Amazon Fire Stick Not Enough Storage – How To Fix It

Amazon Fire Stick Not Enough Storage - How To Fix It
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A Fire Stick is a pretty handy device to stream shows and download apps. If you are seeing the ‘not enough storage’ on your Fire Stick, then don’t worry, you are not alone. A Fire Stick has around 8 GB of disk space, of which only 5-6 GB is available or use, which can be used pretty quickly as you download and install more apps.

When this storage space becomes too low, in most cases this happens when you have around 500 MB of space remaining on your device, you won’t be able to download more apps, your running apps might show errors or slow down and you will start seeing this message ‘Not enough storage’.

You can also check how much storage space you have remaining. It can be done using the following steps.

  • Click Menu and go to My fire TV
  • Click My device
  • Click About
  • Go to storage. A pop up will open that will show you how much space you have used and how much is remaining.

After confirming that you have a space problem, you can start looking at ways to fix it. Here, we will describe seven different methods you can use to fix your storage problems and one method to increase storage memory.


How to fix Fire Stick storage issues

You should try these solutions, to create space on your device, in the order they are given here.

1. Check for updates

There is a chance that your device needs an update. Check your settings for update options. It is entirely possible that updating the device will solve your storage problem.

2. Disable Amazon photos and videos

For people who have the older version of the Fire Stick and have not updated it, they can open Amazon, select all photos and videos they want removed and can delete them permanently to clear space on the device. In newer devices, the new update is automatically done with allows the users, who don’t use amazon photos, to disable the app manually to save storage. To check whether you have the option, follow the following steps.

  • Go to Applications
  • Click Photos
  • Select Disable photos

This will automatically delete all stored photos and also stop your device from receiving new photos from the amazon drive, freeing up a lot of space on your Fire Stick.


3. Clean cache and data of apps

Another method of clearing up space in your device is to delete app cache and data. App cache is the data that that particular app has stored on your device to operate. App data is the data you have saved on that app.

App cache is periodically saved on your device and will not cause problems once deleted. App data, on the other hand, once deleted, will not be available to you again. It would include passwords, account information, your custom settings etc. You can delete the cache and data, if needed, using the following steps.

  • Go to Home
  • Press the settings menu
  • Go to Application
  • Click on Manage installed applications
  • Select the app which you want to clear
  • You will be able to see both options of clear data and clear cache
  • Select the option you want to choose. Click on clear cache to remove it. If you also want to clear data, click clear data.


4. Uninstall apps

You can clear up the storage space of your Fire Stick by removing all unused apps.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Applications.
  • Click on Manage Installed Applications.
  • Click on the app you want to remove.
  • Select uninstall app.
  • The device will ask for confirmation. Confirm it to uninstall the app.

Keep in mind that you can uninstall apps in two ways. Uninstall apps itself and uninstall for users. If you have more than one profile, it is possible that uninstalling the app would only remove it from that one profile. You may need to uninstall it for all users to completely remove the app, if you see that the app is still taking space.

5. Download Fire Stick cleaner apps

There are Fire Stick cleaner apps available that take up the task of looking at your Fire Stick’s memory and removing any extra cache and/or data as required. The apps can show you how much storage you have left, what app is taking up most of your storage and what you need to delete. If you want to take this route, two of the most common apps for this are; SD Maid pro and clean master for Fire Stick.


6. Remove all extra profiles

It is entirely possible that extra profiles on your Fire Stick are taking up more space than the device has. You can try to remove all extra profiles and just keep one main profile for clear up some space from your Fire Stick.

7. Reset Fire Stick

If all other options fail, then you can resort to resetting your Fire Stick. Keep in mind that this should be the last option. Resetting the device will clear it up of everything and set it back to its default setting. You will lose all data, photos, passwords, settings etc. You would need to set everything up from scratch. You can re-set your device using your TV or your remote. To use your TV:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select My fire TV
  • Click on reset to factory default.
  • The device will ask for confirmation. Confirm and your device will reset itself.

In case your screen is frozen, you can also automatically reset your device using the remote control.

  • Press the right and back button of your remote control at the same time
  • Keep pressing for around 10 to 15 seconds
  • The device will prompt instructions on your TV. Follow those instructions to reset your device.


Final thoughts

After solving your low on storage issue, you can use a simple method to increase your storage space to avoid this issue from arising again. You can increase the storage capacity of your Fire Stick by manually attaching a USB to your Fire Stick. It does not increase the internal memory of your device but gives you extra storage space for your downloaded apps.

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