What’s a Highlighted Comment on YouTube? What does it represent?

What’s a Highlighted Comment on YouTube? What does it represent?

Streaming service YouTube is one of the most prominent social media sites. However, even if you’ve been on YouTube for a long time, some of its functions are still a bit of a mystery to most people. The highlighted comment is one of them, and even old YouTube users are still unsure what it accomplishes.

What’s a highlighted comment on YouTube? Do you think this YouTube comment is going to be seen by other users and increase the user’s popularity? Read this article to learn what’s a highlighted comment on YouTube.

What Does Highlighted Comment Mean?

For a long time now, YouTube has had a feature called the “highlighted comment tag.” Most users, though, aren’t sure what it means or why they need it.

You may be curious about the appearance of highlighted comments if you’ve never seen any. A comment that is highlighted by some color is not to be expected. Rather, the author’s name appears in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Grayish-blue is the tag’s primary color.

These comments serve a variety of functions. Firstly, they are YouTube’s automatic function that makes commenting on a channel easier for channel owners.

When you get an email or notification that a comment has been placed on your video, you are more likely to see it. It is simpler for you to respond straight away if you click on the notice, since that comment is now at the top of the area.

If someone responds to a comment you’ve made, you’ll be notified. There is a designated “highlight,” which appears when you click on it. With this function, finding a comment is as simple as it gets.

Who Does the Highlighting?

For comment highlighting, YouTube is responsible, not the video creator. That means that if you’re wondering whether you can highlight your own YouTube videos, the answer is a straight No! You can only delete, flag as spam, hide, or approve comments on your YouTube channel. You can’t do anything more with them.

For the sake of making it easier for people to find what they’re looking for in the comments area, the platform has included this automated function.

Pinned comments are also an intriguing feature that places the comment at the top of the comments list. Highlighted comments, on the other hand, take precedence over pinned comments.

It is possible for viewers and content creators to highlight comments, but just for browsing reasons. When you highlight, you’ll be able to discover comments on any video quickly, and you’ll also be notified if someone responds. It’s as simple as clicking on the timestamp next to the commentator’s name at the top of the comment and above the comment itself.

How Can I Reply to Highlighted Comments?

Though you are not the one who has the option to highlight the comment, you are the one who decides whether or not to respond to the comment. To make things easier for its viewers, YouTube has devoted a lot of attention. Therefore, the procedure is quite straightforward and takes only one minute.

If you’re on YouTube, you’ll see a highlighted comment on your Dashboard or in your email inbox. In your email, you’ll notice a Reply button that takes you directly to the comment you’ve just read.

When you open the Dashboard, you’ll get a notice, as well. It’s easy to see who has commented, which comments have been highlighted, and to write a response by going to the comment area.

People who comment on your posts will get a notification when you respond, so be sure to keep that in mind while you’re replying.

Best Tips to Write Comments that will be Highlighted

Consider the following advice the next time you’re tempted to comment on a video.

  • Get an idea of what others are saying by reading the comments that have already appeared on a video. If you see anything in the video that no one else is talking about, this might be an opportunity for you to get a highlight tag.
  • Avoid long, drawn-out ramblings and stick to the facts. Avoid excessive paragraphs and unnecessary fluff in your writing.
  • Let us know what you think of the content! Don’t forget to tell the creator how much you appreciate what they’re doing.
  • No grammatical errors here! Make sure your comments are free of grammatical errors before posting them.
  • Don’t be surprised if your comment isn’t immediately highlighted. It may take some time for YouTube to examine it. A good one, on the other hand, will be the first thing viewers see, which means that you’ll have a better chance of getting new subscribers.

Are These Comments Beneficial?

It’s not likely that these highlighted comments will have a large impact on your follower count, but they may have a favorable impact on your online profile.

Commentary on videos is a popular pastime. The highlighted comments are the first thing visitors see when they arrive at this area. They may opt to open your YouTube channel and subscribe if yours is the first one they see. It’s not the ideal strategy to develop your YouTube channel, but you can use highlighted comments to your advantage.


What does it signify if a comment is highlighted on YouTube? These comments serve a variety of functions, the primary one being to make it easier for you to find relevant information inside the discussion. Both viewers and video makers may quickly highlight a comment on a video to assist them navigate this portion of YouTube.

Bookmarking and highlighting are quite similar. There are undoubtedly some advantages to using this tool, such as making your channel more apparent to the public and maybe increasing your brand’s visibility.

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