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Are you someone who aspires to learn how to use DevOps tools and techniques in order to achieve a continuous and successful software development? If yes, then you come to the rigt place.

In this article, we will be specifically talking about the latest DevOps Foundation® Certification Training Course which is being offered on the online immersive learning platform of Zeolearn Academy. Zeolearn is a renowned name in the world of learned platforms which offers a hosts of certifications and courses for the learning enthusiasts who are always in search of the right opportunity to scale their knowledge and up skill them. One such course is the recent Devops Foundation Training in which training will be provided in terms of understanding the needs and benefits of using tools of DevOps so that a continuous software development is achieved.


Zeolearn Academy brings to you the DevOps Foundation Certification training program in which the enrolled participants will be equipped with the required skills and understanding so that they can ace the DevOps Foundation Certification exam in their very first attempt.

Zeolearn is a globally registered education partner of DevOps Institute that certifies expert trainers at their institute who are competent and experienced individuals to impart the DevOps training.

The DevOps foundation certification course will be a comprehensive course of 16-hour in which immersive and engaging hands-on learning experience will be provided to the participants to learn the required tools and techniques of DevOps and utilize in improving the overall performances of entire process of software development. You also get to learn the fundamental principles of DevOps in order to bring systematic collaboration between the development, operations, and QA.


The essential idea behind efficient use of DevOps is to facilitate more frequent and continuous deployments in the process of rapid release cycle with addition of new and latest features at each stage of the development process. This tends to regular development, testing, and release of productive results with continuous improvements and business and technical benefits which is more likely to bring increased effectiveness, quicker solutions to remove impediments, and a far stable operating system environments.

Enterprises are keen on realizing the business value from implementation of DevOps across its workplace and in this regard, they are on constant search to hire a more skilled practitioner of DevOps who is competent enough to implement its framework with requisite tools and techniques for the benefit of the entire business.

This is the reason why you should attend the DevOps Foundation Training course on Zeolearn to become a successful developer of DevOps and quite efficient in its implementation across the enterprise. The Training program is such that it suits the convenience of everyone. The live sessions will be held online and the participants are required to have with them a windows compute which has good internet connectivity to attend the class. Also, you will need a headset with microphone and you may also attend the live sessions from your tablet or smart phone as per your convenience.

This comprehensive course trains the participants about the methods and techniques of handling diverse tools concerning DevOps and how to implement DevOps principles across the enterprise. The objective behind designing the course is to help you get prepared for the DevOps Foundation Certification exam which is held by the DevOps institute. The exam will be a 1 hour web-based exam, having 40 MCQs. Upon successful completion of the exam, you get a credential from the DevOps institute which is a globally recognized and highly accredited DevOps Foundation Certification. The certification not only showcases your abilities and potential but also validates it to stand out among your competitors in the industry.


These days, organizations around the globe are seeking to embrace those practices only that have the potential to bring in more technical advantages of frequent software delivery with faster solution and a reduced complexity with a stable operating environment. DevOps is the one framework that lists all the aforesaid benefits at once. So, you should look no further than implementing DevOps principles at your organization to gain business value.

DevOps is considered as the highly sought after professional and cultural environment that serves in the communication establishment and enhancement of collaboration among the software development team and the IT professional. This helps in reducing the complexity involved in streamlining processes, thus saving the time and efforts and resources of the workplace. Thus, companies are currently looking to hire product managers or product managers who are well-equipped with the different usage of DevOps tools and technologies and implement them efficiently at workplace to bring in effective solution to the business and technical problems, if arising, any.

Zeolearn’s DevOps Foundation Training, as the name suggests will provide you an introduction to DevOps principles in which you will learn the implementation of these principles to reach a enhanced systematic collaboration between the operations, development, and QA so that business value is delivered by production of high quality products. This learned knowledge you will get in the training that will be delivered by the accredited expert trainers of this industry.


  1. Learn the techniques and technologies that will help you in improving the overall performances of all development processes.
  2. Learn how to implement the DevOps techniques to safeguard organizational infrastructure at all cost.
  3. Providing faster and quicker solutions to problems and nip the obstacles in the bud at earliest to ensure the problems never get the chance to get too complex.
  4. Learn everything about the continuous integration, automatic installation of servers, configuration deployments, and also about packaging.
  5. Basic learning of scripting and methods and tricks to automate tasks using Bash/Python.

   V.         FINAL REMARKS

So, this was all about the latest DevOps Foundation Training course in which the participants get the best opportunity of their life to learn how to use the tools and technologies of DevOps so as to attain continuous and frequent software development and adopt a DevOps culture at the workplace. You also learn about the needs for DevOps implementation and the effective kind of solution that it has to offer. The main essence however lies in the fact that how good you utilize this knowledge for your company in order to bring business value at higher rate and a great change in the product development with increased efficiency with application of your mind and learned skills from this course.

To take up the DevOps Foundation Training Program, you will be required to be prior familiar with fundamental idea of working with Linux or any other high level programming language. In addition to this, you also need to have a basic knowledge about networking. So, based on these prerequisites, software developers, project managers, architects, testing professional and others who are skilled in enterprise architecture can benefit from this DevOps foundation certification training.

So, enroll with the course now and get a full-fledged training to ace the DevOps Foundation certification exam which is the ultimate fruit of this training as it will validate your skills and demonstrate your commitment towards meeting with the organizational goals.

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