TikTok ‘MFS’ Meaning Explained

TikTok ‘MFS’ Meaning Explained

A lot of slang has emerged on TikTok. This is something that is common on a lot of different social media platforms. But, it is happening a lot of on TikTok due to the young age group that is enjoying the content. Indeed, you have to keep up with the latest slang if you want to have a laugh, make content with your friends and really understand the content on TikTok. In particular, you may have heard people say ‘MFS’ a lot. Indeed, it is not obvious what this means and you cannot just guess. So, let’s take a closer look and get to the bottom of what MFS means on TikTok.

What Does MFS Mean?

So, are you curious what MFS means? There are a lot of words that are shorted and abbreviated on the app. People can be creative and they like to speak in their own language. So, this is where MFS has started. It is an abbreviate for ‘mom’s friend’s son’. Thus, this is why people are shortening it to MFS. It is a bit of a mouthful to say all the time.

The reason MFS has been created is that it is common for mothers to talk about their friend’s child. In particular, they talk about the son. Often, the reason for this is that they are an overachiever, whether they are getting the best grades at school, they have a lot of friends or they are good at sports. So, the chances are, you are going to know a lot about your mom’s friend’s son. But, you might not have actually met them in real life.

The reason that a lot of mom’s compare their child to their friend’s son is for encouragement. To show them that they should be doing better and that these things can be achieved as long as you work hard and keep your head down.

Are there Other Means for MFS?

We should also point out that there are other ways people are using the MFS phrase. Well, they are not as clean as mom’s friend’s son. In fact, they are a way to get around using swear words on the app. Thus, MFS is slang that is used for mother**kers. So, instead of people saying it in their content and having their videos deleted, they use this abbreviation instead. It saves a lot of hassle and people have learned what it really means. Thus, it is used in a way to describe a situation or a person that you do not like. You may also see people saying MFS in the comment section.


It be like dat lol. #fyp #advice #mfs

♬ original sound – jj !

We have also discovered another meaning for MFS. But, this is one that you are likely to see less often than the words. We are talking about being an abbreviation for ‘mother f**king smokers’. While smoking used to be trendy, it is becoming less and less popular right now. So, if someone is annoyed by someone else that is smoking, they might refer to them as MFS on TikTok or in real life. Again, this is a very specific way to use the abbreviation and it is likely that you will see it less than the other ones.

Therefore, since there are several different meanings for MFS, you will have to work out what it means. You will have to take a look at the context and how it could fit into the situation. Most of the time, it is going to be obvious. After all, people are striving to create uncomplicated content on the app and they are not looking to confuse people.

To Summarize

When you are looking through comments on TikTok or you are viewing content, you are going to come across words and abbreviations that you have not seen before. Of course, you will want to know what they mean to get the best enjoyment from the app, as well as to join in with the latest trends. In particular, you have probably seen MFS floating around on TikTok and will be curious about what this means. Well, the purpose of this post was to demonstrate what MFS means. So, let’s summarize what we have learned.

MFS is an abbreviation that could have multiple meanings. It is going to be up to you to decide what that abbreviation means based on what content you are viewing. For example, a popular use of the word MFS right now is when referring to a mother’s friend’s son. We all know that this is something that you might not know but will hear a lot about. They tend to be someone that is an overachiever and successful. So, when you are speaking to your mom, this is an individual they use to encourage you and motivate you to do well. They could be good at anything from school to sports.

Another abbreviation that can be made from MFS is a bad word. We are talking about mother**kers. This is often a word that people use to demonstrate their frustration or dislike for something. Since you can post anything you want to on TikTok, people use it as a place to rant. But, you do have to watch your language since there are all ages using the app. So, in order to avoid getting content taken down, people use abbreviations in order to use bad words. For example, this is why MFS can be used.

In addition, although less common, MFS can be used to say ‘mother f**king smokers’. As you have probably guessed, this is going to signify that you do like people that smoker around you. So, if you are watching a view about someone that does not like smoking, this is probably why they have used MFS.

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