TikTok: Antworten Meaning

TikTok: Antworten Meaning

Do you get confused about what a lot of words mean on TikTok? Do not worry, you are not the only one. There is a whole new language on the app, which means that it can take a while until you get used to the lingo. People love to make up new words and to use abbreviations in order to have fun with content and make others laugh in the comments of videos.

For example, a word that you are going to see used a lot on TikTok is Antworten. What does this mean? Keep reading our guide so that you can get better acquainted with the meaning and how it can be used on the app.

What Does Antworten Mean?

There are many words on TikTok that are simply made up. But, you may have thought that you have heard this word before. Well, the chances are, you might have. Indeed, antworten is a real word in German. This is where it originated from and it has made its way onto TikTok and you will see it in many comments on the app.

So, what does Antworten mean? Well, this word translates from German to ‘reply’ and it can also be translated to mean ‘answer.’ Namely, it is going to be used when someone replies to a comment or inquiry. In particular, it seems that young people on the app are using antworten in their vocabulary.

Let’s discuss an example so that you can better understand what antworten means and how people are using it on the TikTok app. Well, say you have a creator and someone asked them a question. They can answer them in a new video and use anworten as text in the recording or as a hashtag to show they are replying to this question.

Therefore, now you know what Antworten means when you see it on TikTok. It is used as a new response and to clarify that you have answered or replied to someone. If you are someone that creates videos on TikTok, you are now going to know the correct way to use this new word you have learned. You can feel like you are following the trends and keeping up with everyone else on the app. It is fun to keep up with the latest trends and join in, whether you have a lot of followers or not.

TikTok: Antworten Meaning

What are Other Popular TikTok Words?

Do you want to learn even more popular and slang words used on TikTok? Well, there are certainly many you can learn and use. So, let’s go over some more so that you can have even more fun on the app.

You are going to see people calling themselves the CEO or someone else a CEO. Of course, in the business world, this abbreviation stands for Chief Executive Officer. But, when it is used on the app, it has been adapted slightly. Namely, it means that someone is the best at what they do. For example, if you are the best person when it comes to pranks on the app, you are going to be the CEO of pranks.

The next word we come across regularly is ‘flex’. To understand this word, just think about how you would flex your muscles. This means that you are showing them off and want to show everyone how big they are. Well, this word has a similar meaning on the TikTok app. If you are flexing, it means that you are trying to boast or brag about something.

If people are gossiping, you are going to hear them ‘spilling the tea.’ Indeed, tea refers to some hot gossip and the process of spilling the tea is when you are sharing this gossip with someone else. So, if someone is spilling the tea, they are sharing something that everyone thinks is a good story about someone else.

Another interesting one we thought we would share with you is 1437. You might see these numbers shared in comments and wonder what on earth they mean. They are not a pin code or lock codes. Instead, if you see 1437, it means ‘I love you forever’. The numbers indicate how many letters are in each word.

To Summarize

TikTok is a video-sharing app and one that lets you post almost anything you want to. It is fun to join in with dance challenges or even try out the latest trends. Of course, with the ability to comment on videos, there is a lot you can do to amuse yourself and have fun. You can also socialize with other people. But, in order to do this, you need to be aware of the slang words and phrases that are used. This way, you can know what others are saying and be able to communicate with them. Let’s summarize what antworten means in case you want to use this word on the TikTok app.

Antworten is a German word that it is one that translates to answer or reply. Indeed, this is the same meaning it has on the TikTok app. I guess that means you can also claim you are also learning another language! When it comes to TikTok, you will see Antworten as a hashtag, in comments and in videos. Essentially, when people use this word, they are saying that they are replying to a question they have received. So, it will be near to their answer, whether this is a comment or in video form.

Of course, there are many slang words you are going to find on the TikTok app. You will have to take your time to learn it all. Hopefully, after reading this guide, you are going to know exactly what antworten means, as well as a few others. You can say what you are the CEO of, as well as flex your best achievements. You can spill the tea in your videos if you have some good stories, as well as tell people you love them with 1437.

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