The Best Online Free Shooters In 2022

The Best Online Free Shooters In 2022

Most of the well-known game developers have moved their once paid games to free distribution mode.

To play them, you just need to download the game client, there are exceptions for additional content, but the game itself is free.

Destiny 2

MMO online shooter in the war network of the future. The game itself is shareware – the main content is available to everyone without exception, but special add-ons will have to be purchased separately.

The developers have removed a lot of old content, but with the proviso of a quick return to the game.

From the activities there is a single, or cooperative destruction of monsters, joint raids.

Destiny 2 cheap boost is available in SkyCoach for accelerated leveling.

best online free shooters in 2022


The successor to CS 1.6 recently switched to a free distribution model. But with some changes:

Players must get rank 3 for the free version, or buy a special premium rank. It is purchased one time.

Rank 3 is filled quickly enough in additional modes:

  1. Arms race – kill to upgrade weapons, the winner must kill with a knife. Matches are quite dynamic. Of the minuses – frequent deaths from the back.
  2. Destruction of the object – for each kill a new weapon is issued at the end of each round. Classic tasks to destroy the enemy, explode or defuse the bomb if it was installed.
  3. Scavenging – is one of the best modes added recently. The bomb is set automatically at one of the points at the beginning of the round. Four commandos attack three terrorists and must defuse the bomb. At the start of the round, the player chooses a card with a set of equipment. Great training for knocking out or defending a bomb before matchmaking.
  4. Deathwatch – The player’s task is to kill as many enemies as possible in ten minutes. The winner is determined by the frags, and the experience is given in accordance with the game performance. An excellent leveling mode for players with good shooting skills.


By making the game free, the developers provided the game with a second life and a new outbreak of popularity.

The game is an online shooter with huge maps in the battle royale genre. Hundreds of players are ejected from the plane, looking for weapons and equipment while destroying opponents and trying to survive. Periodically, the map shrinks, greatly reducing the area of ​​​​combat operations and forcing players not to sit in a safe place, but to constantly move.

Outside the combat zone, the player will risk getting hit by artillery strikes, or even losing health for leaving the zone.

Airdrops are periodically dropped from the sky – special equipment with high characteristics that cannot be found on the game map. The most daring players go to the coordinates for the best weapons.

For game activity, killings, simple participation or victory, players receive special coins with which they can buy equipment, weapon appearance and customization for their character.

The perfect co-op shooter for two to four people.

Many game modes, the ability to play only in first person for realism. Great for solo play too.


A newbie in the gaming industry, created to take a piece of glory from CS:GO

The concept of the game is similar to the shooter from Valve, but mixed with the Overwatch setting.

Players are divided into two teams of five players in the best traditions of matchmaking, but the player chooses the character he will play as.

Characters are divided into classes and have unique abilities:

  • Intelligence service
  • AoE Damage
  • Pass block
  • Acceleration

The economy is similar to CS:GO, there are pistol, weapon and economic rounds.

The task of the players is to destroy the enemy team and install or defuse the spike bomb.



Graphically, a very interesting project with beautiful characters and animations.

A battle royale genre with non-classical elements.

The player has access to the construction mode and, finding special materials, you can independently build fortifications directly from the air.

Fortnite has a lot of interesting game mechanics and features, funny episodes like dancing grenades.

There is a mode forbidding construction. The game is more focused on teenagers, but many adults play it for hours on end.


Now most of the most popular shooters are supplied free of charge, and donation implies the purchase of only visual elements – skins, decorations.

A great opportunity to try all the game modes and choose the game you like, whether it’s a royal battle, the destruction of terrorists, or pumping in a fantasy world.

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