xnspy reviews

Xnspy reviews














  • No more Cyberbullying
  • Where Affordability meets Functionality
  • Control Device Activity Remotely
  • Get Alerts For Specific Activity
  • Offline tracking


  • The live chat facility isn’t 24/7
  • Expensive monthly package
  • The app is only compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Xnspy Reviews – Is this Spy App Worth The Investment?

Do you want the most powerful spy app that we have in the market today? Well, not bad because you can now get this Xnspy at a very affordable price. It is one of the parental monitoring apps that are very popular nowadays. It can track and monitor a specific person and can be updated all the time. This app is very common to parents as they follow the activities of their kids. Xnpsy is said to be the most advanced spying app that is making a name in the market. It is the safest and easiest mobile application that you can make use to monitor any device. This device includes tablets and cellphones, depending on the gadget that you have in your home.

Using this Xnspy, you will get to know about the conversations and contact of your kids. It is also being used in an office where mangers can track the phones of their employees, and they are being updated of the person they talk to. The magnificent device helps you to check all the call and message logs remotely. The use of this tracking device is also monitoring the contacts and list of the call history.

Main features

Here are the main features that can be tracked remotely and possessed by the Xnspy:

  1. SMS and IM Chats

You can be updated on the things that your kids or loved ones are doing by merely reading the messages on their mobile phones remotely. You can read their SMS, iMessages and IM chats such as Skype, Viber, Line, and WhatsApp. This kind of device is also monitoring the shared multimedia to other social media apps.

  1. GPS Location

By the use of Xnspy, you can monitor the location of your kids and love ones. Whenever they are, you can track using this kind of device. You can always check the site anytime utilizing the map of the application. You will be aware also of the places they visit recently through the location history that s being check remotely by the GPS. Once you are connected to the phone or tablet of your kids, you can track them as well as the device that they are using. Xnspy is very powerful and can provide you the most accurate monitoring app that can be used with mobile phones.

  1. Emails and Online Activities

Xnspy can track the emails which have been sent or received in the device so that you will be updated on the things that they have time with. It is essential to check the emails that were collected and sent to have an idea of who they are talking with. It is very much recommended to parents to are having a hard time to monitor their kids. By using this device, you will be aware of the sites that they are visiting online. You can also view all the bookmarked websites that they are currently visiting. In this case, you can also figure out how many times they are visiting those websites.

  1. Record Phone Calls and Surrounding

By the use of the Xnspy device, you can access their phone recordings. On the best thing about it is that you can listen and record it if you wish to. Even without their phones on their side, you can still monitor their activities. You will beware of the things that they are doing and what they are talking about.

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  1. Multimedia Files and Appointments

You can also check all the photos and videos that are being taken on the mobile phone.  All the images that are being saved inside the phone can be monitor. The appointments of the person that you are monitoring can be check also. In this case, you will know about the scheduled meetings of a particular person as you use this monitoring or tracking device.

  1. 24/7 Instant Alerts

Instant Alerts are done 24//7. You will be receiving that if a specific word is used in the SMS. By the use of the instant alert, you will be aware of the things that they are talking about. Having these instant alerts help parents to protect their child in any abuse, whether it is online or physical abuse. The parents can have an instant alert in the SMS, phonebook, emails and the location of the kids.

  1. Remotely Control A Cell Phone

Yes, that right! Xnspy can remotely control the mobile phone of your child or loved ones. It makes use of the smartphone tracking app to resolve the problem.  You can also adjust the settings of the phone by using this kind of spying device. Another great feature of the XNspyis that the person operating or controlling the device can send remote commands to the mobile phone. Thus, you will b surprised if there are things that change in your phone.


  1. XNSPY Analytics

Using the spy analytics of the application, you can view the most visited websites of your kids or even love ones. You can also see the top callers that are contacting them, and you will know about their transactions. The help of XNSPY analytics also includes the duration of the call. The call time activity and the punch card of the number calls made are always being updated from time to time. You will know the things that they are doing daily or even in just an hour. The mobile device always updated the spy app about the changes that are happening every time.

