TikTok: Hey Lol Khaleel Meaning and Song

TikTok: Hey Lol Khaleel Meaning and Song

A lot of people find TikTok fun because there is always a new trend or challenge to entertain you. But, there is no doubt that some of them can be confusing. It means you have to figure out what they are before you can join in. For example, one trend that everyone is getting confused by is the ‘Hey Lol’ Khaleel trend. Have you seen this one before or know what it is? If the answer is no, our guide is going to tell you all about it. So, let’s get started and find out so you can join in if you want to.

What is the ‘Hey Lol’ Khaleel Trend?

Chances are if you have come across the ‘Hey Lol’ Khaleel trend, it was through David Dobrik. He is a famous YouTuber and he uploaded content on TikTok using a song, which was called ‘Hey Lol’ by Khaleel. In his video, he was capturing the reaction of his brother. But, what was it all about and what can you expect from this trend?

Well, David Dobrik was doing exactly what this trend is all about. The purpose of it is to play the ‘Hey Lol’ song by Khaleel and you are to capture the reaction of your partner, friend or family member. So, you secretly turn the camera on them to see what their reaction to hearing this sound is.

Are you still not sure what this trend is really all about? Well, the purpose of the sound is to catch people out. In particular, the start of the ‘Hey Lol’ sound by Khaleel actually contains the tune that is in a lot of PornHub videos. So, you are supposed to play this sound in front of somebody to see if they look up and recognize it. This is a trend that a lot of people find funny since there are individuals that panic and think their computer or cellphone is playing a video accidentally.

Therefore, it seems like it was David Dobrik that started this ‘Hey Lol’ Khaleel trend. The video he created showing his little brother managed to gain 13 million views. People liked the challenge so much that they are trying out on their loved ones to have some fun. Although, it is clear that some people can be shocked by the results. This is particularly true if their parents or siblings recognize the tune!

How do I Join in the ‘Hey Lol’ Khaleel Trend?

Do you want to see if someone you know recognizes this sound? If you manage to get a funny reaction from the person, you have a good chance of going viral with this trend. First of all, you are going to have to find the audio. You can search for Hey Lol Khaleel before you start recording. Then, hit record and make sure that the camera of your phone is focused on the person. It is best to do this subtly so that they do not think you are recording them. In fact, they might look up and think you are watching certain videos!

Once you record their reaction, you can see if it is funny and worth uploading to TikTok. Since you are using the official sound for this trend, other people are going to be able to find your video. Make sure to also look at other videos and use the same hashtags. Again, this is going to make sure that people who like this trend are able to find your video. Then, you can wait to see how many views it gets, as well as the number of likes. You never know, you might be the next person to have a video go viral on the TikTok app. That is the beauty of TikTok; anybody can upload content and have their moment of fame.

To Summarize

There are a lot of funny trends and challenges on TikTok right now. This is an app that can really entertain you for hours. You can spend time watching videos, as well as having fun and creating your own. What’s more, you never know, you could just go viral and enjoy a moment of fame! Let’s summarize what we know about the ‘Hey Lol’ Khaleel trend.

First of all, the ‘Hey Lol’ Khaleel trend might sound confusing. But, it was a trend that first started and went viral thanks to David Dobrik. He used a sound on a video called ‘Hey Lol’ by Khaleel. This was not any song or ordinary audio. Instead, at the start of the audio, it plays the tune that appears on a lot of PornHub videos. So, the purpose of using the sound was to trick his brother and to see if he recognized it.

Therefore, the trend is all about playing a prank on somebody else. You pretend that you are on your phone and this sound is going to come on. They are going to think that you are watching certain videos. Of course, if they look up like they recognize it, it means that they have probably watched these videos at some point. So, everyone is trying to prank their loved ones to see if they have.

The ‘Hey Lol’ Khaleel trend is very popular on TikTok. People find it funny to see who looks up. People have pranked their partners, children and even their parents. While some people act shocked at the results of their prank, others find it funny and like to embarrass the person. If you choose to join in with this trend, you could go viral if you get a funny reaction. It is popular, which means that users are looking at new content with this sound or that features the hashtag. So, you can definitely get a lot of views with the ‘Hey Lol’ Khaleel trend if you capture good content. Just make sure that you are prepared for the outcome of the person you are going to prank – you could be shocked!

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