TikTok: ‘Hey What’s Up its 616’ Lyrics

TikTok: ‘Hey What’s Up its 616’ Lyrics

If you are someone that uses TikTok a lot, you will know that trends come and go. People like to join in with trends and post their own content and eventually, this is going to appear on your app. Indeed, you might be someone that likes to learn about these trends so that you can join in too.

One trend that you might have noticed recently is the ‘hey what’s up its 616’ lyrics trend. While it is a catchy tune, what is the trend really about and where did it all begin? Let’s take a closer look and find out the answers to these questions.

Where are the ‘hey what’s up its 616’ From?

First of all, let’s consider where the ‘hey what’s up its 616’ lyrics are from. This is from a popular song called ‘red lipstick’, which is by Speed Gang. It was actually first released back in 2017 but it recently became more well-known due to TikTok. This is something that a lot of artists are benefitting from right now. Their songs are being rediscovered on the app since people are using the music as the background sound to their content, whether it is acting, a funny video or dancing. So, this is what has happened with ‘red lipstick’ by Speed Gang.

So, here are some of the lyrics to this song so that you can understand them:

‘Hey what’s up its 616
Shorty bad as f with red lipstick
But I’m on the road and I’m never home
Baby kiss the phone with red lipstick
Like hey what’s up its 616
Shorty bad as f with red lipstick
But I’m on the road and I’m never home
Baby kiss the phone with red lipstick’

Who is Speed Gang?

Do you like this song and want to learn more about Speed Gang?  Well, let’s take a moment to appreciate the artist. Despite what you may think, Speed Gang is not a brand or group. It is actually just one artist. It is a man called Jeremy Brzozowski. He started making music back in 2013 and released them on YouTube. He has over 316,000 subscribers and it is likely that his popularity will grow due to ‘hey what’s up its 616’

Speed Gang does have some other songs that are popular.  This includes ‘True Love Suicide’. But, it cannot be denied that ‘hey what’s up its 616’ has now become his most well-known song all because of TikTok. It is unlikely that he will be complaining about this! 

How Should I Use the ‘hey what’s up its 616’ Lyrics?

The good thing about the ‘hey what’s up its 616’ lyrics is that it is a sound that is trending but not for anything specific. In other words, there is no certain dance or content you have to create with it. Users are using the sound in a variety of ways, which means you have the freedom to use the sound however you like.

For example, a lot of women like to use the ‘hey what’s up its 616’ lyrics and dress up. In particular, they are wearing red lipstick to make the song. But, the place they shoot the video varies from driving in the car to being at home. So, this might be something that you like to do. But, men also use this sound too. Again, since it is a popular song and people like it, they use it for a variety of content. There is going to be no limit on how you use it. All you have to do is focus on having fun!

To Summarize

Right now, all of the trends are emerging from TikTok. Whether people are creating new words or phrases, everyone is seeing the same content. In particular, a lot of older music is starting to re-emerge on the app. This is a great thing for artists and a lot of people are enjoying listening to songs hey recognize, as well as discovering tunes they have not heard of before. In particular, this has been what this article is about. People are now enjoying a song and the lyrics; ‘hey what’s up its 616’. So, let’s summarize what we have learned today.

The most popular question people ask is where are the ‘hey what’s up its 616’ lyrics from? Well, they are from a song by Speed Gang. They are called ‘red lipstick’. This song was released back in 2017. While it was popular then, it has become even bigger thanks to TikTok. It is being used as a sound on a lot of different videos. The song is catchy and this is why people are using it regularly on their content.

The chances are, if you like the ‘hey what’s up its 616’ song, you are going to like other music that has been created by Speed Gang. First of all, this is not actually a band. Speed Gang is made up of one member called Jeremy Brzozowski. He has a lot of music released on YouTube that you can listen to. Indeed, he has over 316,000 subscribers. But, without a doubt, Jeremy Brzozowski is benefiting most from ‘hey what’s up its 616’. You can easily listen to his other music on YouTube and purchase the songs if you like them.

So, now that you know more about ‘hey what’s up its 616’, you can use this sound for videos you create on the app. A lot of people put this sound to driving videos and women like to use this sound and wear red lipstick.

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