Tom Cruise Teeth Before and After

Tom Cruise Teeth Before and After

When you see photos of celebrities online and in popular magazines, they always look amazing. In particular, one thing you are bound to notice is that they have beautiful smiles. This includes having straight and attractive teeth, as well as them looking clean and white. So, when they smile, they radiate happiness and it makes them glow.

But, the truth is that not everybody is born with straight teeth. In addition, over time, due to hygiene habits and your diet, the color of your teeth can change too. Celebrities are normal people and this can happen to them too. The difference is, they often have the money to fix these problems.

One person we are referring to is Tom Cruise. While he is known as an attractive man in the celebrity world, his teeth were not always how you see them now. So, let’s take a closer look at what his teeth looked like before and what they are like after treatment.

Who is Tom Cruise?

First of all, let’s summarize who Tom Cruise is. If you have not heard of him before, he is an American actor that is popular in Hollywood. In particular, he is recognized for his handsome looks, as well as for playing the lead character in different movies. This includes being in Collateral, Minority Report, Top Gun, Mission: Impossible and Jack Reacher. He has been around since the 1980s in Hollywood and continues to be in a lot of huge movies. Indeed, many people will go to see a movie simply because Tom Cruise stars in it.

Fans have been interested in his personal life over the years. This includes once being married to Nicole Kidman. In addition, he has become known for being supportive of Scientology. It has proven to be a controversial set of beliefs and practices that was first created by L. Ron Hubbard. It is thought that he has been interested in Scientology since 1986 and continues to be surrounded by it today.

Tom Cruise Teeth Before and After

What Were Tom Cruise’s Teeth Like Before?

Some people lack confidence if they do not like their teeth. This includes not smiling a lot and showing them. But, we have to say, this is not something that appeared to affect Tom Cruise at any time in his career. Yes, he had his teeth and smile fixed. But, he did not show any behavioral changes that suggested he was self-conscious about them in the first place.

For example, he used to wear a cap over one of his teeth. This was because his tooth was chipped by a puck when he was once playing hockey. He removed this when he starred The Outsiders in 1983.

In addition, people noticed that in the 1980s, Tom Cruise had discolored and yellow teeth. He was only young at the time. But, probably for the sake of his career, he went through teeth whitening treatment.

Later on, in the 2000s, he decided to get braces. But, these were not the traditional ones you probably imagined at first. Instead, they were invisible in design and had ceramic brackets. He did have an overbite, which this treatment would help with too.

What are Tom Cruise’s Teeth Like Now?

So, has all of the treatment that Tom Cruise had been worth it? Well, it would appear that it has been. His teeth appear white and straight in most photos, as well as him being known for his grin. Indeed, Tom Cruise is often voted one of the most attractive men in the celebrity world.

But, there are some people that still look very closely at his smile. In fact, this could be said to be with too much scrutiny. In particular, they say that his teeth are not actually symmetrical or that straight. In fact, they notice that his left incisor is larger, as well as one of his front teeth being more prominent than the other.

There are some people that have even said Tom Cruise has had porcelain veneers. This is something that is merely an opinion and it is difficult to say whether it is true or not. Unless you asked Tom Cruise, we will not know for sure whether he has had porcelain veneers.

To Summarize

Celebrities have their lives looked at under a microscope. People want to know every last detail about them. For example, Tom Cruise and his teeth has been a topic that a lot of people have been interested in. Namely, they want to know whether they have changed over the years and what happened. So, let’s summarize what we know about Tom Cruise and his teeth before and after fame.

Being in the limelight means that you are going to have to smile a lot. So, Tom Cruise did have some problems with his teeth that he felt like he had to address. For example, in the 1980s, images of the celebrity showed that he had discolored and yellow teeth. He had whitening treatment in order to correct this for being on the big stage. In addition, he went on to get braces to straighten his teeth in the 2000s. This included an invisible design, as well as ceramic brackets. At one point, he had a cap over his tooth after it was chipped in hockey.

Now, if you look at Tom Cruise’s teeth, you would say that he has an attractive smile. Indeed, his teeth are white and look cared for. In addition, they are straight when he smiles for photographs. However, some fans have taken a closer look at his teeth and noticed that they are not symmetrical. For example, the left incisor is large and one of his front teeth is more noticeable than the other

In addition, there are some people that speculate Tom Cruise has porcelain veneers. This is not a rumor that we can confirm or deny. He has not been asked about this, so it is unlikely that we will find an answer for this any time soon.

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