  1. Wi-Fi Network Logs

Do you want to access the Wi-Fi network logs of your kids and loved ones, then there is a perfect device for you? All you have to do is to have Xnspy application and you will be updated about the Wi-Fi network logs. It will also inform you about the address stamps, time and date.

  1. Keylogger

The Xnspy can also monitor the keystrokes on your laptop. Every key that you touch or click is being monitored through the use of this tracking application. When you are composting messages, you can quickly identify what the content of the word is. This is being used to apps that require instant messaging such as Messenger, Viber, Skype, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

  1. WhatsApp Without Root

Without rooting the chats on your Android phone, it can be accessed because of the use of the Xnspy. It can monitor WhatsApp chats anytime and anywhere you wanted.

Xnspy has a lot of advantages and helps especially if you are going to monitor the activities of your child. You can make sure that they are secured, and they are free from any harm if you have the Xnspy with you. Cell phone apps are very much helpful for parents who want to monitor their children. This kind of application is considered as the most trusted in all types of business. It is also perfect for families all over the country. You will not be worried about the things that your child is doing because you can monitor them anytime.Read something about more spy Apps Like – Flexispy, Spyzie, Thetruthspy Review

Pros & Cons

Here are the advantages of using Xnspy as a monitoring device:

  1. No more Cyberbullying

We all know that bullying is a pervasive problem that we have in these days. Because of the emerging trend in technology, many are using it terribly. A lot of people are taking advantage of the use of technology. One of the most common problems that occur in the use of technology is the widespread cases of cyberbullying. This cyberbullying is not being done physically. However, it is being done through the use of the internet.

A lot of students are suffering embarrassments in social media. The death threat is one of the most common ways of bullying using the internet. The person is subjected to a harassment and can affect their life and the way they live. Some cases resulted in suicidal attempts when not easily monitored or prevented. However, with the use of the Xnspy, parents can monitor their child activity inside or outside the house. In these cases, you, as a parent, can prevent and protect your child in any cause of harm brought about by online bullying.

Cyberbullying is not only a common problem that is being encountered with the use of social media. Predating and even online harassment can be a risk to the life of any person. It can be prevented if every parent has a great device that can monitor and track their kids. That’s why Xnspy is a good parental partner by parents.

  1. Where Affordability meets Functionality

With Xnspy, you will not be worrying about paying a considerable amount of money to monitor your child’s activity. You will be paying only once for the exact price of Xnspy, and after that, you will experience the best parental service that you wanted. The device also has a 30 fully functional features. Each feature will help you protect your child from any cause of bullying in school, playground, and many other places.

  1. Control Device Activity Remotely

You can make use of this application in Xnspy to control the target device activity. If you want to block a specific phone number on your child’s phone, then you can do that without informing it. Your child will not know that you deleted or erase something on their phone. How? It is mainly because it will be done remotely and not physically. You can also manage the screen time on the tablets or even smartphones that they have. You can lock a cell phone without touching it by the use of the spy device. You can also take screenshots, wipe data, record a voice call, and other endless possibilities that you prefer. It can be seen that Xnspy is the best spy software that everyone will love to have.

  1. Get Alerts For Specific Activity

We all know that taking or selecting specific alerts on a mobile phone is not that easy. Not everyone can go to their phone from time to time to check the emails, text, or even phone logs. That’s why Xnspy is created to give alerts on a specific activity that your child is doing. Some options are being provided, such as words and people, and a watch list of places. There is no such thing that can help you be updated on the items that are not good for your kids. In this case, Xnspy offers instant alerts for any activity of your child.

