New Apps For UK Students That Help In Education

New Apps For UK Students That Help In Education

Some use the phone solely to communicate. Others download dozens of apps aimlessly, clogging up the memory. There is a middle ground between these approaches, as there are programs that will help turn your mobile into a helpful tool for productive self-development.

In this article, we will talk about android and IOS applications for students that simplify taking notes, help keep focus during study sessions and fight procrastination. Perhaps these apps will make it easier, cheaper, and more fun for you to be a student in the 21st century.


This app is an irreplaceable thing for any UK student registered for any course. It’s a quick and easy way to search and explore postgraduate courses in the UK. Whether you need to find a scholarship, some accommodations close to the university you are applying to, or get a job while studying — Myriad will help.

Available on IOS and Android.


A universally valuable app — no matter if you are a UK student, US or EU one — you will come across the struggle with academic referencing. Citationsy makes education so much easier. Why?

For example, you can create citations from your book by just scanning the barcode with Citationsy android and IOS applications. Also, the app has an archive function. It provides valuable research in a way that both Google Scholar and most university platforms cannot. The source allows a student to cite and export references in over 9000 citation styles.

Available on iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, or in your browser.


This essay writing source will come in handy when clocks are ticking, deadlines are approaching, and you have a dozen things on your to-do list. You can contact Writix for help to write your essay in UK even three hours before the deadline and receive your paper ready.

The service can help with essay and any type of academic paper: coursework, lab report, or article review. Writix offers 100% plagiarism-free works with a full money-back guarantee. You can also check the paper for plagiarism on your own, as there is a built-in feature for that on their website. And if doubts about quality still haunt you, developers created a library of essay examples so that a student can check what to expect.


Simplenote is a popular program due to its minimalist style on all pages of the interface. The app allows you to create notes with ideas, lists, plans, and other information and keep them organized—no need to sort out your scruffy handwriting anymore.

Using this app will let you keep your notes synced on all your devices. Let’s say you can start writing a story during a lesson on a laptop and then continue doing it on your phone while commuting home. Notes stay updated across all your devices, automatically and in real-time.

The app backs up all notes with every change, so you can see what you noted last week or month. The ability to work together is also included. A student can share a to-do list, post some instructions, or publish the notes online. And this all is for free.

Available on iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, or in your browser.

Access to Research

Access to research is a true gem for a UK student. This source gives free, walk-in access to over 30 million academic works in libraries across the UK. First, you look over which books and articles are available from home and then find a library to view the full text.

Subjects covered include the sciences, art, architecture, business, engineering, history, languages, politics, philosophy, mathematics, and much more.

Available in your browser.


It is not easy to allocate time properly. Especially if you keep all the lessons and assignments in your head. This time management app will help you get things in order and stop social media distractions.

Not only does it motivate you to stay focused, but it also keeps track of your productive activities. With a pleasant user experience and thoughtful design, Flipd makes you feel good about reaching your goals.

The virtual library feature allows you to study with friends even when you are far away from each other. The famous Pomodoro timer is built-in, but you can always set a personalized one.

Available on IOS and Android.

Personal Zen

When a student feels overwhelmed with school deadlines, they become anxious. And when nervous, we focus too much on the negative, which escalates into stress. All this affects the ability to make decisions, build relationships and gain academic success.

Personal Zen — app with a fantastic interface to reduce anxiety because of college. First, you need to assess your stress level and choose how many minutes a week you are ready to practice — from 10 to 30. The task is to follow two animated characters. One is positive. The other is negative. The point is to focus more on the positive character and follow the flower path that appears in its place.

It is based on 20 years of clinical and neuroscience research. The study has shown that positive results appear even if you give the application 20 minutes a week.

Available on IOS.


There is no doubt that being a student can be compared to being a real hero. But there are advantages to living in the most technologically advanced time: you get a lot of help from sources and apps for students. From the best essay writing source to an app helping to keep focus, we’ve featured some of the best on the market for UK students nowadays. Start searching, downloading, using. These apps and sources will make it easier for you to overcome the struggles of school or university.

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