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Are you the writer of a tech, electronics and gadget blog or website? Do you have a strong interest in technology and would like to write about it? If you answered yes to these questions, then you’ll need traffic for your technology, electronic, & gadget blog or website.

If you’re just starting out, it can be tough to gain much traffic in the beginning. However, there is a method that can earn you both traffic and help you gain a reputation as a tech expert. That method is guest posting.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging, sometimes referred to as guest posting, is when you write content for another website or blog other than your own. Generally, you’ll write guest posts that are based on the topics you cover in your own blog. The reasons for guest posting include:

  • Gaining external links to increase domain authority by linking to high-authority domains
  • Increase traffic back to your own website/blog
  • Earn new readers & customers
  • Gain visibility and credibility as an expert in the field or topic
  • Build relationships with others in the same industry

Is there any benefit for the site that invites guest posts? Yes, in fact, there are benefits for sites that host guest posts. These may include:

  • Adding diversity to site topics
  • Adds additional content without the need for blog owner to create it
  • Can bring in new readers/customers
  • Builds relationships with other bloggers in the industry

As you can see, guest posting is a benefit that goes both ways—the guest poster and the blog owner can both gain, while also building a relationship that could eventually lead to a partnership.

In the last few years, there’s been talk that writing guest posts is not longer a beneficial method to gain traction for a website or blog. While blogging is still seen as a valuable tool, guest blogging is not seen as vital.

So, guest blogging or writing guest posts is not a dead or old-fashioned method. Instead, this is a method that is still vital to bloggers of all kinds, including bloggers who are in the tech, electronics & gadget industry.

How to write Tech or Electronics Guest Post

If you’re considering writing guest posts for another tech blog, then there are a few things you’ll need to do before approaching any blog about writing content for them. In fact, we’ve a list of steps you can follow to be successful and achieve your goals with your guest posts. Let’s get started!

1). Determine the Purpose & Target Audience of Your Guest Post

For this step, you really need to sit down and think about why you want to guest post on other sites. What is it you want to achieve with guest posting? Here, it may be helpful to go back and review the benefits of writing guest posts we shared in the previous section. A goal is necessary in order to make your guest blogging efforts successful.

Are you looking for backlinks from a site with high domain authority? Would you like more traffic that could convert into paying customers? It’s extremely important to consider your reason for guest posting.

Next, consider these points:

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. What type of tech blogs do they read?
  3. What type of information is your target audience looking for?

Now, you need to consider who you will be writing to. In other words, who is your target audience? Are they people in their 30s and 40s who are tech savvy? Or are they perhaps middle aged and looking for how to information for help with a specific device, app or software?

You’ll need to know who your target audience is in order to be successful. Knowing your audience will also be what guides the right sites for guest posting. You’ll want to look for blogs and websites that cater to your target audience. This is essential.

Sure, you can write a generic guest post, but it won’t achieve your goals. People will read it and move on. However, if you write the post directly to a specific audience, then you have a much better chance of the post being a success, and it will lead to your goal.

2). How to find Tech or Electronics Guest Post Opportunities

Now you’ll need the information from step one for this second step. It’s time to find sites that are accepting guest posts. For this step to be successful, you’ll need to put in the time and research to find the right type of sites in order to achieve your goals for guest blogging. So, in this section, we’ll review the things you need to do when it comes to finding the best sites for your efforts.

First, it will be necessary to find tech sites that take guest posts. The goal here is to find those sites that are the best fit for your goals and for the target audience you want to connect with.

To start, you’ll need to find tech blogs and websites that are in your niche. Once you find possible sites, you’ll need to read through several of their blog posts. Remember to read through 5 or more guest posts, too. The reason is that you’ll learn who they are targeting as readers, you can learn about their post and writing styles, and then the type of tech topics covered on the site.

This is an essential part of your research, so take the time necessary to read at least 5 posts on the site. This is the only way to truly gain all the information you need to make an informed decision on whether or not the site is a good fit for your goals.

When you write a guest blog post, it’s usually required that your article match the style and topics covered on the blog. Remember, you can write a general type of post; however, doing so could put your post in danger of being rejected. Why? Because it doesn’t fit in with the site’s articles and/or is not the kind of information the site’s reader want or need.

