Social Proof Widgets: What Are They and How Can They Benefit Your Business?

Social Proof Widgets: What Are They and How Can They Benefit Your Business?

The decision to buy a product is always a process with many variables. A potential client is influenced by hundreds of factors and reasons, and it is rather difficult to predict their effect.

Yet, everything is possible if you focus on those factors that can be called determining ones. People are used to paying closer attention to something or someone, listening intently, and having more faith.

Before purchasing any product, many buyers inquire about it on the Internet and read reviews and testimonials. The information contained in the feedback of the same customers is given more preference than the official description of the goods, which can be found on the manufacturer’s or retailer’s website.

A product review is one of the types of social proof widgets, a marketing tool that is actively used today in all commercial Internet projects and is an integral part of any landing page.

Social Proof Widgets as a Business Advantage

Social proof is the concept that a person will adhere to a specific pattern of behavior of other people, provided that this model reflects the correct behavior in their eyes. Social proof widgets on the site are needed precisely to convince imitators.

We offer you several ways to integrate social proof into your business with the help of widgets, which allows you to increase trust, conversion, and authority.

  • You can display notifications about purchases, widgets with customer reviews, and the number of live visitors.
  • You can easily create a social proof with the help of video. These can be testimonials, reviews, and other expert campaigns using their unique ready-made templates.
  • You can display widgets about sales, subscriptions, deliveries, and other proofs that are sure to convert your visitors.
  • You can add pop-up windows at the exit, discounts in the top panel, and promo boxes.

It is easy to understand that the idea of social proof widgets is not new (even now, when choosing any expensive technology, we are guided by the choices of our friends and relatives). However, the environment of social media, namely the ability of millions of users to generate their content, implies a wide distribution of such practices. People’s attention is not focused on advertising brochures but on the opinions of the same consumers. Of course, such a circumstance could not escape the all-seeing eye of marketers.

Types of social proof widgets

There are the following types of social proof widgets:

  • Consumer reviews. The platforms use email marketing to attract feedback from real clients: they send letters requesting that they evaluate the service and products after each purchase and charge bonuses for reviews.
  • The description on the website of the online store only sometimes gives a partial picture of the product. But widget reviews can do this.
  • Expert opinions and recommendations. Even a short comment in a widget about a product or company can carry much weight if an opinion leader makes it.
  • Examples of completed works are also social proof widgets.
  • Partners and clients. If no ready-made cases can be shown to the audience, a good alternative is a widget on your website.
  • Certificates, awards, and diplomas. The company’s expertise is emphasized by awards, certifications, and letters of appreciation received at thematic events, like conferences and forums. You can use this information in your social proof widgets.

Why Use Social Proof Widgets for Your Business?

Social proof can take a variety of forms, be combined according to various criteria, and so on. We can conclude that this is psychological because the standard, classic, and most desirable scheme for the work of social proof is as follows: a person sees that this or that object or phenomenon is popular, so they can trust public opinion and join the masses without doing any research on their own. In particular, this can be caused by the fact that a person does not have their own opinion or know how to form it. Therefore, they unconsciously rely on the majority. Or you can use social proof widgets on your site to convince your customers they can trust you.

Social Proof Widgets: What Are They and How Can They Benefit Your Business?

Social proof widgets are widely used in marketing:

  • If you don’t use social proof, potential customers may suspect your offer is untrustworthy.
  • The stronger the social proof widget, the easier it is for you to sell.

There is an infinite number of ways to present your product or service. Some work better, some work worse, but let’s take a hypothetical example where the seller colorfully describes all the buyer’s benefits, bombarding him with special offers and statistics about his work. This may sound convincing and be 100% true, but it will never be superfluous to confirm the quality of the product with a third, uninterested party. This is especially evident on the Internet because we often don’t even have the opportunity to feel the goods before buying; we must trust the reviews.


Social proof widgets are a necessary attribute of online sales. The more facts used on your website, the more credibility it generates. Provided the evidence is genuine. Testimonials and case studies are the most powerful tools, so pay special attention to them. Consider including bonuses in your widgets to make customers want to share their opinions online.

Use everything you can to prove the success of your business. If you have a few negative reviews, don’t hide them. It is better to show that you have learned a lesson, corrected the mistake, and improved the quality of services than to deny their existence.


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