Software Development: How to choose a software house and what is important to know about it

choose a software house

Software development is a sought-after service for those who need custom software development for their personal or business needs or for those who need development services as a kind of monthly retainer for such and other requirements.

Either way, this article will put you in order in the world of software development and will also help you choose a software development company if needed. If you want to get more services like embedded software development then you should contact us.

What are the steps in software development?

  1. The first step in software development, especially for those who do not come from the world of action (whether it is an entrepreneur or a business), is to identify the end-users’ needs.

This is usually done aftermarket surveys or feedback of previous products that need to be replaced.

  1. Then, it should be checked that the development is appropriate for risk management, intellectual property, etc.
  2. The next step is the planning and feasibility testing phase.

We check if the idea can be implemented and if it is not too ambitious.

At this stage, it is customary to enlist the help of software engineers who look at the overall picture and try to identify vulnerabilities (this is in contrast to programmers who are usually entrusted with the execution of concrete tasks).

  1. The next steps are the planning and characterization steps in which you get into the thickness of the beam in everything related to presenting how the software will work.

The more complex the characterization, the more ambitious the software and the more operations it performs.

Therefore, if you want to present the software to investors, it is advisable to create characterization in a simple flow chart and possibly a prototype.

At this stage, there is also a reference to the technical requirements such as operating system, recommended hardware, and the language in which the development will be carried out.

  1. The next step is the exercise and testing phase.

The code that runs the software is created, and various tests are run on it. The tests may be pre-planned or actual tests by software testers designed to detect failures and problematic situations in the experimental versions (beta and alpha).

  1. The last two stages are the stages of assimilation and maintenance.

At this point, the product already reaches the end-user in coordination with the marketing or training department and possibly even in some customized versions according to needs.

The software must be maintained by receiving feedback from users and continuously updating the software using updated files (“patches”).

Software Development: Who’s Against Whom?

The software development market has a huge supply, but that does not mean that it is necessarily worthwhile to go for a solution as cheap as possible.

Suppose you come from the field of website building and marketing (and probably if you came here, this is the situation…). In that case, you probably know that sometimes it is much more profitable to hire workers from India, Ukraine, or other places with relatively cheap labor to do the monotonous work like building basic websites. Link building, easy graphic designs, and even content writing.

The problem starts when your project is more complex because even small mistakes or misunderstandings in the media can cost you a lot of money.

This is because, unlike a website that runs on more or less fixed elements and for almost anything, you can find ready-made libraries of code, the algorithms that run the software are much more complex.

If you come mainly from the business and not the technical side, sometimes you will find that it is about speaking Chinese…

But communication is not everything: sometimes a low price can be reflected in other pitfalls such as closed code, which eliminates almost any possibility of working with another company and makes it difficult for you to do quality checks yourself.

In conclusion

Beyond developing the initial concept of the software and testing its feasibility, the actual software development is perhaps the most important part by which anything can rise or fall. Suppose you perform all the tests correctly and compare the various options. In that case, you will save yourself a headache and financial entanglement in the late and critical stages of the project’s success.

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