstand airplane journeys as well as the demanding trip, then it just does not make the cut. The trackers mentioned above are chosen because they are durable and sturdy and survive extreme situations.

Price: This is also a vital factor to consider when looking for a luggage tracker. There are tracking devices available out there for a fraction of cost. But, ensure that it is integrated with state of the art features that are useful in finding the lost object. If you want a tracker that is integrated with state of the art features, then expect to pay higher.


Luggage trackers are indeed useful, and there are many choices to select from. The best luggage tracker must include features such as GSM, GPS, Wi-Fi, as well as Bluetooth capabilities. However, such a tool would perhaps have a broad form aspect and lessened battery capabilities, including increased service charges.  GSM trackers offer reasonable monitoring capabilities.

Never expect miracles when you purchase this device. Just consider it a due diligence on your behalf, something which can considerably enhance your possibilities of retracing lost suitcase. In general, luggage trackers are a good investment and worth the price as well.