TikTok: Two Towel Challenge – How to Untangle

TikTok: Two Towel Challenge

Do you go on the TikTok app a lot? Then you know that it is a great place for challenges and fun activities. You can laugh with your friends, as well as compete and enjoy some excitement. There are so many out on the app that you can have hours of fun.

In particular, a lot of people like the couple challenges that emerge on TikTok. Just as the name suggests, these are challenges that are specifically for couples to enjoy. Often, they get a lot of views on TikTok and they can be a fun bonding session for a couple. There is one trend that has been very popular lately. We are talking about the Two Towel Challenge. If you have not seen this one yet, let’s take a closer look.

What is the Two Towel Challenge?

First of all, let’s take a look at what the Two Towel Challenge is. This is a trend going around on TikTok and it is one you can have a lot of fun with. So, this challenge is going to be something that you can play with your partner. In order to join in, you will need to set up your camera and record for TikTok. Then, you are going to need two towels in order to play. You will need to take the corners of the towels and pull. Then, one of you will take the rolled-up towel and loop it through the other. The challenge is all about trying to untangle the two towels when you are both holding one. You cannot let go.

If you try this challenge, it can seem impossible without letting go of the towels. Indeed, there are some hilarious videos of the Two Towel Challenge on TikTok that you will need to check it out. You can look at the hashtag to find the relevant challenge. People are really loving this one and the hashtag has over 23.3 million views. Do you think that you could untangle the towel from your partners?

Can You Untangle from the Two Towel Challenge?

If you have not figured out how you can beat the Two Towel Challenge, this might be why you have landed on this post. Well, we are going to explain that there is actually a way to beat this challenge. You just have to think outside the box and you might be surprised. It can seem impossible when you are doing the Two Towel Challenge. But, once you know the answer, you will see that it is possible.

So, people worked out how to beat the Two Towel Challenge by thinking about a rope escape trick. If you have not heard of this before, it is when you have two ropes tied to your wrists and they are looped just like the towel challenge.

This is an escape trick and you have to make a loop on one side. Then, you slide this loop under the rope on your wrist. With the rope you have fed through, you make a loop and pass it over your hand and wrist. The other person will pull the rope free. While this might seem complicated to follow, there are a lot of views about it on YouTube. You can watch them and gain a better idea of what to do.

This same trick is going to work with the towels. But, it is going to take a little more work. Since the towels are being held and they are not tied to your wrists like the ropes, you are going to have to maneuver your body into the ropes. But, if you follow the same type of technique, you are going to untangle yourself.

The best thing you can do is try the Two Towel Challenge for yourself. So, grab a partner and give it a try. If you do not have a partner, you can always choose a friend or family member. This can be a fun challenge you can try together and record for TikTok. You can even play it at parties and it will have everyone perplexed. But, once you have figured out how to untangle yourself, this can be your own party trick!

To Summarize

Do you love to complete challenges and have fun on TikTok? Well, this latest challenge is one that you have to try. Just make sure that you have a partner, whether that is a boyfriend or girlfriend or you can choose a friend or family member. Then, you can grab your smartphone and record you both trying the Two Towel Challenge. Let’s summarize what we have learned about this challenge in this post.

The Two Towel Challenge is very popular right now and it involves holding towels that are twisted together. A lot of people cannot get their head around how you can separate them and complete the challenge. Indeed, if you do not know the answer it can seem perplexing. But, there really is a way you can entangle yourself from your partner and free the towel you are holding.

There is some work involved in untangling the towels. This is going to involve maneuvering your body into the ropes and this is going to free them. The best thing you can do if you are not sure is to look at the rope escape tricks. Alternatively, there will be some people on YouTube that give instructions for the Two Towel Challenge. If you are wanting to have this as a party trick at a gathering, you can look up the videos in advance and make sure that you know how to do it. Then, you are going to be able to surprise everyone!

There are so many more challenges out there on TikTok that you can discover. This is what makes the app so fun to use and there are new trends emerging all the time. So, what are you waiting for? Have some fun and create videos on the app.

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