Is Richard Madden Gay?

Is Richard Madden Gay?

If you are in the spotlight and have not dated anyone in a while, rumors can easily start to go around on the Internet. People will start to talk about whether you are being very private about your dating life for a reason. For example, there have been a lot of people on the internet speculating about whether Richard Madden is gay. Is this a question you have been wondering about?

Well, we are going to save you some time. Instead of having to do all of your own work on the internet, we are going to let you know the answer. So, let’s get started.

Who is Richard Madden?

Let’s start by discussing who Richard Madden is. Perhaps you do not recognize the name or you cannot match the face to this person. So, Richard Madden is an actor that you may have seen in some films. He is originally from Scotland and while he started his career in the West End, he moved into movies and shows. This included being an actor in Game of Thrones and starring in Cinderella. In addition, he played Ikaris in Eternals in 2021.

Is Richard Madden Gay?

A lot of people find Richard Madden attractive. In addition, they want to know more about his dating life. Plus, he has played a few gay characters too, such as in Rocketman as John Reid. So, they have been speculating whether he is gay or straight. Well, we have the answer for you. We have found out that Richard Madden is probably straight. While he has not spoken openly about his dating life and he is notorious for trying to keep things private in his life, this is based on what we know about his previous relationships.

For example, Richard Madden dated Jenna Coleman when he was in Game of Thrones. She was an actress in the famous show, Doctor Who. It is believed that they parted ways back in 2015. In fact, there were even rumors that he may have been close with one of his fellow actors when he was working on Cinderella. In particular, we are talking about Lily James.

There have been other rumors that have gone around on the internet about whom Richard Madden has dated. For instance, there was some speculation that linked him to Suki Waterhouse, the model. In addition, he may have dated Laura Whitmore who is also a model back in 2016. Other supposed relationships include dating Caroline Flack.

It does appear that Richard Madden dated Ellie Bamber who is a fellow actress in the UK. This may have happened around 2017. But, we do know that it was over by 2019 when he turned up at the Golden Globes on his own.

Is Richard Madden Gay?

We should point out that there were once rumors surrounding Richard Madden and his roommate at the time, Brandon Flynn. He is an actor that does not hide his sexuality and is gay. So, when people found out they were living together, they immediately assumed that they were dating. But, this is nothing more than speculation and neither person as addressed these rumors. In addition, Richard Madden was seen out with Froy Gutierrez who is also an actor that is gay. So, this also fuelled the rumors surrounding his sexuality.

What is Richard Madden’s Sexuality?

The answer is, we do not know for sure what Richard Madden’s sexuality is. It is likely that he is straight since he has been linked with a lot of women. But, there are still those few rumors linking him to men. Perhaps he is bisexual or does not want to label himself. Either way, everything spoken about is rumors and unless it comes out of the actor’s mouth, we do not know for sure.

The best thing to do is not put a sexuality label on someone. It is going to be up to them whom they date and if they want to share that with the world. For example, it is clear that Richard Madden wants to keep that part of his life private. So, it is best that fans respect his wishes in this matter.

To Summarize

People are always going to wonder about your relationships and sexual orientation when you are in the public eye. Indeed, fans love to know everything about you and whether you are currently seeing anyone. If you have been single for a long time or live a private life, it is easy for rumors to spread that might not be 100 per cent true. This is something that has happened to Richard Madden. Let’s summarize what we know about his love life and what his sexual orientation might be.

Richard Madden is famous for being an actor. It is assumed that Richard Madden could be straight since he has been linked with a variety of women. This includes dating Jenna Coleman, who starred in Doctor Who. In addition, it is thought that he got close to Lily James when they acted Cinderella. Someone else that Richard Madden has been associated with is Suki Waterhouse, as well as there being rumors surrounding Laura Whitmore and Caroline Flack.

There were some people that thought Richard Madden might be gay. This is because of the rumors surrounding Brandon Flynn when they were roommates. In addition, there was some speculation about Froy Gutierrez who is gay too. We do not know if they were dating or friends.

When it comes to someone’s sexual orientation, it is best not to make assumptions. Richard Madden is a good example of this. He has been linked to multiple women, but there is also some speculation when it comes to men. So, it is difficult to say with certainty what his sexual orientation is. If he is choosing to live a private life and does not want to share this information, this is something that the public should respect. Perhaps this way, he can be more comfortable sharing this information in the future.

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