Top Node.js Development Companies

Top Node.js Development Companies

Node.js is one of the most popular technologies for backend development. It was created in 2009 by Ryan Dahl and has become popular as a platform for developing server-side applications.

Node.js is a prevalent technology, and its usage is growing every year. Many large companies use it, including Netflix, LinkedIn, PayPal, Walmart, Uber, eBay, and others. Node.js is also widely used for building development and command line tools such as npm and webpack.

The popularity of the technology resulted in many companies offering Node.js development services. How to choose the most reliable among them and the one that will meet all your requirements? Let’s look at the top companies for your Node.js-based project.


Emerline is a software development company specializing in delivering digital solutions to businesses of all sizes. One of the key technologies they offer is Node.js development services, which include:

  • Custom web application development.
  • Mobile app development
  • Development of data streaming solutions
  • Development of monitoring solutions, etc.

They have a comprehensive tech stack for Node.js development projects that includes various tools, frameworks, and languages that are leaders in the market, enabling them to deliver robust solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.


Brainhub specializes in building scalable and high-performance applications using Node.js and has a team of experienced Node.js developers who are well-versed in the latest trends and best practices. Brainhub’s Node.js development services include custom web application development, real-time applications development, API development, and support and maintenance.


Netguru is a software development company offering businesses custom Node.js development services. They have a team of experienced developers proficient in using popular Node.js frameworks like Express and Koa to build robust web applications and APIs.


Over 150 international software projects prove the Node.js development expertise of Selleo. Their experienced Node.js developers help clients design and build high-quality web applications and APIs and leverage Node.js microservices to process and serve enterprise data. They also offer type-safe GraphQL API development using TypeScript and peer-reviewed, automated testing for high-quality results.


With expertise in Node.js development, Neoteric can help build cutting-edge solutions from scratch or develop existing products, such as real-time chats, collaboration apps, scheduling engines, and Internet of Things applications. Their website showcases the success stories of their clients, highlighting their ability to deliver high-quality, scalable results.


Altoros offers Node.js development services, API development and integration, cloud enablement, consulting, and maintenance and support. Their team of experts has extensive experience with the latest frameworks and databases, and they offer a risk-free trial period and team retention guarantee for their services. Altoros also provides 24/7 maintenance, support, and troubleshooting for your systems.


TatvaSoft uses Node.js and its advantages for building high-quality digital products. The company offers Node.js development services, consulting, mobile and web app development, maintenance and support, API development, and migration. They also provide solutions for various industries, such as education, transportation, retail, healthcare, etc.


The Brocoders’ team provides Node.js Development Services and has experience building streaming apps, real-time chats, complex SPA, microservices architecture, and collaboration tools. They leverage Node.js’s asynchronous architecture and event-based API to build feature-rich solutions that improve business productivity and enhance user experience.


GoodCore has a decade-long experience in building user-friendly, scalable Node.js applications. They offer cost-effective and flexible solutions, work with top-class Node.js developers with profound expertise in full-stack development, and have a proven track record of delivering successful Node.js solutions to businesses of varying sizes across industries, including music and entertainment, healthcare, education, sports, utilities, technology, e-commerce, and recruitment.


NaNLABS offers Node.js development services for creating high-quality, feature-rich apps with fast code execution and flexible authentication. They provide expert help with integrating third-party tools, handling scalability challenges, and implementing intelligent data scraping and have experience serving clients from various industries.

Choosing the right Node.js development company is crucial for the success of your project. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to make a decision. So, pay attention to the companies’ expertise and client reviews, and you will find a top Node.js development company that will deliver exceptional results.

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