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Moroccan Scott Cannon

It is common for fans of celebrities to want to find out more about their children. Indeed, this includes finding out what they work as and even what they look like. When children are young, this can be quite invasive. There are many celebrities that do not like this invasion of privacy and wish to protect their children. But, as they grow older, it is more common to see famous celebrity children in the spotlight. Indeed, this might be how they are able to make a living.

For example, many people want to find out more about Moroccan Scott Cannon. He is Mariah Carey’s son. So, let’s take a look at what we know about him.

Who are Moroccan Scott Cannon’s Parents?

First of all, you are going to want to know who the parents are of Moroccan Scott Cannon. Indeed, we have mentioned that he is the son of Mariah Carey, who is a famous singer that everybody knows. So, who is the father? Well, the clue is in the last name. It is Nick Cannon has also lived his life in the spotlight and is famous in his own right.

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey were married. They had twins Monroe and Moroccan. While they are not divorced, they have both been raising their children and making sure that they are co-parenting them. Indeed, the couple is said to be friends, and this is something that is going to benefit the children and how they are raised. Moroccan Scott Cannon is believed to be 11 years old.

Who is Moroccan Scott Cannon?

Now, let’s find out some person details about Moroccan Scott Cannon. Yes, he is a twin, and he was born on April 30th 2011. He was born after his sister, and his name was inspired by the décor that Mariah Carey enjoyed in her New York City apartment. If you want to see what Moroccan Scott Cannon looks like, he is often in photos that feature on Mariah Carey’s Instagram.

Moroccan Scott Cannon

This means that Moroccan Scott Cannon is around 12 years old. He will be at school and in the middle of his education. It is likely that he goes to the same school as his twin sister. While he is likely to have friends now, he was once bullied. This was in August and October 2020, and it was believed to be racist bullying. While Moroccan Scott Cannon thought they were his friends, this did not turn out to be the case. It is believed that he has a mixed background, which includes being of Irish-American, African-American and Venezuelan-American descent. He got his middle name from his great-grandma.

As mentioned, there is some of Moroccan Scott Cannon’s life available on social media. This has mostly been posted by his parents, which means that they want it to be in the limelight, and it is not from the paparazzi. For example, there was a song released called ‘In The Mix’, and he was included in this song. In particular, he had a line, which was ‘Yaaay us!’ In addition, a lot of people liked a video that Mariah Carey posted of her twins. This shows that they had created their own lemonade stand. Indeed, this is something that a lot of kids like to do.

Why did Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey Get Divorced?

When Moroccan Scott Cannon was around five years old, his parents got divorced. Indeed, this was a huge deal because they were celebrities. So, a lot of people around the world wanted to know what happened between the couple.

It is believed that Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey broke up in 2014. But, their divorce was not finalized until around two years later, in 2016. Many people assume that someone has cheated. But this does not seem to be the case. There were even fans that speculated that they broke up because Mariah Carey was the bigger celebrity. Again, this does not seem to be what eventually led to a divorce.

Instead, the couple has said that the reason they got divorced was that they grew apart. They had different things going on in their lives, and romance was no longer the biggest thing to think about. They both had different commitments. There has also been mentions that egos got in the way and this made things worse.

But, something that has been apparent is that both Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are good parents to their children. They communicate to make sure that they can have the best life and a family.

To Summarize

When you love celebrities, you want to know all about their lives. In particular, you want to know their partner, as well as if they have any kids. There are some celebrities that like to have their children in the spotlight and share the stage with them. This can be fun for fans to keep up with. For example, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are huge celebrities and they have millions of fans. So, when they had children, people wanted to know more about them and follow them growing up. Let’s summarize what we know about Moroccan Scott Cannon.

Moroccan Scott Cannon is 12 years old since he was born on April 30th 2011. He is a twin and is younger than his sister. A lot of people do not realize that his name was actually inspired by the apartment Mariah Carey had in New York City. His middle name is from his great-grandmother. He has a mixed background of Irish-American, African-American and Venezuelan-American descent. His parents got divorced when he was about five years old, but they are both present in his life.

There are many fans that want to keep up with the lives of famous children. Indeed, this applies to Moroccan Scott Cannon. Well, thanks to his famous parents, parts of his life are already online. In particular, Mariah Carey shares stories and images about them on her social media pages.

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