Which Color iPhone 12 is Right for You?

Which Color iPhone 12 is Right for You

Whenever you get a new phone you also get to pick out what color you want it to come in. You ask what your options are and decide which color best fits you. Perhaps you are indifferent because you are just going to put a case on it anyways. For others it may matter more if you strongly like or dislike a certain color. Our technology has become a form of accessory because we always have them with us. We want to pick a color that will match and go well with our everyday look. Let us look at your options so you can decide which color best suits you.

The Color Options

Depending on which iPhone you get, there will be a different color selection. If you are looking specifically at the iPhone 12 or the 12 Pro then there are different colors to choose from.

iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 comes in more color options than the Pro version. You can choose from white, black, green, red, blue, or purple. While purple is the most recently added color, many argue that the blue is where it is at. However the blue for the iPhone 12 is a new blue that is more of a midnight blue and it is stunning. It will definitely stand out.

iPhone 12 Pro

If you decide to go with the iPhone 12 Pro, there are fewer color options. Apple decided to stick with more basic colors for the Pro versions of the iPhone such as gold, pacific blue, silver, and graphite which is essentially the black option. The most popular choices are the graphite and the white. Keep in mind the white may get dirty over time and turn a yellowish color. Keeping a case on your phone will protect it from any damage or discoloration.


While the newest iPhones are surely the most durable and even water resistant up to a certain point, you may still want to invest in a good case and screen protector. Phones are very expensive and getting them replaced and repaired is not only expensive but also a hassle. Protect yourself and your phone from the inconvenience of damage by going ahead and getting a case. You can pay as much as you want depending on what kind of case you want. Any type of barrier will protect it if you happen to drop it.

They make so many options when it comes to cases with different colors, patterns, materials, and styles to choose from. The type of material you choose will determine how durable the case is and the rougher you are on your phone may be the deciding factor for how protected your phone needs to be. You can also choose fun colors or patterns that reflect your personality. If you love the color of your iPhone, they also make clear cases to show that color underneath. You can also get a case that resembles a wallet with card holders and even a wrist strap if you would like that. If you watch a lot of videos or face time people, there are even cases with kickstands to hold your phone up for you.

They also upgraded the screens on the new iPhones to be more durable but you may still want a little extra protection in case you drop it. Here are the most popular kinds:
Tempered glass is the most popular kind, it will shatter instead of your actual screen. You then peel it off and replace it. This option has different layers of protection making it superior, is shock resistant, it maintains a clear display, and is cost efficient. The TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) screen protector is a chemically enhanced plastic. It has self-healing properties because the material is somewhat elastic. It is scratch and oil resistant making it a great option. It is tough, durable, and also cost effective. These are simply the most popular kinds of screen protectors but there are other cheaper options as well.

Pick Your Phone Out Today

Now that you know your options, you can go ahead and pick your phone out. You can visit a phone carrier near you, or you can choose an online phone service and have your phone mailed to you. A benefit to shopping online is you may have more options than in store, because in store they are often out of the most popular colors. If you get your offline, the iPhone 12 Red Pocket is a great way to go. They offer six months of paying only for your phone lease. That means six months of free phone service. Every place will offer their own deals, so shop around and find the best one for you.

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