Who is Zach Latham? A Neighbor’s Murderer for TikTok Fame

Who is Zach Latham? A Neighbor's Murderer for TikTok Fame

People can become famous and known around the world for many things. Sometimes, this can be for good reasons, and they can enjoy having celebrity status. Other times, someone can become famous for doing bad things. They can enter the news for their actions and people will talk about them.

For example, someone that fits into this category is Zach Latham. If you have not heard his name before, we will tell you all about him and what is going on. Did he commit murder for TikTok fame? We will soon find out.

Who is Zachary Latham?

A lot of people want to be famous on TikTok. You can create videos for a living, making a huge amount of money, as well as gaining fame. Everybody will know who you are and you are going to be famous around the world. But, what would you be willing to do in order to become famous on the popular app?

Well, there are some people that would commit murder. For example, this is something that people think Zachary Latham has done. In particular, he was charged with the death of a man, William Durham. While Zachary is only 18 years old, the victim was 51. They got into a fight and this is what led to their death.

So, before we go into more details about what happened, let’s take a closer look at who Zachary Latham is. Well, he is an 18-year-old that is from New Jersey. He was known on TikTok for making videos. Soon, he became known for stabbing someone.

What Happened in the Murder?

Zachary Latham was taken as a suspect in the stabbing of his neighbor, which led to his death. While he was not charged initially, he later admitted to committing the crime. The real problem people found with the case was why he did this heinous act. Well, it appears that he killed his neighbor in order to become more TikTok famous.

The victim was called William Durham and he was a state prison officer. Zachary Latham claimed that he was only acting in self-defense against Durham. The fight seemed to have happened at the residence, with Zachary Latham having a stun gun and knife in his possession at the time of the attack. In addition, it is claimed that he stabbed the victim several times. These are two facts that indicate this was not self-defense. 

Who is Zach Latham? A Neighbor's Murderer for TikTok Fame

Did Zachary Latham Become Famous?

So, did Zachary Latham become famous after murdering his neighbor? Well, the answer is yes. It was not long before the story circulated and everybody found out what he had done. In particular, his mugshot from jail went viral over the world.

Of course, after the story broke, they wanted to know how many years Zachary Latham received for this murder. The bad news is that the trial has not been completed yet. It is said that Zachary Latham has been released from prison and it will not be until later on that we find out the exact charges and whether he will be found guilty or not.

Therefore, you will need to stay tuned to see whether Zachary Latham is charged with first-degree murder. Indeed, this is the charge that many people want him to face. But, it is yet to be seen whether this will be brought against him. In addition, if this case goes to a jury trial, the verdict will be unpredictable. This often happens in this type of case and when there is a jury involved. It will depend on what type of evidence is offered and who is on the jury. So, you will need to try to keep up with the case to see what happens next.

To Summarize

They say that a lot of people will do anything for fame and money. Unfortunately, this saying can often be correct and people will do crazy things. This can end up ruining their lives and they will learn to regret their actions. Someone that would be able to speak about this from their own personal experience is Zachary Latham. He is soon learning that fame is not everything and you should not do bad things to get there as they can backfire. Let’s summarize what we know about Zachary Latham and the murder of the neighbor.

One of the most popular apps at the moment is TikTok. This video-sharing app is one that gives you the freedom to create content you love. Sometimes, people just want money and fame from the app, which influences the content they are creating. They want to do anything to be in the spotlight. It is believed that Zachary Latham wanted to be famous and for everybody to know who he was. Well, he might have been able to achieve this, but maybe not in the way he intended.

In particular, Zachary Latham has become known for murdering his neighbor. It is believed that the two people got into an argument. The victim was William Durham and he was a state prison officer. Previous evidence suggests that Zachary Latham and his neighbor had been feuding for a while. For example, Zachary Latham would speed around the neighborhood. Well, one night, things escalated and went too far. In particular, William Durham was stabbed several times, which led to his death.

Zachary Latham claims that this act was self-defense. However, this seems hard to believe when he was carrying a stun gun and knife at the time. What’s more, the victim was stabbed several times, which suggests anger rather than self-defense. Zachary Latham will be put on trial for what happened to William Durham. But, it is not yet clear what the charge will be and whether he will be found guilty. This is something we will have to wait and see. He is not in prison right now, but his trial is believed to be soon. So, if you want to find out the verdict, stay tuned.

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