Social Impact on Students’ Lives

Social Impact on Students’ Lives

The world we live in today is more global than ever, and it is not weird that virtually everybody is on one form of social media or another. Virtually everyone is connected via the internet, and as the day goes by, the numbers keep expanding.  Students are especially more connected than ever right now via the Internet, and after the pandemic in 2022, social media usage skyrocketed seriously. Everything became digital, from classrooms to offices to jobs to deals; virtually everything could be done online. Even now that the pandemic is over, social media usage is still at an all-time high because it provides a community where students can come together to share their thoughts, express themselves, learn new skills, get new opportunities, and connect with other students around the world.

The Internet has provided a lot of things for students, from materials online to help with any social essay to free and paid lessons to important essay example, and many things that will academically impact their lives and boost their grades. If you need a social commentary example, you can find it. If you need tutorial videos on a subject that gives you a tough time, you can find them. Students can discover virtually anything they want online. But, everything that has an advantage also has a disadvantage.

Here, you will know about social media’s pros and cons in students’ lives.

Positive Impacts of Social Media on Students

There are many pros of being a proactive part of the society, and here are some:

Improve Creative Skills

Social media seriously helps boost students’ creativity, making them thirst for more. Every student, whether in high school or college or university, can learn to execute certain skills by themselves with the help of social media. Many students don’t realize how creative they are or how impressive their hidden talents are until they go online and decide to give it a try.

Helps Online Learning

With social media platforms, students can further their reading and learning online. They can participate in any online lesson of their choice and interact with students all around the world. There are tons of educational videos online that can make the learning process fun and seamless.

This type of distance learning is a great way to gather knowledge from multiple sources without leaving your location.

You could read up on your coursework, do in-depth research or visit a digital library via social media.

Connect with Like Minds

Social media is a platform where like minds can come together to communicate and exchange ideas with each other. It is a platform where people with similar interests can come together to discuss, follow a course of action, exchange ideas and even have some fun.

Negative Impacts of Social Media on Students

Everything that has an advantage has a disadvantage. Here are some social problems students can face with the high rise of social media:

It Can Lead to Distraction

As much as social media is essential, it can be very distracting for students. Instead of focusing on the work they have to do, they mostly find themselves going from one virtual chat room to the other. Mobile phones have become very distracting in school premises, and some teachers have banned their usage during their teaching periods.

Negative Health Impact

This is perhaps one of the most significant problems of social media today. It can take a serious toll on students’ physical and mental health. Oftentimes, students are so glued to their phones that they forget to eat, rest, sleep and do the basic things they are meant to do. This leads to deterioration of their physical health and physical pains like headaches, eye aches, and posture.

Also, social media can mess with students’ mental health, leading to depression and low self-esteem. This is because when some students see how “well off” others seem to be, they subconsciously start to compare their lives with the lives of other people they see online. They begin to feel like they are not pretty enough, rich enough, smart enough, good enough, etc. This can take a heavy toll on their mental health, plunging them into a deep well of depression, anxiety and self-loathing.

It Can Lead to Cyber-bullying

Social media is the number one cause of cyberbullying, as toxic and horrible as bullying in real life.

Due to the fact that some people are hidden behind the persona they have created online. They find it easy to attack and pick on other people. This, in turn, can take a severe mental toll on the student at the receiving end. It is even more painful when someone the victim looks up to as a hero or role model when the bullying is done.

Social media is vital in the academic world today, and it is not something that will be gone anytime soon. Students must strike a balance between blending social media and the real world. Social media can be a blessing or a curse; it depends on how students choose to yield it.

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