Smartwatches With In-built Wi-Fi

Smartwatches With In-built Wi-Fi

Communication technology is welcoming new and latest advancements with each passing day. Smartphones used to be the talk of the town due to their various exciting and new features. These days, smartwatches have become the new hot topic primarily because of the reason that they have practically all the features that a smartphone has. With smartphones, you used to have a computer in your pocket. Now, you have a computer on your wrists.

With the introduction of Wi-Fi in smartwatches, people have increasingly started buying it and looking for the latest releases. Their performance is truly incredible. The primary usage of showing a time has taken a backseat because, with the availability of Wi-Fi in these watches, they offer you umpteen features.

All you need to do is enable Wi-Fi connectivity in these amazing watches, and they will start to send and receive data, even if your device is in not in close proximity. However, you need to make sure that the internet it is connected to is of high speed and uninterrupted. A sluggish, slow internet greatly affects the performance of these smartwatches.

If you currently face this problem then it is probably high time for you to change your internet service provider because let’s be honest, we are living in 2022 and there is no point in making a compromise on the quality of your web connection. After all, everything that we do depends on an efficient internet. This is why we recommend you to check out Spectrum as it delivers one of the best, high-speed internet that makes sure that your Wi-Fi gets connected to devices smoothly and makes it easy for you to use them the way they are meant to be.

Now that you have the basic utility at your disposal, let’s take a deep dive into one of the best smartwatches with built-in Wi-Fi.

1.     Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is definitely one of the best smartwatches you can get your hands on. It offers you several unique features that are all so amazing. Said features include fitness and other apps that make your life a whole lot easier. In its lineage, this version is certainly better than the rest.

The software of this smartwatch is seamless and if your prime concern is whether it constantly lags or not, then rest assured, this watch has a minimal lag and responds to the commands instantly. Moreover, its battery life is highly impressive.

However, it does have a few drawbacks. It does not support apps from external sources. And as we said, although its battery life is truly amazing, it takes a lot of time to charge, which could be quite frustrating for some. In addition to this, if you are getting this watch for apps like heart rate and oxygen saturation monitors, then you might want to look someplace else because most of the time it does not show the correct readings.

Overall, apart from the aforementioned setbacks, this smartwatch is something you should keep an eye out for while looking for Android smartphones with Wi-Fi.

2.     Apple Watch Series 6

We have talked about the Android smartwatch, now is the time to discuss the one launched by Apple. When we talk about one of the best smartwatches on the market, Apple Watch Series 6 makes the list. It has an amazing touch screen, that you would absolutely love. The applications present in this smartwatch are equally supported by the smartphone. Not only this, its battery life is something to rave about. And unlike the Samsung Galaxy 3, it charges pretty quickly.

Apple Watch Series 6 gives you an option to connect to an eSIM and it also connects to this when the watch and phone are not in close range. Also, its services of LTE and Wi-Fi are genuinely flawless, making it quite easy for you to navigate through the watch.

Although it does seem to be a perfect watch, it has a few drawbacks as well. Unlike its predecessor, Apple Watch Series 6 sadly does not come with major upgrades. Occasionally, you will also find that its range of connectivity gets patchy. Furthermore, if you are one about budgeting and saving money, then this device may not suit you because it is quite expensive.

3.     Oppo Watch

This smartwatch may not be on your radar like the ones mentioned above, but it is certainly something you should consider while going out on a smartwatch shopping. For starters, its price is quite reasonable and suits those people perfectly who have a set budget for a smartwatch. Moreover, it is also one of the better variants that use the Google Wear OS to run.

When it comes to charging it, you will be happy to know that it charges quickly, and if you don’t use it continuously for twenty-four hours, then its battery can last for the duration of an entire day. Its exciting features include Bluetooth, external app installation, and many others. One of the best things is that its Wi-Fi connectivity is near to perfection, making it extremely easy for you to use the apps that require an internet connection.

However, when it comes to its drawback, the Google Wear OS is not updated regularly like the other ones such as Android OS. Also, it does not pair efficiently with Apple devices and sometimes it also faces lagging issues.

Final Words

Now is the perfect time to live a futuristic life, and what would be the best way to go about it, than getting a smartwatch. If you are planning on buying one, then we recommend you to check out the ones mentioned in this article. We hope that you end up with the smartwatch that makes your life a lot easier. Good luck!

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