xphone review

XPhone Review














  • An affordable smartphone
  • Its display looks good
  • Reasonable Camera
  • Battery life
  • The protective case is decent


  • It seems a bit slow
  • No NFC cheap

One of the best technologies that ever made is mobile phones. It gives many services such as connecting to people from nearby, far, or in the other countries. We do also use it as another source of information searching for facts such as news and more.

But in the early years, mobile phones are not as advanced as we have today such as smartphones. The first mobile phone was issued way back year 1908 in Kentucky. And invented in the early year of 1940 by engineers that work in the AT&T and developed a cell for the base station of mobile phones.

The very first mobile phone is not like a mobile phone as we know, but rather it is a two-way radio which is used to let people such as taxi drivers, and other emergency services to have a way to communicate or contact. Since then, mobile phones upgrade up until now from the type of mobile phones we are using.

From a radio to a keypad and a touch screen, the mobile phones had a quick transformation since then that leads to a faster and wide-ranging use of it. You can now access the internet through phones. Making a video call and or sending messages is also more comfortable with an internet connection and other applications. Mobile phones nowadays are also used to express people’s thoughts, feelings, creativity, and more.

Along with the significant contribution of mobile phones to people such as its uses, it also helps many companies which are the one manufactures it. And every company brand has its different versions and some make a new model that stands as their flagship among other competitors.

XPhone Reviews

One of the new releases smartphones is the XPhone, which is the flagship smartphone of Europe. And as what the company advertises, it is a good run to spend to. Well, you may wonder what its difference from the other biggest smartphone company that this will be worth to buy and so we do. And to give you a complete detail about this new XPhone, many people are into it. We have prepared here reviews about this product. As we want to share also to you what’s in with this XPhone, we included here the FAQ’ s, buying guide, and pros/cons.  In which this is also to give you some idea to which will determine if it is right for you to purchase this product.

The article that you will read here is the things that we have gathered such as reviews from other people and as our thoughts about this product. We do hope that this article helps you a lot so feel free to scroll and read all the details as we give you our XPhone reviews.

Are you getting to know XPhone?

As many people are looking for the best smartphone that they can buy, form its features up to its cost. The XPhone is explicitly made for them. In which its price is three times lower than other competitors. And one of the reasons why many people are getting crazy to buy this which makes it accessible also.

We do know that almost every year, the different big tech brands are making a change for their products. And if the model upgrades or changes, the price also increases because it’s new and has a better feature from the past model of it. That would make it more expensive and can’t afford it by almost.

Well, if you are considering to get a top-quality one, surely you will make way to purchase it even though it has a crazy price to buy.  And here is the XPhone that consider by many as their best phone.

What is XPhone?

Probably you are wondering if this XPhone is related to the other brand iPhone X. And why do many are hook and switch already to this model. Well, the XPhone is an immersive Android phone which is made with the latest technology we have today. This phone is sold by a company located from Europe generally from Germany and France. It is caused by a Chinese factory that is the same as the other major brands we have. So, typically this XPhone as the flagship pretty has the same quality as Samsung, Apple, and Huawei.

As the smartphones continuous change, sometimes it has not that for the better. Instead, the value is the only one that changes, and in terms of its features, it was the same as it is or has a little upgrade as well. And that is the opposite of the brand XPhone in which you will surely get impressed by its great features being a smartphone at a low price.

In terms of the making of the XPhone, they use only the best parts, such as the materials from the technology and its software. And in which the result gives these smartphone works faster and smoother. You will never experience to get lag when using it because its Android OS is completely optimized.

XPhone as for the Smart Screen versus another brand with the same model wins as the best among them. As for being the trendy and stylish look it has which best for being a flagship of the company. It is the best one and the best choice among the other flagship.

One thing that we also look for a phone is its security features, in which, with the advancement of the technology, there are many threats for the phone users such as getting hacked and more. And many phone companies are being accused of not being good enough or not doing enough in terms of the security of their customers. And the XPhone is proud to share that they have a better solution and offers in terms of your safety when using or having their flagship phone.

Whatever use you may want to do for your phone, such as for business, personal, and more, XPhone has many reasons that you will not regret purchasing it and surely, you will enjoy using it. And to give you what’s inside or features does XPhone have, here is the following info.

