Top 6 Anime Series to Watch on Hulu RIGHT Now!

Top 6 Anime Series to Watch on Hulu RIGHT Now!

Hulu does have a fantastic reputation for having a wide selection of Hdtv episodes, and amazingly, it has expanded to anime for quite a long time. If you’re looking for the best anime series, there are many places to find them including Hulu on top. Hulu currently has more than 300 series available, surpassing Netflix by quite a bit.

In this blog we have listed the top 6 Anime on Hulu but to satisfy your anime cravings outside of the USA on HULU you’ll have to employ a VPN. As the site is geo-blocked outside of the USA.

And so before detailing the finest anime alternatives on HULU, I have provided a list of factors you should consider when looking for the best VPN for accessing Hulu in the first section.

Factors to consider in a VPN

1) VPN Speed

It is recommended to pick a VpN connection that can provide the fastest speeds feasibly. Speeds of interconnections via a VPN will be slightly slower than all those made directly. It’s because an extra server is installed for extra protection.

Yet, you may also want to verify that the network operator manages all its servers instead of outsourcing routine maintenance.

2) Server Dispersion

Another feature you must consider when selecting a VPN service is the location of the remote servers. To that end, when looking for one, examine the list of available servers and the nations supported.

Try to find a service provider having servers in the majority of the world’s countries. Over 1000 server sites are available worldwide from a number of the leading service providers.

Now that you know how to choose a top-quality VPN to access HULU. Let’s shed some light on the best anime series currently offered on HULU.

The Greatest 6 Anime Series on Hulu

1) Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba

Number of Episodes: 26

Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba is a highly fresh yet unusual anime that has been dominating popular anime culture. When a young boy’s parents are slaughtered by one demon, he is shocked to discover that his sister has grown into something like a demon. Having no place to look, he takes a vow to chase down and slaughter demons with the desire to bring his sister back. The series takes spectacular surprises and turns to make it one of the more dynamic anime available on the market, and the action is novel and entertaining.

2) Fire Force

Number of Episodes: 48

Fire Force is a narrative concerning humans getting divided into sectors wherein turmoil & disaster dominate, and so it concentrates on just a central protagonist who’s trying to comprehend his unique abilities. An illness that causes people to abruptly burn and change into thoughtless, deadly beings known as “Infernals” threatens humankind.

The globe’s last line of protection and a method for resolving the mystery that lies behind everything is a mixture of magical and highly powered people who have been formed into a department to investigate and solve the challenges.

3) Food Wars

Number of Episodes: 37

You undoubtedly already recognize the relevance of eating in anime if you really can recollect the delicious meals in Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away. The idea is carried to greater levels within the excellent animated series Food Wars! The center of the narrative is Souma, a promising young ambitious cook. He is comfortable assisting his father in operating their little cafe in Japan, however, when he starts attending a cooking academy alongside some of the top young coaches in the world, he is immediately plunged into a completely different universe of culinary.

4) My Hero Academia

Number of Episodes: 102

The British audience of My Hero Academia is particularly huge, earning it the most well-liked modern anime series right now. The series’ key idea isn’t particularly unique, but still, the storyline with character evolution boosts every episode beyond the previous one.

A young child, even without special abilities or “quirks,” aspires to be an action hero someday in a world populated with powerful superhumans. But then, when he receives the powers of the fiercest person alive, he discovers that success requires more than just a warrior’s desire.

5) Attack on Titans

Number of Episodes: 75

In an effort to relieve giant humanoids called Titans, humankind is now on the brink of extinction and therefore hiding beyond massive fortifications. The Titans threaten to break the fortifications yet again and invade a neighboring city despite having spent over 100 years secure within the borders of their imprisonment.

Two kids watch with horror as the members of the family are killed and eaten, but they take a vow to live and fight this danger.

Now is a wonderful opportunity to catch up because Season 4 just dropped in 2020!

6) One Piece

Number of Episodes: 750

One Piece is not among the greatest anime services offered on Hulu but also among the greatest of all time. So if you’re hunting for a brilliant series with a massive amount of episodes, this is the one. Monkey D. Luffy, a friendly and courageous adolescent rogue, is the protagonist of the narrative as he begins on a dangerous hunt for the legendary “One Piece” wealth. The desired title of “Pirate King” will be gained by whoever can rescue the treasure.



In summary, the aforementioned anime series are highly applauded. And so if you are already an anime or are recently developing an interest in this genre, you certainly will appreciate the titles highlighted in this blog.

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