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Lil Fizz Video – Explained

Lil Fizz Video – Explained

Within a matter of minutes, a video can start to go viral. That is the power of the internet and you have to be careful what you put into the public domain. Unfortunately, thanks to hackers, some content is out of your control. In particular, if you are someone that is a celebrity or a well-known internet personality, you can be targeted. This means having content published about you without your permission.

Someone that can tell you all about this type of incident is Lil Fizz. There have been videos going viral recently that are causing a lot of controversies. This is likely to have an effect on his career one way or the other. So, let’s find out about the videos that are going to get Lil Fizz the wrong type of publicity.

Who is Lil Fizz?

If you have not heard of Lil Fizz before, you may be wondering who he is. So, let’s start by going over the basics of who this star is for a better understanding of what is happening and how it is going to affect him.  Lil Fizz is known as a singer and songwriter. In particular, he is loved as a rapper and he is from New Orleans Louisiana. He was born on the 26 November 1985.

When it comes to his music career, Lil Fizz first started in B2K, which is a band. He stayed in the band for four years but they split up. Since Lil Fizz wanted to continue with music, he decided to go solo. In particular, he released a song called Payday in July 2017.

What Video was Exposed?

Well, there are several videos that have been leaked when it comes to Lil Fizz. So, there are a few controversies floating around on the internet that are not working well for his reputation as a musician.

The first video we are going to talk about is of him grabbing a woman’s behind. In particular, this is Apryl Jones the mother of Omarion’s baby. He is a band member that Lil Fizz was friends with and they had a career together. While he was the one that posted this video on Instagram, he may not have realized how much trouble it would cause. In particular, people think that it is not a good thing that they are together and that it is disrespectful.

There is also another video that has been leaked that everyone is talking about on the internet and featuring Lil Fizz.  But, this time, it is very unlikely that he was the one that wanted the video out there for people to see. This was an intimate video and while it seems to have appeared from Only Fans, it has attracted a lot of jokes. A lot of people were not ‘impressed’ with what they had seen and were laughing at Lil Fizz. We are pretty sure this is not the type of reaction you are going to want.

Does Lil Fizz Have an Only Fans?

So, does Lil Fizz really have an Only Fans account? The answer to this question seems to be yes.  In particular, he has 18.2 K likes on the platform. He seems to be active on this account and posting on it, with 76 posts in total. So, it does seem that this is where the original video came from.

Again, it is very unlikely that Lil Fizz wanted this to be leaked. The point of Only Fans is for people to pay for content. Often, this is X-rated content like what has been leaked online for everyone to see. So, the idea that people are able to see this content for free is likely to not be what he wanted to happened. But, he is probably more bothered about the fact that people did not like the content he shared. It became a joke and people had a lot of things to say about him. Indeed, this is likely to be quite embarrassing for Lil Fizz.

Are all of these jokes karma for what he did to his bandmate? A lot of people would say yes. Well, there is no doubt that these jokes are going to stay around on the internet for a long time. Social media is a place where news travels fast.

To Summarize

Unfortunately, not everything that goes viral is good. In fact, you can be on the bad end of viral content and find yourself the center of a joke. Certainly, this is something that Lil Fizz can tell you all about. A recent video that has been leaked has meant that the musician has been left red-faced. So, let’s summarize what we have covered in this post.

If you are not familiar with Lil Fizz, he is a singer and songwriter. In particular, he likes to rap and has released some popular music. Of course, he is known by the name of Lil Fizz when he is on stage and he started off in a band. They were called B2K. They were together for four years but split up. He decided to go solo and has done well in his music career. In particular, he has a popular song called Payday.

But, Lil Fizz has been involved in some controversies. Namely, he was known to post a video grabbing a woman’s behind. But, this was not just anyone. This was the mother of his bandmate’s child. She was called Apryl Jones and she had a baby with Omarion. This was not something that fans liked.

In addition, Lil Fizz found that one of his Only Fans videos was leaked. Yes, from a financial point of view, this is not something that the musician would have wanted. After all, the purpose of Only Fans is to gather subscribers that are paying monthly for content. But, a lot of people were not impressed with what they saw and started to make jokes about the video of him. So, this leaked content has left him feeling embarrassed.

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