How do you use eSim on iPhone: Top 5 Options to get the Most out of Technology

How do you use eSim on iPhone

If you want to use everything as efficiently and productively as possible, then why not understand the technology of virtual sim for iPhone completely – so that you can use it like a real pro, like no one else, as many do not even guess to use it! This article was created specifically for those who want to find the most ingenious and productive ways to use eSim on the iPhone. Read on and learn more about each of the 5 best ideas for using eSim in 2023:

  1. iPhone as a two-key smartphone 
  2. Virtual phone number to receive SMS
  3. Tourist use case 
  4. Working eSim card for a separate types of calls
  5. Ecosystem of devices on one eSim 

How do you use sims on iPhone: a perfect combo to have in 2023 

The iPhone is just the perfect device to use with eSim today. Everyone knows that the latest iPhone model was released without a slot for a regular physical SIM card at all, which means that the company is so confident in how they developed integration with the showcase card that they are even ready to abandon the classic physical SIM card technology! 

By the way, do not believe such news that eSim seems to work poorly on the iPhone: it is rumored that the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max smartphones running on the Verizon network often spontaneously reset calls and poorly catch the signal.

Most likely, such facts from users depend very much on the communication provider and the specific point where this eSim is located. Apple has not made any statements in this regard, which means that it is not worth relying on such news — these are exceptions rather than rules. 

Therefore, we still believe that eSim on iPhone is a super combo of technologies. 

1. iPhone as a two-sim smartphone 

Most of us need a second sim. Especially if your familiar operator has typically let you down and if a phone and a clear connection are needed, including for work where communication failures are unacceptable. So that the connection and the Internet could not be disconnected at any crucial moment, it’s time to think about getting two cards of different operators in one iPhone at once.

The iPhone does not assume two sim cards – there are no two slots, but with an eSim, this opportunity has appeared! The new technology is like a virtual SIM card – eSim — and there will be two cards in the smartphone. One is physical, the other is virtual. That is, leave the SIM card of your old operator in the phone and also connect the eSim of the new operator.

By the way: On an iPhone with an eSim card support — the device supports working with five different numbers. Choose favorable tariff plans and use several options at the same time. 

2. Virtual phone number to receive SMS

Where can I apply a virtual number using eSim? For example, in business, if you do not want to communicate by personal phone with customers. It is much more convenient for you to correspond with customers. You can specify a virtual number. The technology works in such a way that this number replaces your real one. 

You can also use an eSim virtual number to register on websites. Imagine that you need to register on a site that you don’t trust. Or you don’t want anyone to know that you have registered there.

3. Tourist eSim usage 

eSim is convenient for traveling

In the case of a physical SIM card, you would have to buy a card from a local operator to continue using communication services. Or connect roaming, which is not always cheap. Now many applications allow you to issue a special eSim for travel in a few minutes, and very cheaply.

4. An eSim card for a separate types of calls: for work goals

Of course, eSim is an ideal option for separating work calls and private ones. Connect eSim on your iPhone – and more never confuse tariffs and payment for personal and work calls. Easy as pie!

5. A whole ecosystem on the same eSim 

You can connect all your online devices to one eSim. That is, other gadgets can be linked to the same eSim phone number by connecting them to the same account, which makes it possible to use the same number on different devices. Important: All of them must support eSim technology! Check it in advance, before buying a new device, if you want to add it to your ecosystem of devices.

What is the result? 

eSim is potentially a very cool technology that can breathe new life into the world of gadgets. If you are wondering which phones support eSim, the market offers a really large number of smartphones. Moreover, in addition to phones, you can also buy smartwatches and iPads. eSim technology is also used in smartphones with the Android operating system.

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