TikTok: ‘Hello My Name is Zuzie’ Trend Explained

TikTok: ‘Hello My Name is Zuzie’

Trends come and go on TikTok. One week, you will see a funny child talking about ‘Christmas decalations’. Next, you will see a dog barking and saying human words. That is the great thing about the TikTok app. You can see a range of different videos all in one place. You can easily spend hours watching all of the content. One thing’s for sure, you are never bored!

But, some trends stick around for longer than others. If you have never seen them before, you can be curious and want to join in with them. For example, one that you might have heard about lately is ‘hello my name is Zuzie’. This is a trend that is going around on the app and people are having fun with it. So, let’s take a closer look at what this trend is and how you can do it too.

What is the ‘Hello My Name is Zuzie’ Trend?

First of all, we need to investigate and find out what the ‘hello my name is Zuzie’ trend is. This way, you can know what to expect and if this is content you want to create for your TikTok account and followers. Well, we will be the first people to say that this is a slightly strange trend. There is not really an explanation of why this has become so big or how people get a lot of enjoyment out of it. But, everyone is different. So, let’s get into it.

First of all, the content is going to show someone or an animal. This can be in any context, whether you are at school, home or other public place. In the background, there is going to be a particular song playing. This is called Ew and it is by Baby Kaely. In this song, there is a specific lyric that is going to play. As you may have guessed, the lyric is; ‘hello my name is Zuzie’. The purpose of this video is to act casual and then at a certain point in the song, a filter is used to zoom in close and capture someone’s eyes.

Again, we are not sure why this trend has emerged or why it is so popular. It is one of those strange ones that you cannot explain. But, it is also quite enjoyable to watch. So, you may think that this trend is boring or pointless. Yet, you may also find it fun to record. You have to make up your own mind on this one.

How Can You Join in the ‘‘Hello My Name is Zuzie’ Trend?

The good thing about the ‘hello my name is Zuzie’ trend is that it is relatively simple. You are not going to have to spend a lot of time and effort creating the content. It can be done at any time and you do not have to spend any money on it either. This is perhaps why everyone is joining in with the trend. It is something you can do quickly but still get a lot of views and comments on the video.

So, to join in with this trend, you are going to have to record someone for the video. Alternatively, you can get someone to record you if you want to feature in it. Either way, you can have someone record you, you can choose a friend or family member or you can have fun with a pet or other animal.

Then, you are going to have to find the song to use for this video. Again, to copy this trend, you need to search for ‘Ew’ by Baby Kaely. There is also a filter you need to locate on the app and use for the trend. The best way to find it is to tap the ‘stickers’ option. There is going to be a recommended’ heading. You will see an icon with a photo and a circle over it. You are going to place these over the eyes of the person or animal. Do this over both eyes so that the video will zoom in on them.

Who is Doing This Trend?

We have noticed that a lot of people have been doing the ‘hello my name is Zuzie’ trend on their dogs. This makes the video very cute and adorable, which creates a lot of views and interest from users. So, you can try this trend if you have a furry canine friend. Alternatively, this can be a good one for cat lovers too. You can even be creative if you have a rabbit, hamster or other pet in the home.

Remember that you can choose anyone for the hello my name is Zuzie’ trend. That is the beauty of this one, you can choose anyone from your partner or brother to your dog or rabbit. You can choose what you think is the funniest and what people will like on the TikTok app. You may be surprised at just how many views and likes this video can get. Just make sure that you include the right hashtags for this trend.

To Summarize

Have you been wondering about the ‘hello my name is Zuzie’ trend recently? There is no doubt that people have been talking about it and this can make you naturally curious. So, let’s summarize what we have covered in this post.

The ‘hello my name is Zuzie’ trend is a strange one and not exactly what you might think it is. but, people seem to like it on the app. You want to show someone or a pet and this can be anywhere you like. You are going to have a song called Ew by Baby Kaely playing, which will mean that everyone hears the lyric ‘hello my name is Zuzie’. Then, during the video, there is going to be a certain point where you zoom into the person or animal’s eyes. There you have it; this is the ‘hello my name is Zuzie’ trend.

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