What Happened to Phora?

What Happened to Phora?

Are you a fan of rap music? Then you probably like to know the latest news when it comes to rappers and what they are doing with their lives. It is common to want to keep up with celebrities and know more about them on a personal level.

In particular, this is something that people have wanted to do with Phora. He is an American rapper that everyone has been talking about recently. Have you not heard the news about Phora? Well, let’s dive into this topic and find out the latest news and what everyone is talking about.

Who is Phora?

First of all, in case you have not heard of Phora, let’s talk about who he is. He is a popular rapper that was born in Anaheim, California. His music touched people on a personal level since it talked about his past struggles. This is something that a lot of people related to. Due to this fame, Phora made a deal with Warner Bros Records. But, it is rumored that he left in 2019. But, this did not mean that the rapper stopped making music.

Let’s share some personal details about Phora. His really name is actually Marco Anthony Archer. He was born on 11th October 1994 and he used to be a tattoo artist before he got into music. Some of his influences for making music include graffiti and his father. There are three rappers that Phora has said that he likes. This includes J. Cole, Logic and Hopsin. It is likely they have been influences too.

Why is Everyone Talking About Phora?

You might be wondering why everyone is talking about Phora and what has happened to him. Well, on August 29, people noticed that he had deleted all of the posts he had on Instagram. The only image that was posted was a black image. The caption said, ‘can’t do this anymore. I give up’. Of course, this is something that has alarmed a lot of people and this includes his fans that follow him. This post is quite cryptic and nobody knows what it means. But, a lot of people have assumed the worst and that something has happened to the American rapper.

Something else that made alarm bells ring was the recent stories that were uploaded on his Instagram. They were worrying posts that detailed how he was over everything and that he did not feel like anything mattered anymore. Phora also said that he did not like to let his fans down. But, he was not able to make music when he felt dead inside. Of course, when anyone makes posts like this, it is worrying and perhaps means that that person is suicidal. So, fans were very worried. In addition, on an Instagram Live, he was drinking a lot of alcohol and even got into a fight with his friend.

After all of these posts, people started to believe that Phora was dead. This rumor went around on the internet and people started to believe it. This meant that his management team felt the need to speak out about what was happened. Namely, on Instagram, they said that he was dealing with depression. He also had post-traumatic stress disorder. There were a small minority of people that thought these posts could be for attention and as a publicity stunt since he had a new album. But, management confirmed that this was not the case and instead, he was going through a time of bad mental health.

It has not been confirmed whether Phora is dead or alive. Instead, the management team said that this album, which is called With Love 2, is not finished yet. Due to the rapper’s bad mental health, it was not going to be released without it being finished. The management team said they are supporting his family. The last thing that the team said was that the whole situation would be addressed soon for fans. This would lead us to believe that the rumors about him being dead are simply a hoax and not true.

To Summarize

Keeping up with all of your favorite celebrities is something people love to do. Indeed, this is why paparazzi and other newspapers are able to make a living. You can find out almost anything about someone famous online. In particular, celebrities share a lot on their social media accounts for their fans to see. This includes sharing opinions on Twitter, as well as images and videos on Instagram.

Something that a lot of people have been talking about lately is the posts from Phora. He is a famous American rapper that a lot of people follow. Unfortunately, his posts have been cryptic and scary for fans. In particular, there has been rumors going around online that he is dead based on what he has posted. He had made suicidal claims on the internet that he no longer wants to live or sees the point in living. Not only was he not making music, but he was saying that he no longer got any enjoyment from it. Of course, this has disappointed fans. But, they are more worried about his mental state.

The rumors really took off and went viral. This meant that his management team knew they had to do something about it. They tried to address the rumors and wanted to share that Phora was dealing with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. This was what was making him act this way on social media. This was also arguing back at the minority who thought this was an act for attention. But, they did not say directly if he was dead. Instead, they said that his album was not finished yet and they were supporting the family. While we do not know if Phora is dead, until it is confirmed, it is best to assume that this is a hoax. It is best not to fuel bad rumors like this in case they have a damaging affect for people that know Phora.

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