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What to look for in XPhone

The XPhone has a 5.7-inch HD Plus display that has a minimal side frame that took up about 90 percent of the front panel. It also has a dual camera on its back part which is ideal for people who love to take pictures an anywhere they travel or do. Listening to music, alarms and others are also present with the multimedia speaker grille that the XPhone have. Your security is well served, with the XPhone fingerprint scanner, which only you can access your phone with your fingerprints.  So basically, your phone will not be used and accessed by others without your permission and your print used. Scanning of the finger is not that hard to do so because the scanning time only lasts for only 0.1 seconds speed by the fingerprint sensor. Also, the screen is 5.7 inches that have a 1498 x720 pixel resolution to give a good quality image display. The Phone’s RAM and flash memory have 2 and 16 GB big enough for movies and other things you want to save in your phone. The main or the heart of the XPhone used is the single-chip MediaTek MT6739 system. So, with this peak or some of the significant parts of the XPhone, you will surely have to consider it.


Why XPhone is Popular?

One reason why XPhone is so popular is it’s because it is made which focuses on the essential things that phone has such as:

  • The XPhone has a long battery life, which is built-in and have an energy-saving software to control the energy used and generally can enjoy using this phone all day.
  • The XPhone camera has a high quality one. In which it’s front and back has a 16MP and 8MP, surely images and videos have a good quality result also.
  • Another great reason why XPhone is popular is its secure internet connection. Because many people are on social media right now, they also want to have a phone that has a stable internet connection. This is for them to access also their social media accounts faster.

So, typically these three features of XPhone are some of the best things that people consider buying it. And also, the reason why it is accessible, even though it is new and the brand is not as known as the big phone companies around the globe.

What are the Specifications of the XPhone?

xphone reviews

Let’s dig more into what’s good about XPhone and how this is popular and consider best with many people. And with that, here is the technical Specification that XPhone have:

  • For its display, it has 5.7 inches IPS with 1498 x 720 pixels
  • For its CPU, it has MediaTek MT6739 4-core 1.3GGHz
  • In terms of its GPU, it has IMGG PowerVR GE8100
  • The XPhone’s RAM is 2GB
  • For its Internal memory, it has 16GB
  • For its Memory extension, it has up to 128GB
  • For its Cameras, it has 16.0MP + 5MP primary and 8.0MP front camera
  • In terms of connectivity, it has Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth 4.2 and GPS
  • Its battery life is 3350 mAh(5V/ 2A)
  • Its Operating system is Android 8.1
  • Connections available are MicroUSB port and the TF card slot
  • The XPhone’s weight is 171.5 grams
  • The XPhone’s dimensions are 149.2 x 72.2 x 9.7 mm
  • And the most important thing is its price is $199 only

And now, the following list above is the specifications of the XPhone which are from its technical specs from the internal to external of the phone and also its price is included.

XPhone other Key Features

Except for the technical specs of XPhone, they also have packed of many other useful things that you may also found in other new phones such as Samsung and iPhone. And here is another key feature that have the same as the other brands.

  • Face and fingerprint unlock

The XPhone also have a face and fingerprint unlock feature, which helps users not lose or no one can access their phone without their knowledge. In which your phone will be a very private one and secure.

  • Dual sim

The XPhone has dual sim slots, which you can even have two sim cards in two different telecommunication companies. And it is perfect if you are traveling and if you want your contact for business, home and so on are in separate sims.

  • Memory card slot

You can also have the capacity to take many photos, videos and listen to music through your phone because XPhone have a memory card slot, which will serve as your added memory which is an external one. Giving you more storage for your photos, videos, music, and other files that you will save in your phone through memory card.

  • 3350 mAh Battery

Another key feature that XPhone have is its battery which has a capacity of 3350mAh battery. This battery is a single charge, battery which is good o support your surfing experience through for one whole day and can be more depending on what you are doing through your phone. The XPhone also have a smart energy-saving software which helps reserve or store energy for your phone.

  • Screen Display

The XPhone also have a crystal-clear screen display which has 5.7 inches that are perfect in its size for people who are one-handed and loves to watch videos or movies in HD+.

  • Dual GPS and GLONASS

Traveling in far cities or countries is not that hard with the XPhone’s Dual GPS and Glonass. In which it has an ultra-accurate navigation map and a route planning app that will guide you in whatever place you are going to.