  1. Offline tracking

Well, if your child already knows that you are always monitoring and tracking your activity, you can still do it. How? In this case, your child has nothing to do if you are watching her/him. It is mainly because you can still track them even they are not online. You can get pieces of information using the offline tracking device of the application. Every part of the information can be seen and monitored by Xnspy. This work by just accessing the offline mode of data. Once the target device turns off the data connection, you can still follow it. It will automatically turn on whenever the target device connects to the internet.

In this case, you will not be worrying if they went offline because you can still track them. Well, technology is sometimes smarter than people. You should know that. However, let us always take note that technology is nothing without us. So let us make use of this great innovation in a right way.

  1. Cell phone Usage reports

You will be informed of the things that are being done by your child using cell phone usage reports. You can view the top caller as well as the high five call durations. Another great thing is that it can also detect the latest viewed website. It can be accessed even the target device is offline.

Monitoring your kids and love ones is not a bad thing. You are just making sure that they are safe whenever they not around. Xnspy is a device that can help you track and monitor their activities. Maybe some of you are already asking how to have this kind of parental monitoring app.


Well, here are the steps that you need to follow for you to have the most potent monitoring application in the market.

  1. Subscribe to Xnspy

First things first, of course, is that you need to subscribe to Xnspy for you to enjoy this great innovation. All you have to do is to choose a monitoring subscription plan that you’ve wanted. You also need to select the payment option that will fit on the monitoring service that you wanted. Make sure that you choose the correct choice that will help you monitor your kids and love ones.

  1. Download and Install Xnspy

Once you have already been subscribing to Xnspy, the next thing that you will do is to download the application. Downloading the app will take a few minutes especially if you have a poor internet connection. It is highly suggested that you download the app if you think the connection is better. Some instructions will be emailed to you, and all you have to do is follow those instructions. If you successfully downloaded the application, then the next thing that you will do is install it. Installing the app will only take a few seconds so you need to wait for it to be successfully installed. You can also choose your best tracker for your Iphone

Once it is successfully installed in your target device, whether it is a tablet or a cell phone, you can easily access the monitoring app.

  1. Go monitoring

Since you have already subscribed to Xnspy and you have also successfully downloaded and installed the application, you can now enjoy watching your kids and loved ones. You will need to wait for a few minutes to get started. In order to finish the set up successfully, you need to log in to the spy dashboard using the account, which will be provided for you.

Reason for Choosing Xnspy Mobile Monitoring Application

There are several reasons why there is a need for you to choose Xnspy as your monitoring app partner. Here are the reasons which are listed below read it very carefully:

  1. The tracking and monitoring application is the most powerful device that is making a name in the market
  2. It is the most leading smartphone that is used for tracking and monitoring. It also has the best tracking software which can monitor a device as well as a person, whether online or offline.
  3. It is considered of good quality, and pieces of information are proven accurate.
  4. It values the money that you have earned in purchasing the application and subscribing to it.
  5. It is considered as the top line spying device that have the best feature that will help you monitor your kids and love ones.
  6. The monitoring application is a complete package for that person who owns businesses and also for parents.
  7. The application is considered safe and reliable to use, unlike any other tracking device.
  8. Xnspy also have the most innovative features that all people can enjoy.
  9. The device also have the most affordable packages
  10. It has many different payment options, which can add to the convenience of the software.
  11. You will not be worried about paying such a subscription because of the payment option available.
  12. Fully discreet mobile spyware that can be used for surveillance anywhere and anytime.
  13. It is also non-intrusive, so you won’t be having problems using this application
  14. It is said to be the best employee monitoring app and is best to use in parental monitoring.
  15. The interface is user-friendly and easy to access, unlike any other spyware that takes time to be installed.
  16. This monitoring and tracking application guarantee a hundred percent of a customer satisfaction.
  17. It also works effortlessly in any device, whether it is a Andriod or Smartphone device.
  18. There are forty innovative features that all customers can access and enjoy.
  19. It is crowned as the number one best spy apps category.
  20. It is very affordable and will surely fit your budget.

