TikTok: Sabine Parish, Christina Rivers Explained

TikTok: Sabine Parish, Christina Rivers Explained

When you are scrolling on TikTok, you are going to find a variety of content. We are talking about entertaining videos that make you laugh, though-provoking content that puts things into perspective and even sad videos that bring a tear to the eye. This is the great thing about the app. You can post anything you want and reach a wider audience.

In particular, there have even been some crimes solved thanks to TikTok. One story that people are very interested in is surrounding Sabine Parish and Christina Rivers. Let’s break it down and discuss what we know about this situation.

What is the Story Surrounding Christina Rivers?

So, what is going on? Who is Christina Rivers? Well, it is important to start at the very beginning. People started to discover Christina Rivers because she posted a video on TikTok. In this video was herself and her song. When you watch the video, it is innocent and you do not really think anything of it. It is just a mother and child interacting and having some fun together. But, in the comments, it all started to kick off.


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Well, in 2017, a young boy called Mason was found dead in Sabine Parish. This was a horrible situation and he drowned. As a result, his mother was arrested for murder. If you have not guessed already, it was Christina Rivers. We do not know much about her other than she is around 26 years old and lives in Louisiana. She has two songs that feature in her videos. She has over 172,000 followers on TikTok. Her Instagram is private and it is unlikely that she will accept friend requests from people she does not know.

Of course, the reason this all went viral is that people could not believe it. Christina Rivers looks like a normal mother and people could not understand why her song died and how she had moved on with her life. There was also one point of controversy that people focused on too. Namely, she posted an interesting video on 13th February 2021. This this video was her son and both of them were choosing to lip-sync to a song. Namely, this was Pepe Teine. A line went, ‘ I leveled up in the end’. A lot of people did not like this as they thought that it was disrespectful to the son that died.

What are the Facts of the Case?

Of course, despite what you might see on the internet, it is important not to jump to conclusions. After all, sometimes things are not always what they seem. So, we have done some investigation into the Christina Rivers case so that we gain a better perspective of what happened to her son.

What we know is that the young boy died from drowning when he was two years old. Christina Rivers, his mother, tested positive for methamphetamine at the time. She said that he was showering when this happened. Namely, her song went missing but it took her a few hours to report him missing.


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The police concluded that Christina Rivers and her story did not quite add up. There was a lot of misleading information and an inconsistent story. In addition, Christina Rivers was found to have taken meth, as well as there being traces in Mason’s body.

Of course, people do not like anybody that has killed a child. In particular, their own son or daughter. So, it is no surprise that Christina Rivers has been getting a lot of abuse online. This is particularly true how she is out living her life and posting TikTok. She pled guilty to negligent homicide to do with her son, Mason. In one of her videos, she even addressed what has gone on. She said, ‘yes I have a past, yes I changed, yes I grew, yes god gave me a second chance’. But, the real question is, will the people of TikTok do this?

To Summarize

There is a huge amount of content found on TikTok. The algorithm is designed to give you more of the videos you watch. Therefore, if you are someone that enjoys investigation videos and content about crimes, you are going to get more of these recommended to you on your feed. Let’s summarize what we know about Sabine Parish and Christina Rivers since this is what everyone has been talking about recently.

We already know that people can portray their lives very different on social media. In particular, people can use the TikTok platform to show a very idealistic and happy life but this is not always what it is like in person.  For example, think about Christina Rivers. She posts videos of her son and life on TikTok. But, there is a darker story behind all of this that people have been interested in. Namely, she has committed a serious crime in the past.

Users on TikTok did some digging when it came to Christina Rivers. They found out that she had been charged with the death of her son. He had died from drowning when he was just two years old in Sabine Parish. As a result, she was charged and found guilty of negligent homicide.

Does this mean that Christina Rivers should be punished for the rest of her life? Well, people are split when it comes to this debate. There are going to be some people that have said she has served her time and is even punished by the loss of her son. Then, there are going to be others that disagree and say that she should have been in jail for life for killing her own son and that it is unforgiveable. Certainly, her TikTok videos have caused controversy and users do not like how she has been posting. In particular, they find it disrespectful to her son that has died as the result of her actions or inactions. What do you think about Christina Rivers and this story?

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