  • Storage Capacity

You can now enjoy viewed your videos, photos, and more unlimited through your XPhone. It is where you can store your files or memories up to 16GB. But if you want more, it is possible in which it can be expandable up to 128GB with an SD card. In which it is very convenient to any user because all your files are intact in one storage which is on your phone.

  • Fast phone

Another great feature of this phone is that it is quicker to use. It is in which it has a 1.3GHz processor and a 2GB RAM that keeps the phone process faster. For whatever uses, it may be for video call, exploring, streaming and more it will not be a problem and you will surely have a continuous and faster use of this phone.

The XPhone is also pre-loaded with many other google apps which are the latest versions of Android 8.1. What’s good about this phone is that it has a regular update for the phone’s apps, OS and more.

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What’s included in the box?

Buying the XPhone, you will surely expect to receive these following technical facts that can be found on the product.


For general facts it includes:

– IMG GE8100 for GPU

– PC + Aluminum Alloy for the Housing Material used

– Dual sim

– Android 8.1 for its operating system

– 16 GB capacity for the Read-only memory

– Available TF Card up to 128 GB for external memory which is not included or to is ordered separately

– Fingerprint sensor

– Light sensor

– G-Sensor

– compass

– proximity sensor

For Display facts it includes:

  • The screen size of 5.7 inches
  • IPS Capacitive for the screen size
  • 5 points multi-touch
  • 1498 x 720 pixels for resolution

For Unlock Face facts it includes:

  • For its certification, it has MSDS, CE, GMS< and UN38.3

For Network facts it includes:

  • For the 4GG bands, this includes: FDD-LTE 800(B20), 900(B8), 1800(B3), 2100(B1), 2600(B7) MHz
  • For the 3G bands, this includes: WCDMA 900(B8), 2100(B1) MHz
  • For the 2G Bands, this includes GSM 850(B5), 900(B8), 1800(B3), 1900(B2) MHz Type: WCDMA, FDD-LTE, GSM.
  • For the WIFI: 802.11 a,b,g,n, 2.4GHz + 5GHz
  • For GPS: Glonass
  • For Bluetooth: V4.2

For Camera facts it includes:

  • Camera count = 3
  • 16-megapixel camera
  • 0MP for the front camera
  • 0MP for the rearview
  • Double LED light for tail light
  • Focus touch for its camera touch
  • 2 back and F2.0 for the back on the opening of the camera
  • 1080p 30fps for the video resolution

xphone reviews

For Media Format facts it includes:

  • In terms of the Audio, they have ACC, AMR, MP3, FLAC, AWB
  • In terms of the video, they have MP4 and 3GP
  • In terms of the image, they have JPEG, GIF, BMP, and PNG

Fort Drum’s facts, it includes:

  • For the battery capacity
  • For the battery used, it has a Non-removable Lithium Polymer battery
  • For calling time good for 9 hours
  • Standby time is good for about 250 hours
  • Its size is 149.2 x72.2 x 9.65 mm
  • Its weight is 171.5 g

For Package Content includes:

  • The XPhone
  • Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • EU power adapter
  • USB cable
  • Warranty Card
  • User Manual

What’s likable about the XPhone

Now that we know the different specs and features of the XPhone, let’s move on and get to know what are the other things that this XPhone to be likable to use.

xphone reviews

  • It is easy to use

One of the common problems of new cellphone owners is the difficulty in using it. And also, sometimes, they find it hard to understand the instructions and are a bit confusing. But, in the XPhone, first comes to their mind is their customer in terms of using it. They put an extra effort to give their customers an easy to use and operate. In which it will not take too long to get a grip on its impressive but straightforward features.   And their instructions are pretty easy to understand and follow.

  • It is safe to use

We know that some of our personal information and others are or will be stored in phones. This valuable information can be our social media accounts such as its password, bank details, other significant transactions, and also other files that you can include photos and videos. And because of it, you will need to keep your phone near you or in a safe place.

Well, except for you need to keep it near to you so that no one will get it. The XPhone offers a touch and face recognition ID. In which you can only access it by using five different fingertips that have a speed of 0.1 seconds.

You can also use face recognition which works with an impressive speed of 0.2 seconds. With these two-security features of the XPhone, surely help its users to have a safe and every of their info’s are secured.

  • Long Battery life

Another thing that you want to look for your new phone is the one that has a long battery life. In which it can give you more time for streaming or a long time of use of your phone. The shorter the battery life the more concise you can use it. So, if you are going to purchase a new phone, you will consider and need to pick the phone that has a long battery life like the XPhone.

