One Good Girl is Worth a Thousand Meme Explained

One Good Girl is Worth a Thousand Meme Explained

If there is one thing that everyone loves on the internet, it is memes. This is something that everyone can create and it is a way to make others laugh. There can be relatable memes, as well as ones that make fun of certain situations. Either way, creating and looking at memes can be fun and a great way to pass the time. A lot of people will bond with their friends and family by sending them memes.

In particular, there has been one meme that everyone has been talking about lately. We are referring to the One Good Girl is Worth a Thousand meme. Have you seen this one before and do you know where it comes from? Let’s take a closer look at this meme and what it really means. 

What is the One Good Girl is Worth a Thousand Meme?

First of all, a natural question to have is; what is the One Good Girl is Worth a Thousand meme and where did it come from? Well, it all started with Kayne West and Lil Wayne, two huge music stars that the world knows. In particular, the meme is based on an old song of Kanye West and a lyric he uses in that song. So, let’s take a closer look.


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We are talking about a song that is called ‘Bound 2’, which was very popular in 2013. In particular, a lot of people talking about this song at the time because it starred his wife, Kim Kardashian. In particular, she was riding a motorbike with him and she was naked in the music video. This is one of the reasons why the video on YouTube gained so many views at the time. But, the song is coming back on TikTok and it is all to do with the lyrics. There has been one line that stands out and this has become the basis of the meme. In the song, he sings: ‘one good girl is worth a thousand b**ches, bound’.

Even though the original song was released over seven years ago, it is making a comeback on TikTok. In particular, the hashtag has over 375,000 views on the app. In particular, the meme has evolved and this all happened on Twitter to begin with. Someone combined this part of the ‘Bound 2’ song with one of Lil Wayne’s hits. We are talking about ‘Where Da Cash At’. In this song, he says; ‘b**ches come a dime dozen’. A lot of people have been making this into a joke and a math problem. Indeed, people are asking; so, how much is a girl really worth?

People have been taking the meme to serious levels and trying to work it out as a math problem. In particular, people believe that they have solved the meme and worked out the answer. They believe that a good girl is going to cost you $8.33. Of course, a lot of people find this hilarious and it has taken over the internet. You are going to find it on a variety of social media platforms. Most importantly, you now know the answer.

To Summarize

Memes are something that have taken over the internet in recent years. People of all ages love them and it can be a lot of fun sending your favorite ones to your friends and family. But, some memes take a bit more explaining than others. For example, this is what has happened to one in particular. We are talking about One Good Girl is Worth a Thousand meme. So, let’s summarize what we have found in this post so that you can enjoy this meme.

The One Good Girl is Worth a Thousand meme has come from two famous songs. Combined, they create this meme that is hilarious but also something that people have been trying to solve like a math equation. So, let’s take a closer look. The One Good Girl is Worth a Thousand meme comes from Kayne West and his popular song called ‘Bound 2’. In particular, he said that ‘one good girl is worth a thousand b**ches, bound’. In addition, the other song that combines to make this meme is by Lil Wayne. He says in his song ‘Where Da Cash At’ that; ‘b**ches come a dime dozen’. Thus, people have been treating this as a riddle for the meme and asking the ultimate question; how much is it going to cost you to get a good girl?

Well, people thought that they would sit down and try to work out this math problem. They seemed to come up with the answer and that a good girl is worth $8.33. If you are a mathematician, you probably know how they came to this answer. If not, you are now going to be able to rest at night and know how much a good girl costs and what this One Good Girl is Worth a Thousand meme means!

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