Anonymous Ways to Exchange XMR to BTC

Anonymous Ways to Exchange XMR to BTC

If you’re looking for a way to swap XMR to BTC or vice versa anonymously, you’re in the right place. This article will explain three ways you can exchange between the Monero blockchain’s native asset and Bitcoin without revealing your identity. 

It’s All About Anonymity

Most crypto exchanges these days demand you prove your identity before they allow you to swap between different cryptocurrencies. If you want to remain anonymous, this presents a problem. 

Although transactions with a privacy coin like XMR are impossible to track by conventional blockchain tracing services, if the exchange has your identity, it has a record that you deposited or withdrew XMR from the platform. This largely defeats the point of using an anonymity-preserving blockchain like Monero. Fortunately, there is an anonymous way to swap crypto assets. 

What Awaits XMR and BTC in the Future?

Comparing BTC and XMR is very different from analyzing ETH vs BTC or many other crypto assets because XMR is a privacy coin. While BTC and other cryptos might struggle in a tightening regulatory environment, XMR could very well thrive. 

XMR Price Prediction estimates that XMR will hit an average price of $242 during 2023, $348 during 2024, and $511 during 2025. Versus XMR’s current price of $148, that would represent a 63.5%, 135% and 245%increase, respectively. is even more bullish on XMR. It estimates a price of $359 during next year and has $1,537 as its five-year target. These figures would represent a 142.5% and 939% increase from today’s price. 

BTC Price Forecast

Meanwhile, experts consider BTC to be a similarly bullish bet to XMR. estimates the leading crypto by market cap to hit an average price of $34,293 during 2023, $46,549 during 2024, and $65,692 during 2025. Compared to today’s BTC price of $20,400, that would represent a 68%, 128%, and 222% gain, respectively. 

Again, is generally more bullish and this is reflected in its anticipated BTC prices. It offers a one-year BTC price forecast of $54,011 and a five-year prediction of $236,681. These figures represent a 165% and 1,060% gain on today’s BTC price. 

Ways to Swap XMR and BTC Completely Anonymously

Most exchanges demand you comply with KYC regulations. However, the ones we’ve listed below enable you to swap XMR and BTC completely anonymously. 


Godex is a completely anonymous crypto exchange that enables you to swap between more than 300 different coins and tokens at a guaranteed fixed rate. Consistent with the spirit of the early digital currency industry and the decentralized finance sector, Godex does not require registration. 

You just enter the amount you want to swap, select two of the supported crypto assets, and make a transaction from a self-hosted wallet to the platform. In just a few minutes, you receive the other cryptocurrency in the wallet entered during the exchange process. 


Letsexchange is another anonymous crypto exchange that enables you to swap between XMR and BTC, and a massive 1,960 other digital currencies. The platform functions similarly to Godex. You input the assets they want to swap and the amount, specify a receiving address, and make a transaction. No need to create an account at any point either. 

In addition to crypto-to-crypto swaps, Letsexchange supports trading with various traditional currencies. This enables you to enter or exit the cryptocurrency economy without requiring a user account. 


Finally, Simpleswap is an anonymous crypto exchange that enables you to swap between thousands of digital currencies in much the same way as our previous two selections. Although you do not need to create an account, the platform does offer 1,000 of its native SWAP tokens for doing so. Accounts can be created using a burner email address, meaning no loss of anonymity. 

Like Letsexchange, Simpleswap supports a fiat-to-crypto exchange. Additionally, it offers the SimpleHold Wallet in which to self-custody your crypto assets. 

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