The XPhone has an impressive battery life, which it has a 3350mAh Li-Polymer battery. In which this battery is one of the best batteries in the industry. It also has 290 hours for standby time. And its talk time lasts for about 9 hours.  And last but not the least, for a battery that has a long life span, the XPhone is considered as one of the best phones with a long battery life span.

So, overall you can use the XPhone for around 23 hours of listening to music and 7 hours of video streaming. It also has a headphone jack that have a 3.5mm, which a standard headphone can also work from the phone.

  • It has an impressive Camera

One feature that you will also look for a best smartphone is its camera. This is also to have a beautiful camera that we can use when we travel and take a pictures and videos. And XPhone has it, in which it includes 16MP plus 5MP dual rear camera. Its dual camera flash never misses a moment that you want to capture. And you can also expect to have impressive images and videos as a result.

Another great about this camera is it has a multiple modes available for the pictures.

  • An Excellent Memory

The common problem and which lack in some phone brands is its memory. There is a phone brand that has poor memory storage in which you cannot store too many videos, apps, picture and so on. And it’s so hard for you to keep deleting photos or any memory you have on your phone because of the lack of storage.

And the best about XPhone is it has a big storage which has 16GB maximum. But if you want to have more room, you can expand the memory storage of the XPhone by up to 128GB by the SD card for external. And because of this, you will surely have more space for the files you want to save.

  • Faster to use

A faster phone to use is one great advantage to have. And one phone that has this feature is the XPhone. A Quad-core 1.3GHz processor and a 2GB RAM are used in the XPhone in which lead it to be faster for a flagship. And in which you will enjoy using this phone for video calls, streaming and many more.

  • It looks great

Another thing that XPhone promotes is its great looks. It has a slickest looking product that is out in the market.  In which it has 5.7 inches and has a 720p HD plus resolution that also have a high size screen that is good for watching and scrolling until you want.

Everything of the XPhone has high uses that from its front panel up to its multimedia. You can have a great experience in using this smartphone.

It is also lightweight and convenient, which is ideal for anyone who likes to hold their phone with their one hand. But XPhone is made in suitable quality materials which surely, this will last long.

  • A fingerprint sensor

If you want to secure your files and a sure safety for it, the XPhone has a fingerprint sensor. In which it needs a fingerprint ID that is a fast way to access also. This saves you in memorizing passwords and patterns that there are instances that we might forget. The fingerprint sensor is located in the back part of the phone. Using the fingerprint sensor, it has a response speed of 0.1 seconds that booms the people’s desire to have one. Once you put your fingerprint on the sensor, it will unlock the phone. And one great about this open is that it can save five prints, so you will have more fingers to touch on the sensor. Or you can share your security to your loved one or family for them to also access your phone, only if you want to.

xphone reviews

  • Affordable

Except for being the flagship phone, one of the best things about XPhone against its other competitors is its price. The XPhone is extremely affordable, which other phones cannot top on. In which its price is reasonable enough amount to spend on this best phone.

  • A dual sim capacity

Connect to two networks simultaneously with the use of the XPhone. In whatever you want to use it. So, if you have no more load to the other sim, you will have a reserve sim that you can use in case of an emergency.

How much is the costing of XPhone?

Well, many stores sell the XPhone and the price of this phone range from $500 to $700. Which are relatively injustice for what service it can give to its users? But with some sales, it lowers and ranges up to $199 only. And initially, XPhone is cheap than other known brands so, if you want to have a good quality phone but at a more affordable price, XPhone suits you.

How does XPhone be cheaper?

Well, XPhone doesn’t spend money on their brand advertisement. In which their strategy is to let other people talk about their brand and share their reviews to the others. So, the massive cost that they save from the advertisement that they should do but they did not lead them to have 50% only for the phone to be paid by us.

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Where can I buy this phone?

If you want to purchase the XPhone, it is available on its official website.  However, the XPhone is available in limited offers only. So, if you’re going to have one, visit their site and order now! Availing it now, you will have the opportunity to have a 50% discount and free shipping for anywhere you are. They also have affiliate sites that you can also check on for other sales and discount offers.

 Pros of having XPhone

  • It has excellent display quality
  • The camera is excellent also
  • It has a well-optimized software
  • It is very affordable
  • Good battery life
  • The fingerprint sensor is fantastic to have to
  • The protective case is handy in terms of protecting the phone from falls and scratches.

