TikTok: ASL Meaning

TikTok: ASL Meaning

There is a lot of slang that originates on TikTok. You will come across it every day when you are scrolling through your feed and when you are watching videos. Some of this slang is easy to understand due to the context of the video. But, there is also slang that is more complex and not something that you are going to recognize straight away.

For example, one slang word that people are asking about right now is ASL. They cannot seem to work out what it means. So, we are going to answer this question and dive into this topic. So, let’s get started.

What Does ASL Mean?

Let’s cut to the chase and let you know exactly what ASL means. Well, this is a phrase that actually stands for age, sex, location. This slang word did not come from TikTok and it has actually been on the internet for years. But, a lot of people now know about it and it became popular on the app. In fact, you are also going to see it on other social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram. Essentially, when you are talking to someone and say ASL, you are asking them to tell you more about them. In particular, this can be a way to find more about someone to ask them on a date.

But, it is important to acknowledge that ASL also has another meaning that you are going to see on TikTok. It is a slang term that is an abbreviation for ‘as hell’. This app is full of code words and this is another example of one of them emerging. For example, to use this slang term in a sentence, you can say someone is ‘funny ASL’. This means that they are funny as hell or hilarious.

Essentially, to know when these phrases are being used, you will have to look at the context and how they are used. For example, on a thirst trap video on TikTok, ASL is most likely going to be someone shooting their shot and asking for that person’s age, sex and location. However, if the video is funny and the content is for entertainment. People might be making comments saying it is funny ASL, which is going to stand for as hell. You will have to take a minute to read into the situation and see if you can work it out.

What Other Popular Slang Terms Are There?

As everybody knows, there are a lot of slang terms on TikTok. You are going to come across them on a regular basis. So, it will be worth your time learning them now and you can really enjoy the content you are watching. So, we are going to talk about some slang terms so that you know them.

For example, you may have seen people talking about FYP or mentioning this in their videos. Well, this one is simple. FYP stands for For You Page. This is a feature that you use all the time on TikTok. Namely, this is your main homepage that suggests videos that you might want to watch. The videos you are shown are not just random. Instead, they are sent to your FYP as a consequence of TikTok’s algorithm and they are based on what you have watched before.

Another one you might see a lot is POV. This is something that is mentioned in videos and it is important you learn this abbreviation. This one stands for Point of View. Often, a lot of people will create a video that shows a point of view. So, if you see it with the hashtag POV, this is exactly what the video is.

You might see people talking about flexing on social media. This is another word that is used instead of showing off. In other words, you are boasting about something you have and want to show everyone. So, if you are flexing, you are showing off exactly what you have and what you are proud of.

Next, you are going to see glow up videos on TikTok. Glow up is a slang that is short for an amazing transformation. So, someone that has gone through a glow up has raised their game and gone through a positive transform. So, people often show their glow up from high school or an adult.

Have you seen people saying ‘no cap’ a lot? This is a word you will see all over social media, as well as some people saying it in real life. Essentially, when someone says ‘no cap’ it means that they are not lying and they are being serious.

A common slang word you will see when there is drama is ‘tea’. In particular, a lot of people use the phrase ‘the real tea’. In other words, they are going to share the real story with you and what the gossip is. So, if you are spilling the tea, you are sharing some gossip with other people and filling them in with all of the details.

To Conclude

If you have been wondering what ASL means, hopefully, you now have a better idea of what this can mean. While there are a few explanations and what ASL can stand for, the context of a video on TikTok or a story on social media is going to give you a better idea of what is going on. Let’s summarize what ASL can mean so that you can know for sure.

First of all, ASL can stand for age, sex, location. This can be an abbreviation that someone asks you online or on a dating app. Essentially, they want to know more about you and ensure that you are suitable for them to date. When it comes to TikTok specifically, ASL is used to stand for ‘as hell’. This is adding emphasis and it can be used as a way to express yourself. For example, you can think that someone is annoying or funny ASL.

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