Xnspy can be used if your child has a cell phone addiction. You can monitor their behavior through the help of this Spyware. You can haunt your child’s digital routines using this magnificent device. It is considered as the most trusted parental monitoring software. It is straightforward to handle even grandfathers who can make use of it in monitoring their loved one’s transaction. You can enjoy its powerful features and is accessible on your budget.

Installing the application is effortless. You will not need a lot of time to fix it, for it is straightforward. All you have to do is to wait for a few seconds; then it will be installed successfully. It is very convenient to use, unlike any other spyware that is available in the market. It also has a user-friendly panel that can help you every time you have a hard time to access it. There are a lot of benefits that it can contribute to you in monitoring your loved ones especially your kids. we all know that in these cases, we need to have a partner that will surely help us. You can have this monitoring application anytime you’ve wanted without any hassle.

Once you subscribed and installed this Xnspy, you will enjoy new features now and then. It is mainly because they are always improving their functions. They make sure that every time they updated the features that they have for the satisfaction of the customer. Well, they know that customer loves having new features that will help them monitor their loved ones all the time. They always take into consideration the satisfactory level of their customers. They are making sure that everything they paid is worth it. It is ensured that all features are working correctly and a hundred percent in good condition.

Xnspy can assure you that they always got your back. You can rely to them anytime you wanted. They will not leave you alone with the subscription that you have. Just like what is mentioned above, the top most priority of Xnspy is the satisfaction of its customers. They will not take a risk the name of the company in services that their customer does not deserve. In the next few lines of sin, this article will be talking about the parental monitoring services that Xnspy offers to all types of parents.

Xnpsy’s topmost priority when it comes to security is the child. We all know that the safety of every child in our home is the most important thing. Having a child in your home is not that easy. Especially when you have a tight schedule in your work, you will find it more challenging to monitor the things that they are doing. The child is considered as the prime asset in every home. That’s why there is a need for you to make sure that they’re safe.

When it comes to parenting, the essential thing that you have is a daily monitoring of your kids. In order for them to grow into a right individual, you need to keep an eye on them. Whenever they have a wrong thing, you need to educate them about the consequences. Well, not all parents can do such things. Indeed, some parents cannot control their child’s behavior in some ways. But as parents, their ia need that we monitor the progress of the child as they grow. That’s why the monitoring application of Xnspy is created in order to help parents.

With the growing age of technology in this generation, there are a lot of things that children can discover. They will be curious about everything present around them. That’s why there is a must that we help them overcome those things. Parents should always be there for them. Social media hurts the life of the child; that’s why we must monitor every activity that they are doing. With the help of Xnspy, you can track your child’s movement even you are not at home. It is a perfect parenting style that is very common for busy parents.

If the phone of the child is connected to the Xnspy parental control software, the parent can monitor their child’s. Parents can also track the exact location of their children. In this case, they will know where they are or even in schools they can follow them. The GPS of the software is also perfect to use if the parent wants to monitor their child whether they are attending school or not. They can easily find out if that will be the case. They can also access the history of the map; it will give them the list of the locations that their children are visiting.

With the use of this monitoring application, parents can make sure that their child is telling the truth. It will lessen the possibility of lying to the parents. In this case, the child can build the trust of their parents. There is remote device control that can be used in order to control the activity of the phone. We advice you to go through this helpful guide. How I find my iPhone?

Almost thirty plus features that are remotely controlled by parents, here are the list of the control of the Remote device.

  1. Remote Device Lock

There are instances that kids find it hard to put down their phones. They are very addicted to playing games and surfing the internet using their phones. Sometimes you cannot ask for a favor for them when they are using their phone. Even the number of sleep is not enough because instead of sleeping, they spend there time using their mobile phones. This is one of the adverse effects of using a phone to the life of the child. They don’t have time to socialize and play with other kids outside because they are very hooked in using the mobile phone.

