Do You Have a Video and Want to Make a GIF? Create animated GIFs from your Videos

Do You Have a Video and Want to Make a GIF

GIF or Graphic Interchange Format is a popular image format used in many websites and social media. It is widely known because it supports animation, which makes it appear like a video. However, GIF has a lower resolution and does not contain audio.

Animated GIFs can be made by combining a number of still images and adding transition effects. However, one popular method of creating GIFs is by converting a video. Do you have a video and want to make a GIF? You can create animated GIFs from your favorite video clips. You just need a reliable gif maker online to start your project.

How to Create GIFs from Videos

Online video makers, such as Wave editor, allow you to upload and edit your videos online. This is advantageous if you want to make changes to your videos before turning them into a GIF. Read the tutorial below to find out how to make GIFs from videos.

1. Sign into your Wave Account

Turning videos into GIFs is quick and trouble-free. The first thing you must do is to have your video ready to upload. However, some online video editors may prompt you to log into your account. If that’s the case, then you should sign into your account, so you can begin editing.

2. Select and upload your video

Next, go to Wave online GIF maker and click “Start Creating.” You will be redirected to the GIF maker where you can publish your video creation as a GIF. Click the plus (+) sign in the storyboard area to start creating your video.

You can record a video on the spot, select pictures and videos from the stock library, or make your video blank by selecting a background color. But still, the easiest method is to upload a video from your computer files.

3. Start editing your video

Wave free online video editor offers many ways you can edit your video. You can select from their variety of interesting video templates and layouts. You can also add images, texts, overlays, stickers, GIFs, and logos to your video.

4. Publish your GIF

After your video editing project, click “Publish” on the top right corner of the editor. Select the format you want, in this case, select GIF. Before you can generate your GIF, you must set up your clip first.

If you have a long video, you can only select a band of 15 seconds at most. You can enter the start time and end time of your GIF clip or simply pick a band. You must also set up the dimensions of your clip and the number of FPS or Frames per Second.

Click the “Generate” button to render your video. Your video is now an animated GIF. Check your creation now!

How to Create GIFs from Pictures

Perhaps you’re planning to create an animated GIF from a collection of images. You can also do this using Wave. You can create a video slideshow of your pictures or an animated video using closely related pictures, and then publish it as a GIF.

Are GIFs Useful?

There are many reasons why people use GIFs in their messages, emails, or web pages. Even big and modern companies have started using this image format in their digital content and products, including Apple (Live Photo) and Instagram (Boomerang).

Animated GIFs are fun and eye-catching because they are moving. It’s like watching a short and silent video clip. Moreover, the looped effect of GIFs also has advantages. Check out these reasons why GIFs are useful.

  • Eye-Catching

The animation that GIFs display is difficult to evade the eyes. When you look at an almost static webpage, moving images are most likely to stand out and catch your attention. Thus, you can use GIFs on your website and social media for advertisements, promotions, and Call-to-Actions to attract viewers instantly.

  • Short and Easy to Understand

Compared to videos and text, GIFs are much easier to consume and comprehend. GIFs usually only last a few seconds, so viewers can quickly finish them. If you’re planning to create a simple tutorial or guide about something, an animated GIF is your way to go. You can create a GIF to provide brief instructions for your audience.

  • Effective Communication Tool

You can use GIFs to effectively convey your message and emotion. In fact, GIFs are commonly used in messaging apps and social media because they can easily show what you feel. You can use GIF memes or animated funny images to express your emotion and connect with your viewers better.

High-Quality GIF Maker

Creating a GIF from a video is as easy as uploading the file and saving it as a GIF. However, if you’re still planning to edit your video, such as adding text and stickers, resizing and cropping, or changing its layout, you should use a gif maker online free such as Wave video maker. Primarily a video editing tool, Wave also lets you create GIFs, add narration, create captions, and more!

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