By not fitting your post to the site’s readers, the post serves no purpose and is no benefit to the site. In the end, you also receive no benefits when a guest post is rejected. So, make every effort to find those sites and blogs that are a good fit for your own goals, and where you can provide some beneficial material in a blog post for the guest site.

At this point, it’s recommended that you start a spreadsheet to keep track of those sites that may be a good fit for your guest posting efforts. We’ve created an example to show you what we mean. You can use Excel, Google Sheets, or any other method that you’re comfortable with to capture the information for these possible guest posting sites. You’ll need to collect this information for each site:

  • Name of the tech site & their niche/specialty
  • Website URL
  • Submission notes (instructions on how to submit a guest post). Be sure to include all the information so you don’t have to waste time by going back to the site. And remember to capture email addresses and names (if offered) for who to send your guest post to.

Simply go through this same process for each site that looks like it might be a good fit. Then you’ll have the information needed for the next step.

3). Connect with the Site Owner or Editor

There’s an easy way to increase the odds that your guest post will be accepted. This is be connecting with the site owner and others in their audience. The first way to start is when you’ve found a blog or website that fits your criteria and aims for guest posting. Next, as you begin reading through the blog posts, start commenting on those posts where you can add helpful information or advice.

Be patient, and don’t spam the blog with your comments. Instead, take your time. Over the course of a week or so, read through posts and make insightful, helpful comments. Do not spam. Spamming will only get your guest post rejected. Provide helpful information each time, and your comments are sure to be seen by the readers and the site owner/editor.

Then, you can follow these same blogs on social media channels. Here are some examples:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • And more

Again, if you choose to join in the conversation, be sure to only add beneficial, insightful comments. Be sure to keep your comments sincere and not fake. And share their messages across your own social media accounts, as long as their sites are in the same industry as your own blog. Don’t be hesitant to have conversations with the owners. This is a great way to build a genuine relationship with them.

4). Choose a Tech, Electronics & Gadget Guest Post Topic

You have your list put together, you’ve connected with the site owners/editors and done your research on target audience. Now you’re ready for the next step, which is choosing the topic for your tech guest blog post.

Here’s where you now have the opportunity to choose the information to include in your post. This should be information that is beneficial and useful to the target audience; make sure your post will add value and not just be a piece to gain more traffic to your own blog.

After researching through the site’s topics, it may be difficult to choose what to write on. Here are some ideas:

  • Can you provide another prospective on a topic already on the blog?
  • Can you write a guest post that provides more information on a popular topic on the site?
  • Would a completely new topic work with readers on the site?

Your goal here is to ensure your guest blog post is relevant for the site and the site’s audience. One more note—in most cases, sites that accept guest posts will not accept material that’s already been published elsewhere, including on your own site. The content must be completely new and unique, otherwise it will be rejected. And make sure not to include plagiarized text. This can happen by accident, so you may want to run your guest post through Copy Scape or a similar plagiarizer checker before submitting the post.

5). Write Concisely and Clearly

It’s important to make sure your guest post stays on topic and is written to match the site’s word count requirements. Consider what it feels like to find a post with a great title, but the text goes way off topic and/or is too long. Remember, your readers are people with short amounts of time available in their overly busy days. Keep your writing concise and keep it short and easy to read.

Here, we need to also mention the submission rules. Make sure your guest blog post adheres to any and all rules outlined in the site’s guest post submission rules. If you don’t, then your post could be rejected. Watch for these key pieces of information:

  • Formatting of headings & subheadings
  • Capitalization
  • Use of bold or italic text
  • Font/font size
  • Word count
  • Image requirements (including size of image, file type, etc.)

When you’re finished writing, go back and read the text. Look for mistakes in grammar and punctuation, sentences that are too long, and more. Edit and proofread precisely. We can’t stress this enough. Poor grammar and punctuation mistakes can lead readers to believe you aren’t an expert in your field, and/or you’re not to be trusted. Some sites that accept guest posts will not take the time to proofread and edit your post, so you need to do this yourself before submitting the guest post.

6). Create an Author Bio

Many people forget that the author bio is a valuable bit of real estate on a guest post. Here, you can include information about your expertise, possibly include a link back to your own site or a product (depending on the submission rules) and more.

Be sure to check the submission rules on what can be included in your author bio and follow them precisely. If you can include a link, but aren’t sure what you can link to, then contact the site and ask. You may be allowed to link back to your home page, a landing page, etc. This is a great opportunity to gain more traffic to pages on your own site that are important to gain and convert new customers.

