TikTok: ‘Thots’ Meaning Explained

TikTok: ‘Thots’ Meaning

If you are a veteran of social media, you know that slang words and terms emerge all the time. But, some of them can be hard to keep up with and not easy to guess what they mean. Some slang terms require some research so that you can use them correctly or avoid using them altogether.

One term that you may have noticed being used a lot on social media, in particular, we are talking about TikTok, is ‘thots.’ Indeed, this is a slang term that is becoming very popular and maybe not for the right reasons. So, let’s take a closer look at this one and see what it means and whether you should use it.

What Does ‘Thot’ Mean?

First of all, let’s cut to the chase and explain what ‘thot’ actually means. This is a slang term that simply means that someone is classed as a ‘hoe’. Of course, this is not a nice word to use about someone and ‘thot’ is similar in that it is a derogatory term. In particular, it is used a lot on social media, as well as in music. For example, there are a number of hip-hop artists that use the term ‘thot’ when they are talking about a woman. Therefore, a ‘thot’ is used for someone that sleeps around and that might cheat on you because they are not known to be faithful.

How did the word ‘thot’ start? Well, this one is unclear. But, it appears that ‘thot’ could be an acronym. It could stand for ‘that hoe over there’. You will also see people pluralize the word to ‘thots’ or ‘thotties’. Again, it is used mainly towards women by men. But, it can be used the other way around.

What is a TikTok ‘Thot’?

We all know that people like to create thirst traps on TikTok. In other words, this is a video that is meant to tease people and make them desirable. Creators want their fans to like them and be attracted to them. There is no doubt that certain trends and dances are likely to get you more likes and new followers than others. But, if your thirst trap does not have the desired effect, it might make people call you a ‘thot.’ People can see through your actions and do not like it. So, they are going to call you a ‘TikTok thot.’

Therefore, a TikTok thot is simply a creator who is trying to use their good looks to their advantage. So, they will dance in certain ways and create particular content that makes them look attractive. While this might work for some people, others find it cringy and end up calling them a TikTok thot. They are only doing this for sexual attention and even to take advantage of their viewers for their own monetary gain.

The chances are, you do not want to be called a TikTok thot. This is not a name that is a compliment and it might affect your confidence on the app. There are a lot of creators that have stopped making videos due to nasty comments from other people. They can be known as keyboard warriors that like to speak their mind on the internet but are unlikely to say something like that to your face.

How to Avoid Being a TikTok Thot

Do you not like the idea of being called a TikTok thot? This can be hurtful when you see this name in your comments. But, there are ways you can avoid this from happening to you. Namely, this is going to involve watching what type of content you post on the internet.

If you like to post on TikTok, you are going to have to be careful of the content you post. In particular, you will want to follow the latest trends. But, it might be best to avoid some of them if you think they could be deemed a thirst trap. There are a lot of fun challenges and trends out there that do not involve being revealing or teasing. Simply, look for them and see what is popular right now. You can still gain a lot of views and new followers, as well as make good money.

You will also want to watch how you dress in TikTok. If you have something revealing on, this might make you a target for being bullied on the internet and called a TikTok thot. Again, people can be nasty out there and it is unfortunate that you have to think about what could make you a target. But, if you really are affected by what people will say about you online, this is something to consider.

To Summarize

The internet can be a wonderful thing for sharing content and connecting with people from around the world. You can receive a lot of empowering and positive comments on videos you post on TikTok. But, there is also the negative side that means you can attract hate and hurtful comments. In particular, there is one term that is being used a lot online. We are talking about ‘thots’ and being called a ‘TikTok thot.’ Let’s summarize what we have covered in this post.

A ‘thot’ is not a nice name to call someone and it is best to avoid using it on the internet. It is the same as calling someone a ‘hoe’ and it is thought that ‘thot’ is an acronym for that hoe over there’. You will find that this term is often used towards women and it can be left in the comments under thirst trap videos on TikTok.

If you are a TikTok thot, this means that you crave attention and are using your good looks for monetary gain. This is something that a lot of people do not like and they might call you a ‘TikTok thot’ as revenge. This is going to be hurtful to hear. The best thing you can do is monitor what type of content you are posting and look at challenges and trends carefully before you join in.

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