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Top 10 Best Seat Covers For Chevrolet Silverado

Top 10 Best Seat Covers For Chevrolet Silverado
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Investing in a car seat cover is a must have for owners of a Chevrolet Silverado. The factory-made seats have a style and finish that definitely requires protection and purchasing seat covers is essential to maintain that new seat look and polish.

Before you invest your hard-earned money on a seat cover for your Chevrolet Silverado, you will want to know and understand what the top 10 seat covers are currently on the market and what they can provide you in terms of material type, size, color, water-resistant capability, durability, ease of installation and other considerations.

Not only do seat covers provide proper protection from fabric tears, dirt, and grime, they too themselves can give your Silverado a facelift and improve your overall looks. However, that will significantly depend on the type of seat cover you purchase.

To make the selection easy for you, we have developed a list of the top 10 seat covers that are available for your Chevy Silverado. All factors that you should be analyzed in coming to a decision are provided in our top 10 compilation below. Please read on to learn more.

1. Dickies Heavy Duty Water-Resistant Trader Seat Cover

The Dickies heavy-duty seat cover is one of the highest and best-selling seat covers for the Chevrolet on the market. This seat cover fits seamlessly onto your factory-made seats, and the steps required to do so are quite simple too. This seat cover is highly water-resistant, and it delivers optimal safeguard from water or any other liquid type. It is also incredibly durable with a soft texture look and feel.


2. Rough Country Neoprene Seat Covers

The Rough Country seat cover is a premium cover that does a fantastic job protecting your vehicle’s seat from all sorts of stains, tears, dust, and dirt. It provides this protection while not denying yourself any of the natural comforts from the factory-made Chevrolet seats. This seat cover comes with four layers containing neoprene, foam padding, and a protective polyester casing. It is highly breathable, optimally water-resistant, and ultra-violet light resistant.


3. Fia SP82-92 Black Custom Fit Rear Seat Cover

The Fia Black Custom seat cover has been designed to cover rear vehicle seats only. It offers maximum protection for those rear seats of your Chevy Silverado while maintaining comfort for your rear sitting passengers. It is made with breathable fabric and is rated as slip resistant. Simplistic to install, the Fia Black Custom seat cover is regarded as being exceptionally durable.


4. Aierxuan 5 Seats Universal Seat Covers

The Aierxuan Universal seat cover is one more top-quality product that we recommend you consider purchasing for your Chevrolet Silverado. The Aierxuan has been designed with premium materials – resulting in a comfortable and supportive sitting experience. These premium materials are extremely breathable and rated as water-resistant, enabling them to protect your vehicle’s seat from any liquid type of stain. The Aierxuan seat cover is larger than the standard seat base layer and is regarded as durable.


5. Katzkin Black Leather Seat Cover

The Katzkin leather seat cover is a custom-made cover for the Chevy Silverado. This is a premium product for those consumers that are likely to spend a little more for the highest quality item – and with the Katzkin seat cover, it is worth every dollar. It comes with crafted leather with silver stitching and a perforated breathable body layer; it is designed for maximum protection for your vehicle’s seat.


6. LUCKYMAN Front Bucket Seat Cover

LUCKYMAN seat covers arrive in pairs. Tastefully designed, they heighten the interior look of your Chevrolet. The highly reputable seat cover body protection they offer your seats is considered by some consumers to be second-to-none. With breathable woven material, they are comfortable, compact, and simplistic to install.


7. BDK OS309 PolyPro Full Set Car Seat Covers

The BDK PolyPro seat cover comes with the full set of covers for your selected vehicle. The set comprises both front and rear seat covers. With an attractive design, the BDK offers perfect protection from all potential liquid stains, fabric tears, dirt, and dust. Easy to install, these covers are highly breathable.


8. FH Group Light and Breezy Cloth Seat Cover

The FH Group cloth seat cover has been designed for a chic and sophisticated look. They arrive with a full set of covers for both front and back seats, and this brand is noted for its ability to protect your factory-made seats while also giving comfort. Affordable, durable, and definitely compatible with your Chevrolet.


9. Covercraft Carhartt Seat Cover

The Covercraft seat cover has been designed with quality in mind. Attractively designed, they also provide your seats with adequate coverage from all types of stains. Machine washable, the premium materials are also durable – installation of these covers is also easily manageable.


10. Black Panther Luxury PU Leather Seat Cover

The Black Panther seat cover is made from high-quality leather material that has been provided with a brilliant finish that denotes class. It perfectly fits your vehicle’s seats as it comes with a wrapped edge design for maximum protection. Highly durable, it has a non-slip base layer for that extra seating grip and feel.



If the seat cover you are considering is purely for functional purposes, or if you want to enhance your Chevrolet Silverado’s appearance, the ten-seat covers we have reviewed for you are suitable for those requirements.

We recommend you choose a set of seat covers that provide you with more than just a great look and examine functional options for durability, a formally rated water-resistant capability, and a reasonable warranty period coupled with manufacturer support (note: when researching the top 10 seat covers, they all provided a minimum of 1-year warranty).

Lastly, always check and verify the consumer reviews about seat covers, and especially on how easy it was (or not!) to install and fit them over your factory seats. This seemingly non-descript feature can every so often be overlooked when researching for your perfect seat cover.

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