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Who is Tooka?

Who is Tooka?

The internet is a powerful thing. It can be positive for people and enhance their life. It can also be a hateful and negative platform, which can cause trouble. In some cases, it can bring people back to life and make topics open for discussion.

Well, this is what has happened to Tooka. You may have seen this name floating around on the internet but you are not sure why. Well, we are going to save you a lot of time and give you all of the facts. Let’s dive into this topic and see what everyone is talking about.

 Who is Tooka?

Let’s get straight to the point. Tooka was a boy from Chicago that was 15 years old. This was his nickname and his real one was Shondale Gregory. You may be wondering why we are talking in the past tense. Well, he was killed when he was just 15 years old. This was back in 2012 and it all happened because of a gang shooting. In particular, he was waiting for a bus at a bus stop and he was shot multiple times. It appears that a car pulled up beside him, they exchanged a few words and then a gun was used.

Was this an innocent exchange gone wrong? Well, it is not thought to be a random killing. Instead, it is important to realize that Tooka was a member of the Gangster Disciples. As a result, it is thought that his death was a revenge killing. In particular, a member of the Black Disciples called Eddrick Walker was killed and this could have been an eye for an eye situation between the gangs.

Why Is Everyone Talking About Tooka Again?

If this killing was back in 2012, you may be wondering why everyone is talking about it again. Well, it all has to do with a rapper called King Von. But, it is important that you understand what happened after Tooka’s death so that everything makes sense.

After the Black Disciples killed Tooka in retaliation for Eddrick Walker, the Gangster disciples wanted their revenge. So, after this had happened, his closest friend, named Gakirah Barnes stepped in. In particular, she killed Odee Perry.

Well, this is where King Von comes in. He is the grandchild of the Black Disciples founder. In particular, he was known as King Dave. Since he is a rapper, a lot of songs will reference gang wars and it is common for them to diss each other in the lyrics. In particular, he has used the lyrics ‘smoking Tooka’ several times. As you can imagine, there are people that do not like this and this is particularly true for rival gangs.

Therefore, this is the reason why you are seeing Tooka everywhere online and on social media. It is becoming a topic of conversation again due to King Von and his lyrics. People think that it is controversial.

Who are the Black Disciples?

You may be wondering who the Black Disciples are. Well, they are a notorious African American gang from the South Side of Chicago. They were formed back in the 1960s and since then, they have had thousands of members. In particular, their rivals include the Black Disciples.

How did this rivalry start? Well, it is interesting to note that Gangster Disciples and Black Disciples merged in 1969. They became known as the Black Gangster Disciples Nation. But, with one of the founds in prison and the other dead, there were many problems. So, this meant that the groups split up and this is how the two gangs became rivals. Since then, they have been at war and killed members of each gang.

You will find that Gangster Disciples wear blue and black. They can also wear black bandanas, as well as Georgetown Hoyas and Duke Blue Devils t-shirts. They use the Star of David as their gang symbol.

To Summarize

Unfortunately, gang warfare is real. There are a lot of lives lost every year due to gangs fighting. Gangs have rivals and they will not stop until they have revenge and win ground against them. Indeed, this is one of the reasons why a lot of people have been hearing about Tooka. Let’s summarize who he is and what is going on.

Tooka is a name that has been going around the internet recently and a lot of people are not sure why. Well, he was 15 years old when he died. His real name was Shondale Gregory and he was from Chicago. He was murdered in a gang shooting and it was something that happened back in 2012 but is resurfacing again. It shocked many people at the time because of his age and again, the internet is shocked by what can go on with gangs.

It is thought that Tooka’s death was a revenge killing because he was part of the Gangster Disciples. In particular, he was killed in an eye for an eye exchange. King Von rapped about this experience and this is why people are talking about it. The retaliation was for Eddrick Walker. She rapped about smoking Tooka and this did not go down well with a lot of people. It meant that they started to look into who Tooka was and did not like the lyrics.

There is a lot of gang activity in Chicago and unfortunately, this can be deadly. Tooka has not been the only one that has lost his life because of gangs and at such a young age. There are guns used regularly by gangs and they seek revenge if something happens to one of their team. There are several gangs that are active in Chicago and they can wear certain things and hang out in specific areas. For example, it is thought that the Gangster Disciples wear blue and black. They might even wear Georgetown Hoyas and Duke Blue Devils clothing. This can also include black bandanas when they are around town in Chicago.

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