7). Submit Your Content

Now you’re ready to submit your guest post! That’s an exciting time! However, you need to be aware that there’s still a chance that your post could be rejected, if you’ve followed all the submission rules.

If your post happens to be rejected, don’t take it too personally. Remember that tech sites may receive many guest posts. Think about having to sort through all of those and choose the best ones for the site! That’s a lot of work and can take some time. In addition, your post could cover topics that have recently been covered or be one that doesn’t really interest their readers. This is common, so don’t let rejections keep you from trying again. Just work down your list of sites and you’re sure to have some of them accept your guest posts!

How to Search for Tech Guest Post Opportunities

We just finished the complete process of how to find sites, write and submit your guest post. Now we’re ready to show you how to conduct a search to find tech sites that accept guest posts!

One of the best tools to use is Google. You can use the following keyword phrases to find sites that accept guest posts.

  • Keyword “tech guest post”
  • Keyword “accepting tech guest posts”
  • Keyword “tech guest post guidelines
  • Keyword “submit a tech guest post”

As an example, let’s take the last keyword phrase. Let’s say you want to write an article on smart devices. You could try a search like this: Smart device tech writer submit a guest post.

All you have to do is type these words into Google’s search bar in your browser, then hit “Search.” Google will then search for online entries that fit this search criteria (the keyword phrase you entered). It make take a little experimenting to find the type keywords to get the results you want. That’s OK. Don’t feel frustrated, just try different combinations until Google brings up a list that works for you. You might try using keywords that work with your niche/products/services, too.

Once you have the list created by Google, visit each site and follow the steps outlined in the previous section. You may find the links included in the search results lead directly to the guest post submission pages on these sites. If not, you’ll need to do a little hunting. Sometimes this information isn’t exactly easy to find. Check the site’s “About Us” page, the “Contact Us” page, etc. You may even find that some sites put this information in their FAQs section.

Look for those sites that are a best fit with your tech products and services. Create a list of sites that’s as long as possible just in case your post is rejected by some of the sites on the list.

List of Tech or Electronics Sites Accepting Guest Posts

Now, to help you out, we’ve done some of the research to find sites that accept tech guest blog posts! We’re not sure if these sites will be a good fit or not; this is a way to get you started. We’ve done our best to make sure that the links lead directly to the submission guidelines for each site. This way you won’t have to waste precious time looking for the information yourself!

1). GetPixie: You came to the right place!

2). Life Hack: this site is a leading source of information on many topics including tech, electronics and gadgets. You’ll find this a strong platform that can help achieve your guest posting goals. Their readership (audience) is highly engaged with the content. They are looking for “insightful perspectives, practical actions, and uplifting messages” for their readers. The guest posts on this site are not paid, but you will gain a great amount of exposure.

3). Iamwire: this is a digital incubator platform for entrepreneurs and professionals who support technology innovations happening around the world. They’re interested in those who can share their expertise for other professionals and entrepreneurs. They will review the content before it’s published, and submitting your post gives them the license to use, edit and modify the content. You’ll find a form on this page where you can submit your post. Just be sure to follow their guidelines.

4). Mozbot: this is a UK based technology blog that focuses on news, reviews, and opinions that are tech related. You can find articles on everything from smartphones to tablets, video games and audio equipment. They have some fairly straight-forward guidelines on submitting a guest post, and they’ve included a list of suggested topics. Pay close attention to this list, as these are clues about the types of articles their readers enjoy.

5). Venture Beat: this is a tech innovation website based in the US, which covers all types of topics from social to mobile, health, wearable tech, games and more. Be sure to closely read through their submission guidelines. For this site, you’ll need to send them a pitch before submitting your post. They may or may not let you know if the post has been rejected; however, they do say that if you haven’t heard from them within three business days, then you can expect your post has been rejected.

So, there’s the beginning of your list of sites that accept guest posts! Don’t be afraid to contact any site here or on the list you create if you have questions about their submission guidelines. Most sites are happy to answer your questions. And don’t take rejections personally. Just go on submitting guest posts. As long as you write quality content that’s original, and it is relevant to the site’s audience, then you’re sure to find sites that will accept your tech guest blog post!

We hope this guide has been helpful and that you now have the information to carry you forward into successful guest blog post submissions! We’d like to wish you all the best and much success with your tech guest posting efforts! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.