Everything You Need to Know About Golang Web Development

Everything You Need to Know About Golang Web Development

Describe Go/Golang

Programming in Go is statically typed and compiled. Some people refer to it as “Golang” since its domain name is

Google created the language, which debuted in 2009. In their shared hatred of C++, Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson worked to create a language that had the advantages of other languages without having the drawbacks.

Go combines the benefits of such languages as C, Python, and JavaScript.

According to the StackOverflow Developer Survey, Go became one of the most favored and desired languages in the development community in less than 12 years, surpassing the popularity of Ruby and Kotlin.

Web development with Golang

Golang enables the creation of very scalable apps. These programs are quick to create and very effective right out of the box. HTTP/2 is already supported by Golang. Golang supports and has strong interoperability with a number of different databases, including MongoDB, Elasticsearch, and MySQL.

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You don’t need third-party web servers like Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, etc. to deliver information over the internet. Golang has a built-in web server that is much faster than web servers from other companies.

Since Golang is a compiled language, web applications created with it may operate on any platform, including the cloud and on any operating system. Web applications written in Golang operate natively on Google App Engine and Google Cloud Run.

The Benefits of Using Golang for Web Development

Simple to Understand

The syntax of Go is fairly simple, particularly if you have experience with C or Java. The language’s designers come from Google, where numerous engineers have to work on the same code. As a result, they chose to use the as simple and understandable syntax as possible to ensure that other engineers could comprehend the code as well.

Excellent performance

Because it compiles to native code and is statically typed, Golang is a fast language. The compilation procedure is also quick. It is said to be quicker than Python and as fast as C++.

There is no need for a web framework

Many of those who argue that Go is unsuitable for web development point out that it does not depend on any large frameworks. It is not, in reality, an issue. Go has an excellent standard library that is clean, consistent, and simple to use. Furthermore, you do not need to undertake a lengthy study to discover an appropriate framework.

Excellent Internet/Http Package

The net/http package is essential for web development and may be obtained from the Go standard library. Go supports three HTTP requests: get post and head. You may add additional parameters and requests by establishing an HTTP. Client and specifying a value to Timeout.

The Drawbacks of Using Go for Web Development

There is no reuse option

The same code cannot be reused for the same functions but in a collection of different kinds. As a result, you will have to write more code and devote more effort to developing the web app. It is commonly known that maintaining a lengthier code is more challenging. If you’re seeking tools to increase your productivity, look no further.

Language for Children

Golang is regarded to be a young language, particularly when compared to Java or Python. It indicates that there isn’t a large community of Go web developers yet (though it is slowly increasing) and that better libraries and books are needed.

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Everything You Need to Know About Golang Web Development

Language Simplicity’s Limitations

It has both advantages and disadvantages. Go is considered superficial because it is so basic. As a result, there are several constraints and phenomena of dealing with low-level characteristics in a high-level programming language.

Overall, the language takes more code, is still under development, and has limited use and functionality, particularly when compared to Golang for backend development.

Reasons to choose Golang for web development

  • Compiled Language:

This static language compiles all the necessary components into a single executable file. This implies that you may use this executable file and execute it directly.

  • Static Type:

Golang aids in presenting problems as compiler errors throughout the compilation process.

  • High Performance:

Golang is reportedly a speedier language. Golang is more performant because of its parallelism and scalability features.

  • Golang does not need a web framework:

We are grateful to the Golang community and its developer. Many of the tools they have created are supported directly by the Golang core. It lessens the need for utilizing third-party libraries. Without the need for another library, you may create API services with the aid of tools like HTTP, JSON, HTML, etc.

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