Turner and Hooch Season 2

Turner and Hooch Season 2

Every year, there are series on television that are renewed and others that are cancelled. This is how the world of television series works and the producers decide whether it is worth going ahead with another season. Indeed, this is often down to the audience they are attracting and whether there are enough fans of the show to go ahead. In addition, it will depend on if there is a contract for another season and if any television channels want to pick up a new series.

For instance, people want to know whether Turner and Hooch is going to get a season two. Is there another series in the works for this show? Let’s take a closer look at the answer and find out.

What is Turner and Hooch?

Are you familiar with Turner and Hooch? Perhaps this is not a show that you have seen before and you are curious as to what it is all about. Well, this is a television show that is based on the Turner and Hooch movie. This was released back in 1989 and starred famous actor Tom Hanks. The story is simple yet endearing, with a buddy-cop type of theme. In particular, this was about Scott Turner and a dog, which was a French Mastiff. The movie was very popular when it was released, earning around $71 million at the time.

So, the movie was adapted into a television series. This starred big names, such as Josh Peck and Matt Nix. It was first released in July 2021 and was made available to view anyone that had Disney+. In particular, there were 12 episodes for people to watch and it was supposed to have taken place around 30 years after the movie story.

Is there Going to be a Turner and Hooch Second Season?

Are you wondering whether there is going to be a second season of Turner and Hooch? Perhaps you have already watched the episodes and enjoyed the show. Alternatively, maybe you like what the story is and believe you will love the first season. So, you want to know there is a second season in store once you have binge-watched the first 12 episodes.

Well, it is important to think about the reviews and how the first season of Turner and Hooch was received. Overall, it had a large audience. But, there were only average reviews for the show. So, it was in the air whether Turner and Hooch would be renewed. Was there enough of a demand for the series?

Well, we hate to disappoint you. It looks as if Turner and Hooch has been cancelled. This means that there is not likely to be a second season. Certainly, this will not happen in the near future and there are no plans. The last episode of the show was released in October 2021. The story will not leave you wondering what will happen. Instead, there are no cliff hangers that are going to leave you on edge.

Turner and Hooch Season 2

In particular, there were a lot of people that were comparing the series to the movie. Namely, they were saying that it was a disappointment and was not as good as the film. So, this clearly was fed back to Disney+ and production and a second season will not go ahead right now. Does this mean that it will return in the future? Well, there is always going to be a possibility. But, you should not expect a second season.

Therefore, if you have not watched the show yet, you can still enjoy the 12 episodes that are available. But, you should treat the 12th episode as the final one.

To Summarize

The world of television can be difficult. There are going to be some shows that are instant hits and fans love them. They can go on for years and have many seasons. In fact, they can be so popular that there is no end in sight. But, for other shows, things can come to a close very quickly. They can be cancelled after just one season. Well, this is something that has happened to Turner and Hooch. Let’s summarize what we know about this show and whether there is going to be a season two in the works in the future.

There was a lot of excitement around Turner and Hooch to begin with. It was a show based on a very popular movie that made $71 million and starred Tom Hanks. So, when it was announced that it was going to be turned into a series and be based around 30 years into the future, fans of the movie were excited. Indeed, everyone loves a show with a dog!

However, it was not long before the adaptation was talked about. There were 12 episodes in season one and while some people enjoyed the show, there were others that were highly critical of it. Namely, they were disappointed and thought that it did not do justice to the original movie. This would be something that Disney+ took on board when they were considering whether there was going to be a season two.

The decision was made that there was not going to be a season two of Turner and Hooch. Simply, there was not enough demand by fans for the show to continue. Clearly, the criticism that it received was crucial in the decision to cancel the show after just 12 episodes. Sometimes, it is difficult to enjoy success with a story if it is based on a more popular version, like in this case, with the movie.

If you were a fan of the show, the good news is that Turner and Hooch did not end on a cliff hanger. Instead, the 12 episodes felt like it completed the story and it was good while it lasted with the characters. So, you can just enjoy what you saw on Disney+ and not feel like you did not get an ending. Perhaps in the future, the producers might change their minds.

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