Cons of having XPhone

  • It has only one storage variant
  • The audio quality is not that great
  • So, with the pros and cons of the XPhone, you can already see what’s the best and which part does this phone lacks on. Overall, as this flagship phone use, I will recommend this for its best features and are cheaper than other competitors’ brand with the same model. Comparing XPhone with another brand phone that has this the same model, the XPhone is still the best among them. In which from its essential parts of the phone should have. Such as the excellent display quality, camera features, well-optimized software, good battery life, security features, and are very affordable ones to have.

Buying Guides

When we’re trying to look for a new phone, we are having a hard time selecting which one is the best when there is plenty of new phones? And one reason that you find it’s hard to pick is its different classifications, model and brands available. Well, regardless of what brands the phone you want to purchase, here are some buying tips that you should consider before buying your chosen phone.

  • Screen Size

The screen is useful to consider when looking for a new smartphone. It is essential in terms of what type of use you want to do for your new phone. Relatively a five inches screen is suitable for a standard phone size. But some screens are bigger or vice versa available in the market. This will also give you a big or small output of the app or any activity that you are doing through your phone.

  • Battery Life Span

Also, battery life is one important thing that you should look on your new phone. When you are in one with the music you are listening to and suddenly, it stops because the battery of the phone gets low.  Well, it’s mood breaker when that happens and so you will need to wait for your phone to get full again to continue your music playlist. So generally, a long battery life span is one of you should look for a phone.

  • Operating System

Well, one of the most important to all is the Operating System. Please do keep in mind that with this operating system, it is the one who will run the phone. And also, the one who will manage the phone’s memory and processes.

  • Camera Features

The next thing that you should look for your new smartphone is its camera features.  Well, as of today, the camera is one thing that buyers are looking for because of the influence of social media. A camera that has a high resolution for photos and videos is a must. It is for you to have a good quality images and videos taken. Some of the smartphones offer a 13 megapixel, which is good enough to get explicit videos and photos.

  • iOS and or Android

Looking for a phone that is easy to use and have a high and latest applications, an iOS and Android phone is the one that you should look for. And the Android one is the nest to have if you want a more hardware and affordable phone. we advice you to red for the best photostick mobile review & Best selfie stick for your phone.

  • Storage

The phone storage is one that you should consider. In which this will let you have more storage capacity for all the files, apps, photos, music, videos and so on that you want o save on your phone. At least a phone that has 32GB of storage is a good to consider when you are going to buy a new phone. must download these apps for your smartphone mSpy review & Flexispy review

  • Price

Well, with the new phones out in the market, the prices also differ. But relatively, the latest out phones are a little bit at a high cost. And if you want a good one, you will surely need to spend a high price. In which surely the one that have all the ideal phone you want. But some smartphone brands sell their phones at a low cost. Like the XPhone which you can save 50% of your money in purchasing it.

  • Display quality

Aside from the screen size, the display quality of the phone is also vital. The brightness, viewing angles, and color quality, are some of the criteria to look for a best phone to buy.

  • Design

A new feature that you should look for a phone is its design. You can pick a phone that is built in metal or glass design, for an aesthetic and quality type of phone. But if you want a cheap one, they are built in plastic bodies. But if you want a phone that is wireless charging, this type of phone is made of glass in its shape. And if you are worried about the durability and are water-resistant one, you must look for a phone that its specs are IP67. In which this type of phone has the capacity or can survive when being submerged for about 3 feet in 30 minutes. So, you will not worry too much when your phone accidentally drops your phone into water.

  • Random Access Memory or RAM

This is important and used in holding the data on the phone, for the cheap phones they have 2GB of RAM and as a standard. But as nowadays, 4GB is the latest and almost the phone has it. But in the most advanced ones, it has 6GB already.

  • Security

Another to consider for your new phone is security features. Having a phone that has security features are essential. It can be a fingerprint sensor which is pretty included as a significant feature of the new phone today. And this fingerprint sensor is ideal to have especially if you want a more secure for your phone in which you are the only one that can access it.

Also, there is easy unlock security which you only need to put some unlock pattern or pin. Placing a security password for your phone is a must, especially nowadays. And in case you missed placed your phone so that no one will have the ability to access it.

