TikTok: ONB Meaning Explained

TikTok: ONB Meaning Explained

Are you trying to figure out what words mean on TikTok? There are new phrases and abbreviations emerging all the time and it can take a while to understand what they all mean. In particular, this is something you want to do if you use other forms of social media. A word that becomes popular on TikTok is likely to also make its way to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Let’s take an example, do you know what ONB means? This is a popular abbreviation that is used on TikTok, as well as other platforms. If the answer is no, keep reading to find out what the meaning behind this word is.

What Does ONB Mean?

Let’s cut to the chase and find out what ONB means. This is an abbreviation you are going to come across on TikTok. But, since people like to use it, you are also going to see it on other social media platforms. So, be prepared to see ONB on Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram. Of course, it is trendy to use popular abbreviations. But, sometimes it also just makes sense to use them.

So, ONB simply means outward nose breath. So, while it is not a phrase, it is used as an action and something that you can say instead of using an emoji. In particular, people are using it if they like something or they are excited. You can use it instead of LOL since this is something that is no longer trendy to use. You can try it and see if your friends understand.

TikTok: ONB Meaning Explained

But, there are other meanings of ONB that you should be aware of. For example, some people are using ONB as short for Orange is the New Black. This was a popular show on Netflix a few years ago and people still talk about it. It had a huge impact on the television world and had millions of views around the world.

If you look up Urban Dictionary, you are going to discover that there are quite a lot of potential meanings for ONB. It is going to be up to you to think about the context it is used and what it could possibly mean. Watch all of the content on TikTok first to get a real understanding of what the person is trying to mean when they use ONB.

For example, ONB could stand for ‘old news B.’ This can be used if someone tells you information that you have heard before. So, to let them know that you have heard this before and they are late to tell you, you can say ONB.

How Do I Know What ONB Means When Someone Uses It?

As we can see, there are many different meanings when it comes to social media platforms. So, sometimes you are going to have to spend some time thinking about what the meaning is going to be. Therefore, think about the context. For example, if someone is talking about Netflix series and the best television shows you watch, ONB is clearly going to be referring to Orange is the New Black. The other means are going to be more subtle but you should be able to work them out.

Thus, take your time and think about ONB. In particular, if you want to use this abbreviation, make sure that you use it in a context where people are going to understand what it means. While it can seem like everyone is using it, if you use ONB when you are not on TikTok, people might not understand.

What Other Popular Abbreviations Are There on TikTok?

You are going to come across a lot of abbreviations on TikTok. Of course, if you are not sure what they are, this can cause confusion. So, let’s go over some of the most popular ones so that you can use them and join in with the fun on the app.

First, there is TFW. If you have not seen this one before, it stands for ‘that feeling when’. In other words, this is going to be ab abbreviation you use when you are trying to demonstrate how you feel in a certain moment. For instance, imagine you have just ordered a pizza and you are waiting for it to arrive and the door bell rings. You can show your reaction and label it TFW.

Another one you are likely to come across is SMH. This one translates to ‘shaking my head’. This is going to be an abbreviation that makes sense when you agree with something. It means that you are shaking your head in agreement. I guess you could say that you are nodding yes.

One that first started on Twitter but has now made its way over to TikTok is RT. It stands for ‘retweet’. This is something that you would say if you agree with something that someone says. Indeed, it is taken from the fact that you can retweet what someone says on Twitter. Instead, you are saying it as a phrase on TikTok.

Have you seen POV before and are wondering what it means? Well, this is an abbreviation for point of view. This is something you are going to say when you want to share what your thoughts or opinions are on a topic. Alternatively, you could be showing a scenario through your own eyes. This is something that is popular to do on TikTok. People act out things that can happen in real life and show their POV.

Last but not least, we have RN. This is a simple one and it stands for ‘right now’. So, if you are wanting to discuss something that is happening in the present moment, you are going to say RN on TikTok. This could be in a comment if you are thinking or seeing something right now. Alternatively, you can use it as an abbreviation if you are creating content to make it easier for your viewers to read quickly.

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