How to Fix TV App’s Problem while Streaming HBO Max in Australia

How to Fix TV App's Problem while Streaming HBO Max in Australia

There are many problems you face while streaming HBO Max in Australia. One of the major issues is streaming HBO Max in a restricted region.

Apart from this, many reasons are causing HBO Max not to work on your device. However, In order to get HBO Max on Apple TV or any other device from Australia, you need a tool to unblock access.

Check this blog to get details and resolves the below-mentioned issues, and watch HBO Max on Apple TV and other devices.

Note: Identify whether the issue is with the HBO Max Application or with Television

1. Checkout New Update of Apple or Android TV

HBO’s website states that it is necessary to have the latest version of TV OS or Android TV in order to get HBO Max on Apple TV or other devices. In case of this, see if your device has a software update available and install it.

2. Checkout New Update of HBO Max

It is better to update the HBO Max timely. Sometimes it may require devices to have pending updates loaded to patch the programme on your Apple TV. It occurs because an outdated version of HBO Max lost running support from Apple TV.

3. Check the Apple TV Version

Certain Apple TV devices are presently supported by HBO Max. Right now, HBO Max only supports Apple TV 4k, Apple TV HD and the most recent TV OS version.

If you have any other Apple TV versions, like the second and third generation, then use the official website of HBO Max to watch the latest streamings.

4. Use a Better VPN

You need a secure and fast VPN that can support you while streaming. In streaming, if the show is unable to open on HBO Max or buffering while streaming means your VPN is not working properly.

It usually happens when HBO Max identifies your real location because of a less compatible VPN.

5. Check Servers of HBO Max and Apple TV

Usually, any of the brand service servers are down due to maintenance. Check the status of their servers on their official sites. To confirm this, you can visit Apple’s System Status page and, for HBO Max, visit their official website.

6. Check the Internet Connection

HBO Max may not function if there is a slow network connection. To get HBO Max on Apple TV, you need an internet connection with a minimum speed of 5 Mbps.

There are multiple tools for checking your internet upload and download speeds to see if there is a network problem. Or you can learn things to consider while choosing an internet services provider.

7. Check Other Shows

HBO Max shows and movies might be unavailable for a while because of a temporary problem with the service. If you cannot view your preferred show on HBO Max, try playing a different program from the media library.

If it plays, then the problem is with that program, specifically, not with HBO Max.

8. Check the Log-in status

There may be a temporary error with your account information, so the HBO Max app is not working on your Apple TV.  It usually occurs when service providers update the data.

Log out of your current session and update your user information to log in to get HBO Max on Apple TV.

9. Install HBO Max Again

Reinstall HBO Max if the update doesn’t resolve your HBO Max streaming problem on Apple TV. Sometimes while updating, the program might not have been properly installed.

Even if you update the device, sometimes a certain amount of data might have become corrupted while updating the application.

10. Apple TV Software

Your streaming devices may stop supporting any application due to software issues. While updating, bugs hit the software and affect the performance of Apple TV. As a result, the device stops supporting an application.

You can restart/update the Apple TV. So the malfunction software restarts itself and works properly.

11. Report to Customer care Centre

After all, if you are unable to get HBO Max on Apple TV, try to connect to the help centre of the streaming platform and let the professionals handle the situation.

For help with HBO Max customer care, visit Help Center. In order for HBO to offer the best solution to your problem, please include all pertinent information in your report.


In the article, we have showcased the top fixes when getting HBO Max on Apple TV or other television. This guide helps you to rectify and resolve minor issues and enjoy streaming.

HBO Max contains a huge library of movies and shows. You can watch one of the most anticipated Puppy Bowl Shows, Harley Quinn, The Cabin Chronicles 3, and other live sports as well.

Why wait? Just grab a couch with popcorn and enjoy HBO Max on your Apple or other TV.

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