Michael Strahan Partner – Explained

Michael Strahan Partner – Explained

When someone is in the limelight, people want to know a lot about them. This can be simple things like their favorite sport or what they like to do in their spare time. But, fans can also get quite invasive and want to know more personal details about their lives. This includes their sexuality, as well as their partner. Some celebrities are open about these details while others keep their cards close to their chest.

One person that everyone has been wondering about is Michael Strahan. People want to know who his partner is. So, let’s take a closer look at the information that is out there on the internet.

Who is Michael Strahan?

First of all, if you are new here, you might not know who Michael Strahan is. So, let’s break it down to begin with. Michael Strahan is someone that used to play football professionally. We are talking about playing for the New York Giants. Indeed, he was a successful player and spent 15 seasons there.


Since retiring from football, Michael Strahan has continued to make a name for himself. Namely, he has become an American television personality. In particular, a lot of people are going to recognize him from Good Morning America. If you are a football fan, it is likely that you have also seen Michael Strahan on Fox NFL Sunday.

On a personal level, Michael Strahan is 50 years old and he was born in Houston, Texas. He is one of five siblings and he is straight. His net worth is said to be $65 million.

Who Has Michael Strahan Been in a Relationship With?

Michael Strahan Partner – ExplainedAs an attractive man and a former NFL player, you would expect Michael Strahan to be confident when it comes to women. Well, it appears this is true and he has had several relationships in his life. In fact, he has also gone through some divorces too. You will find that the relationships that Michael Strahan had are quite private. So, while you are not going to find out all of the details, you can find out his partner’s names.

First of all, he was married to Wanda Hutchins Strahan. They met in Manheim, Germany, which is where they both lived when their parents were in the United States military. They began dating in 1990 and were married in 1991, being in a marriage for five years together. During their marriage, they had two children. However, they divorced in 1996.

His next partner was Jean Muggli. After being divorced Michael Strahan did focus on his career and wanted to perform well in the NFL. So, he probably was not actively looking for a partner. But, he did meet Jean Muggli in a salon. They got married in 1999 after around one year of dating. Then, if you fast forward five years, the couple had twins together and this was two daughters. However, in 2006, they got divorced. Things got complicated when it came to the estate, as well as years later with their daughters.

Michael Strahan also dated Stefani vara for a while but they separated in 2007. He was even engaged to Nicole Mitchell after a couple of years of dating. However, the couple were not meant to be and they chose to go their separate ways.

In 2014, Marianna Hewitt entered into a relationship with Michael Strahan. Well, we are not sure if this was an official relationship and it did not last long. But, the two are associated with each other when they were dating in New York.

Is Michael Strahan dating anyone now? The answer is yes. Since 2016, Kayla Quick and Michael Strahan have been in a relationship. They are still together and going strong according to a lot of fans. But, we have not seen them in public together for a while. Perhaps they are just keeping things private. Certainly, they are not married nor has there been any news of them being engaged. You will have to do some of your own digging if you want to find out more about this pair. But, if they are to get engaged in the future, they are likely going to announce it.

Who is Kayla Quick?

So, who is Kayla Quick and is she famous? Well, there are a few things we know about Kayla Quick and unfortunately, they are not good. Namely, she is known for being arrested in the past and having a criminal history. In particular, it was reported that she stole $6,000 of jewelry from her grandmother.

In addition, Kayla Quick has been judged for working in a strip club. It is thought that she worked as a waitress and she made very good money in this role because she was able to charm clients there. In fact, she has even be described as being able to ‘hustle’ some of the customers. A lot of people have said that she is a good girl gone bad and this means that people do not always think positively about Kayla Quick.

Due to her past, there are fans of Michael Strahan that do not like Kayla Quick. They believe that she is with him because of the money he has. Indeed, they have said that he is going to get ‘robbed’. But, it has to be said that they have been together for a while now. So, Michael Strahan clearly loves Kayla Quick and is not fazed by her past.

To Summarize

Over the years, Michael Strahan has had a number of partners in the limelight. This includes a few divorces and engagements. But, he seems to have now settled down with Kayla Quick after several years together. While they have not been seen in public together for a while, there are people that like to keep their relationship private. Perhaps due to the bad publicity she has had, they want to stay low and just enjoy time together in peace. This is not something you can blame them for.

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