This problem is the most common problem that every parent is encountering nowadays. However, the wonderful thing that Xnspy is there to help every struggling parent. They create a remote device control that can remotely lock the device without touching it. If you find it hard to convince them using your kind words, you can secure their phone as long as you wanted. They will have no choice but to follow your instructions. This kind of spyware feature is beneficial in controlling the number of hours that a child can make use of their phone. In this case, the addiction brought about by their cellphone is being limited and sometimes be prevented.

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  1. Remote Call Recorder

There are instances that children will hide something to their parents. Sometimes they are planning not to go to school to have some good time partying in bars and clubs. Well, this can be prevented because you can make use of the remote call recorder. It can record calls, whether it is an outbound or incoming call. It can be recorded. If your child has a very suspicious behavior, you can monitor their activity anytime and anywhere.

Remote call recorder is a significant proof if in case your child will lie to you. Eavesdropping behind the walls is not very useful nowadays. All new need is a perfect partner that can help you monitor your child’s phone calls. You can tuck yourself in bed while listening and recording your child’s outgoing and incoming calls.

  1. Phone Surroundings Recorder

Whenever your child is not at home, you need to monitor their activity. You must follow your child’s, especially if he/she is not around in your house. The phone surrounding the recorder feature of Xnspy will help you a lot. You can record the surrounding of your kids whenever they are not at home. It is also essential to turn on the microphone on the child’s phone for you to listen to and record the things that they are talking about. This is one of the best features that every parent can make use of monitoring their child’s activity outside.

  1. Remote Live Screenshot

There are many instances that your child is misusing their cell phone. Sometimes when you confronted them, they will lie to you saying that they are doing such a thing. In order to prove to your child about the nasty things that they are doing online, then you can take a screenshot of it. It is one of the most effective ways of giving proof that you are not making stories. You can prove to them by just merely taking a screenshot remotely. It is one of the best features that a Xnspy have created in order to monitor the kids’ behavior in using their phones and social media correctly.

The latest feature of the Xnspy is the geo-fencing feature. In which parents can locate those places or locations that are not safe for children. They can report these places to higher authorities in order to prevent their child from coming to those places. There are instances that the child keeps on insisting on coming to a particular area that is not safe for them. In this case, the Xnspy will send you a notification alert every time your child will come to that restricted place. This is a way in which you can make sure that you are safe every time and anywhere they go.

You can set the alert watch to the listed location that is not safe for your child. You can monitor the check-in and check-out time of these places. You can also get alerts via email if your child comes to the site, which is listed in the watch alerts.

Comparing Xnspy VS mSpy

There are a lot of things that should be considered when it comes to parenting. You need to monitor your child every time. That’s why Xnspy is here to help all parents that require parental monitoring. There are a lot of things that a child can do when a parent is not around. They can make decisions that can affect their life. Also, harassment is widespread as social media is emerging. There are things that you need to consider in monitoring your child. We all know that tracking the child every day is a tough job that a parent should do. If you lack watching your child, there are a lot of consequences that could happen. That’s why it is imperative to have every detail of the child’s daily activity.


It is not wrong to control your child, especially if it’s for their excellent. We all know that sometimes the child will feel uncomfortable if they are being monitored every time. However, let us consider a lot of things that could happen if you, as a parent, will not follow your child. They can adjust to this kind of parenting style. All they need is time. The most important thing is that you keep an eye to your kid whatever happens. They say that the hard part of being a parent is to guide the child to take the right path. Well, with the help of Xnspy, monitoring, and tracking your child’s activity will be easy.

Almost all the reviews that were created, Xnspy possess all the good qualities of a monitoring app that you are looking for. However, when it comes to advanced and new features, it is also recommended to try the mSpy.
Xnspy offers some great features, but for the money, I think you’re better off going with one of the more feature-rich options like mSpy.  In addition to offering the ability to track more chat apps, they offer superior tech support.
The mSpy monitoring app has the best features and can be purchased at a better and affordable price. If you are looking for high quality but accessible spy app, then mSpy is the best choice for you.