How Clear Communication Can Make You a Better Gamer

How Clear Communication Can Make You a Better Gamer

If you’re a regular player of competitive games, communication is everything. No matter how proficient you are in a particular role, you’re set for failure if you can’t effectively engage with your teammates. Ever entered into a match with a less skilled team, only to encounter an unexpected loss? Your rivals might have been lacking in experience, but there’s a good chance they could effectively communicate with each other. A single exchange can make all the difference in the fast-paced world of multiplayer gaming. A well-honed strategy is always essential, but if you can’t execute commands clearly, you’re dooming your team to failure.

Maintain Clear Lines of Communication

A reliable microphone is a must for any competitive gamer. If your teammates can’t hear you, there’s no point getting behind your keyboard in the first place. A basic microphone should prove sufficient for casual play, but you’ll want to upgrade to a gaming headset for maximum performance. The Arctis 7X is a particularly good choice. Once you’ve invested in the right hardware, ensure that you’re an audible presence on voice chat channels. It’s always a good idea to engage with pre-game pleasantries. This not only breaks the ice but lets new teammates get acquainted with your voice.

Don’t Complicate Things

Even if you’re playing a training match, avoid letting casual banter spill over into the main voice chat channel. Many of the top Valorant boosters and pros say to keep things solely focused on the game, so it’s easier to concentrate. If you are pining for some casual conversation, think about running a separate server where you can banter with fellow players. Servers like TeamSpeak are a good option and are the preferred choice of many professional esports teams.

During a fast-paced match, it’s easy to let your emotions get the better of you. This can quickly lead to foul-mouthed rants as you’ve sent your frustrations. The occasional expletive is fine, but try and rein it in. Let yourself get too fired up and you run the risk of distracting other players.

Furthermore, always abbreviate whenever possible. If you can use an acronym rather than a sentence, always go for the acronym. This makes for a tighter team and prevents voice chats from becoming a cacophony of callouts.

Get to Grips with Gaming Glossaries

The average gamer will need to be familiar with dozens of gaming terms to be able to communicate effectively. Need to brush up on your gaming glossaries? Discover what does AFK mean in gaming and other terms here.

Gaming glossaries are evolving all the time. Make sure you’re familiar with the latest vocabulary additions relating to your game of choice. Planning on hitting a new map in Counter-Strike or Valorant for the first time? As well as studying layouts and tactics, investigate any map-specific terminology you might need to add to your repertoire.

Let the Best Communicators Take the Lead

There’s no room for a silent player in the world of competitive gaming. However, some players are better at communicating than others. If someone on your team is more confident when it comes to giving commands or keeping tabs on what’s going on, let them. Too many players bristle at teammates when they show initiative. Remember, it’s less about your teammates taking charge and more about them wanting your team to come out on top.

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