So generally, with this list of buying guide tips that you have read, we hope that you can choose the one that suits you. However, if you don’t know which brand you should pick, and if you want the phone that has this list of tips inside of it. We wish to recommend this XPhone. In which It has many great features that listed these buying guides, and a bonus of it is sold at a cheaper price. And this worth your money to have.

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Frequently Asked Questions for XPhone

We have added here some of the common asked questions by many people about the XPhone. So, feel free to read and hope that what’s bugging in your mind are listed here.

  • Why is XPhone so cheap?

A: Many people are wondering why does the cost of the XPhone is so low or cheap. And there is the reason how it happens. The first reason is that XPhone does not spend money on advertisements. In which they only let their buyers and users spread the great news to other people. And so that’s how they send announcements for other people. The price for the different brands also includes the advertisement of their product that sometimes reach for about 50% of the original price. So, initially, the actual cost of the phone should be lower when they do not include the advertisement fee and that’s why XPhone is cheap because they do not do advertisements.

  • What is the disadvantage of not buying XPhone?

A: It quickly runs out and out of stock. So, if you want to buy one, check their stores now. It is because of the high demand and the cheapness and great features of this phone; it always runs out of stock. And also, you will not experience the greatness of the XPhone as for its features and uses.

  • How many fingerprints can I insert for the security?

A: Well one great about XPhone is that you can put a fingerprint sensor for about 5 types of finger prints. So, if you want to share your phone security to your loved one, it is possible. And as this flagship phone advertise, you can enter five different types of fingerprints, which when you use the sensor its works for only 0.1 seconds. Relatively a simple press by your prints, you can immediately access or open your phone.

  • How long does the XPhone battery life be?

A: Well, as one of the main advantages of the XPhone is its long battery life span. It is in which it has 3350 mAh battery used that is also non-removable. If you didn’t use the phone that much, you could expect it to use for about 290 hrs. But when you sing it through calling or talk, it can be used for 9 hours. And if you are playing music with it, you can enjoy listening to music for about 23hours so relatively one day of fresh music. In the case of video streaming, you can use it for about 7 hours straight in which you can stream more videos with this phone.

  • How much is the shipping fee?

A: Well, there is no shipping fee when you purchase this phone. It is a divine right! Regardless of how cheap the price of this phone, you will also have free shipping. And the most exciting part is that it’s free shipping whatever country, city, or in whenever you are!

  • Are there any special offers available except for the 50% discount?

A: Yes, in whatever country you are, there are also special offers available. So, if you want to avail one check the XPhone official website and look for your state for any special offers,

Final Verdict

Based on the reviews of many people who have bought and already enjoying the features of the XPhone, this is not a waste of money to purchase on. Relatively, if you want a new phone that has a great feature and is affordable, you must choose this XPhone. Also, you will no doubt its materials used because of its materials used to make this fantastic phone are the same as the big cellphone brands all over the world, such as Samsung and Huawei.

So, the quality of this phone does not doubt to be not a cheap phone but rather an expensive phone in terms of the class. But because it is not advertised to the public, they do not charge a high cost for it. In XPhone, everything that you want and needs for a phone, they have it.

Generally, from its camera features, specs, battery, price, and more, you will not hesitate to purchase this one. And it comes with a warranty card, so when there’s a defect in the system, which is not likely to happen, you can return the phone. They also have a 24/7 online support, that you can ask or contact if you have some things to clarify or something to ask.

Now that you know all the things such as the pros/ cons, specs, and more, as you can see it proves how effective or worth to spend this flagship phone is. In which there’s no doubt why many people are getting crazier and want to purchase this phone.

As the flagship phone, it gives the justice of being one. With more than a thousand customers that these XPhones convinced to purchase this, and it increases demand, surely it is a great phone. And this satisfies the customer’s needs. And as XPhone’s real purpose is to serve a good quality phone that can be marketed as not only substitute for the expensive smartphones in the market. But instead also give service a good quality for people who cannot afford to purchase the costly brand phones.

The XPhone company makes its way to combine all the high technology available today to make this cheap but high in the quality phones for all the people. And that their users will have a better phone experience and excellent quality one. And now, how was it? How do I find XPhone? We do hope that this review helps you a lot in considering why this phone is worth to purchase on. We have put all the information that we gather which are very helpful for anyone who wants to get to know this new flagship smartphone. If you are convinced with its excellent quality like us, buy this XPhone now and be the one of us who enjoys its great use.

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