How To Design A Business Profile On TikTok?

Business Profile On TikTok

Every year TikTok breaks records in terms of attendance. That is why thousands of brands use business accounts to develop a holistic marketing strategy and reach their potential. The platform provides performance metrics, audience analysis, and promotion tools, allowing brands to think like marketers and act like creators. In this article, we will consider how to lay a quality foundation and correctly prepare a profile for promotion.

How to turn your profile header into a conversion mechanism?

Before making any marketing steps, it’s important to determine your target audience and understand its interests, needs, and pains. Based on this information, develop a general concept of the channel, choose a key topic and several related ones.

Nickname and avatar are the design elements a user notices first when interacting with your brand: in an advertisement, when you leave a comment, etc. Therefore, it’s important that they attract attention from the first seconds, reflect your positioning and be memorable. The username should be short and reflect the essence of your business.  Avatar is the face of your brand. So, use a high-quality close-up personal photo, and bright contrasting colors in the background. 

In the profile description, place a unique selling proposition, tell what makes you different from your competitors, as well as strengthen your positioning with statistics, facts, results, achievements, and other evidence.

It’s effective to link to other resources such as the website, other social networks, or a lead magnet. This will allow you to immerse the person more deeply into your activity, create a closer connection and build trust. 

How to form a content strategy?

With the abundance of personal brands, people pay attention only to authoritative resources. So, at the start, it’s effective to buy followers on TikTok and other popularity metrics to create a trustworthy first impression, raise your brand status and hold the attention of users.

A content plan is a powerful tool with which you can create a full-fledged sales funnel: influence the decisions of your audience, build their trust, educate, motivate, stimulate people to buy, etc. It’s important to create diverse content and use different formats.

First of all, broadcast the maximum benefit through educational content, shoot life hacks, provide non-standard solutions to certain tasks, and share personal insights.

To build trust in the product, shoot reviews, show the inner workings of business processes, and provide feedback. Customer feedback creates social proof and speeds up purchasing decisions. This trigger can be also strengthened with high stats. So, do not ignore the opportunity to buy TikTok followers, likes, comments, views, etc.

To sum up, a profile design is an important step in the promotion that determines the conversion of new traffic into subscribers, leads, and customers. So, take this task seriously: create strong positioning in the profile description, provide value in the form of a lead magnet, and create content that resonates with the interests of your potential customers. This will increase the retention rate of the attention of a new audience and will strengthen subsequent marketing tactics.

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