TikTok: Christopher Delatorre – Samsvng Bling Video Explained

TikTok: Christopher Delatorre – Samsvng Bling Video Explained

If you like to keep up with the latest celebrity and internet personality news, you will know how fast rumors can spread. This applies to something that is true, as well as false information. For example, this is something that has happened to Christopher Dellatorre. You may also know him as Samsvng Bling if you are a fan of TikTok. There have been some rumors going around recently and people are not sure whether they are true.

We are talking about how the girlfriend of Christopher Dellatore and how her video blew up on TikTok. Let’s take a closer look so that you can understand what has been happening.

What is the Video Everyone is Talking About?

The video that has gone viral on tikTok is by @soicybhoo. This is the girlfriend of Christopher Dellatore. In this video, everyone is going wild because she mentions her ‘criminal boyfriend’. It was a video that was created in order to show off her boyfriend and make everyone jealous since she is really attracted to him. This video was posted in December 2020. This enjoyed a lot of views and it used a famous song by Britney Spears. This was called ‘Criminal’. The video featured her and her boyfriend having fun with a lot of money. Then, it skipped to showing the boyfriend being visited in prison.

If you are wanting to watch this video now, the bad news is that the original one has been deleted. But, there are different accounts that are reposting it. Indeed, there is one video that has over 9.8 million views. this includes having more than 2.6 million likes. The comments on this video are interesting too. A lot of them are liking the video and saying that they are also in love with Christopher Dellatore.

Who is Christopher Dellatore?

Of course, this video has made everyone wonder if Christopher Dellatore is really a criminal. He is often known online as Samsvng Bling. He is 23 years old and he is currently living in Brooklyn, New York. He does not upload any content but he does have around 3,000 followers.

So, the big question that everybody wants to know is; is Christopher Dellatore really a criminal? Well, what we do know is that he has been accused of quite a few crimes in the past. There have actually been some people posting about these crimes on TikTok and sharing them with others. However, you will struggle to find legal evidence of these crimes when you search for them online. The only information is about another man that is called Christopher Dellatore. He is not related to this TikTok star and he actually died back in 2016.

Who is @soicybhoo?

Another common question that people ask is who is @soicybhoo? Well, this is thought to be the girlfriend of Christopher Dellatore. She has a lot of followers on TikTok and this has increased since she has been linked to Christopher Dellatore. For example, she has 96,300 followers. In addition, she has over four million likes.


#fyp #love

♬ Criminal – Britney Spears

Of course, she has been linked to Christopher Dellatore on TikTok. But, she has also been seen with him on Instagram. For example, there are photos of them together on Instagram, with @samsvngbling tagged in some of the images. These were from November 2020, which was before the video was uploaded on TikTok.

However, there is some suggestion that they are no longer together. For example, someone claimed that she had been deleting comments on some of her videos. She actually replied to one of the people saying this and said she had been and that she does not want to be reminded of her ex-boyfriend all of the time.

To Summarize

So, we know that rumors can spread pretty quickly on TikTok. When people hear some juicy gossip, they want to find out more. Often, this means doing your own investigative work on the internet. In particular, something that everyone has been talking about recently is Christopher Dellatore and his supposed girlfriend. They want to know if the couple are really together and whether he is a criminal.

This all started thanks to @soicybhoo and her video. She created a video to show off her boyfriend to get followers. The purpose was to show how attractive he was. This was to a song called ‘Criminal’ by Britney Spears. This soon was a trend and it was a way for people to have fun and boast about their partner. In her particular video, she was showing off Christopher Dellatore, who is often known as Samsvng Bling on the internet. They were having fun with a lot of money and then it featured him getting visited in prison.

Of course, this type of video was not just for a trend. It also made people interested in whether they still had a relationship and if Christopher Dellatore was really a criminal. This meant that people completed their own investigations to find out the answers.

They found that Christopher Dellatore has been accused of several crimes in the past. But, there is not a lot of reliable information about it. For example, the only Christopher Dellatore is another person who has committed a crime and they had died several years ago. So, we cannot know for sure whether he is really a criminal or if this video was more to cause controversy. What we do know is that it does not appear that @soicybhoo and Christopher Dellatore are still together. She has made several comments on TikTok that suggest they are no longer together nor does she want to remember them.

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