Why Is A Virtual Office A Great Choice?

Why Is A Virtual Office A Great Choice?

A virtual office is a perfect solution for entrepreneurs looking to take advantage of a prestigious tax address and services. It effectively complements a simple online business by providing companies with a digital platform where various aspects of a company’s life are managed, including business mail redirection included!

A virtual desktop is an office with several web applications that allow you to access cloud solutions. This 100% digitized space centralizes all company data such as messaging, address book or document storage.

In many countries around the world, companies have the right to choose the location of their head office. A corporate residence allows you to have an official address different from where your business is actually located. Then your head office can be at the place of your desire, which can be beneficial for practical and image reasons.

For example, your letters will be sent to your new home address. It is the companies in the community that offer this kind of service, making their premises and theirs available to entrepreneurs.

A virtual office adds real added value to a corporate residence because various services are included in addition to a simple mailbox. To do this, you will have access to a digital platform where you can remotely manage various aspects of your business.

Virtual offices: different range of services offered

You need to know that companies usually allow their contracting parties to enjoy many of their services. These can be administrative or secretarial services, as well as punctual office rentals.

Virtual offices in the contextual management of your mail also show excellent results! When your company makes a residence at the premises of the company at the place of residence, you will receive your letters directly to your new address. Building a mailbox is indeed the basis for any residence of this type. However, instead of picking up letters and packages at the head office yourself, your service provider may include mail management in your contract of residence.

This way, your mail can be redirected to your home or to the actual address of your business.  This is especially useful if you live far from your company’s head office or don’t have a fixed address. When signing a commercial accommodation contract, you will be able to determine whether you want your mail to be reset daily or less often.

The most popular secretarial service is probably the telephone secretariat.  In addition to the company address where you live, you will be assigned your company number. The administrator will make a telephone reception for you, then relay the callers’ messages by e-mail and even forward calls directly to you.

If you do not have time to deal with your administrative documents, you can also ask the secretariat to take care of them for you. In this way, he can take care of mail management and forwarding, store and prepare your legal documents, invoices and quotes, and organize general meetings for you. It will also be able to take care of all mail management.

Many other services tailored to your needs may include writing letters and emails to send to your clients or creating Excel spreadsheets to help you with your accounting. Therefore, choosing a virtual office offers real administrative assistance.

Is it possible to rent equipped offices and conference rooms in virtual offices?

Creating a virtual office meets an obvious disadvantage: the absence of physical offices. However, it often happens that you need to hold meetings or meet with clients in real premises.  That is why such companies allow you to rent premises on an ad hoc basis.

This means you can rent:

  • conference rooms
  • an entire office
  • room for negotiations.

You should also remember that the rental of conference rooms is especially flexible, because it is also possible to rent an office or a room for just a few hours, or vice versa, for several months. In addition to conference rooms, an entrepreneur can be provided with a fully equipped workplace for video conferencing.

Young leaders sometimes resort to renting an open-space workplace with co-working space, but this practice is often very expensive for people.

Benefits of a virtual office for your business

There are many reasons why a business builder chooses a virtual office by many different service providers, for example, Hoxton Mix. In particular, we can highlight practical reasons, economic reasons and, finally, reasons related to the company’s image.

When you’re a sole trader, it’s sometimes hard to reconcile your private and professional lives. A virtual office allows you to separate these two aspects of your life, which can be beneficial for your business. With a virtual office, you get a different work address than your personal address.

In addition, more and more self-employed people no longer work in one place, have their head office in the territory of a commercial company in their place of residence, and then respond to many administrative problems. Finally, it saves considerable time.

Entrepreneurs can indeed spend hundreds of hours a year just looking after administration.  Therefore, they enjoy real administrative assistance and can devote more time to their activities, while having more free time.

There are many tax and economic reasons that can motivate an entrepreneur to choose a corporate residence. First, of course, is the value of the contribution to corporate real estate, which is fixed by the municipalities. It can be especially low in business centers while it is especially high in many municipalities.

In addition, access to dematerialized and centralized services is more economical than access to a secretary and personal accountant. For example, you may need such services from time to time, rather than needing them all year round.

This also applies to the rental of offices and conference rooms.  That’s why it will cost you less. Also, having a residential office frees you from rent because you don’t have to pay rent.

An office for your business in a prestigious business district will give you brand image and added credibility. Your image will then be sublimated, which will positively influence the nature of your contracts and the relationships you can have with your clients.

All your commercial documents will mention your new place of residence, so having a prestigious commercial address is a welcome bonus.

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